night import meet

A drabble for my friend @leeroythelusterror as their prize for getting third place in my raffle! 

Some paperhat~

The nightmares that plagued him every night were terrible… usually filled with memories of what his life was like before he had been found by Black Hat. And in normal cases, the dullahan known as Dr.Flug Slys, would probably just had stayed up the rest of the night reading a book or working on one of his model planes. Tonight, however… was the night before a very important meeting and he knew he had to be fully awake. But Flug was terrified of going to sleep… scared that more memories would plague him if he tried. He wasn’t sure what to do…

An idea suddenly popped into his head, and he slid out of bed. This was a terrible idea. This was one of his worst ideas ever, he kept thinking as he walked through the dark halls of Black Hat manor in search of a particular room. The halls were cold… and every noise made the jumpy scientist’s heart stop in alarm. He quickly reached a bedroom door a little more ornate than the rest of the mansion’s occupants’. His idea didn’t require him to knock, however… so Flug gently placed a hand on the door and pushed it open in such a way that it opened silently.

The large bedroom was as dark as the hallway, perhaps more so since the windows were covered with thick velvet curtains. A sliver of moonlight slipped through the crack between curtains and fell on the bed, revealing the form laying under the blankets in the bed. Flug knew the occupant was fast asleep, due to the steady breathing so he slipped into the room and silently closed the door. Walking up to the bed, he slowly and carefully climbed under the warm blankets and lay beside the figure sleeping.

A low chuckle made Flug jump in alarm, sitting up. But a strong arm wrapped around his waist and pulled him back down. “Trouble sleeping…~?” The eldritch purred in Flug’s ear, making him blush deeply.

“S-Sorry s-sir…” Flug whispered softly. Black Hat opened his eye, looking down at the scientist now in his arms. “I-I h-had a nightmare a-and I-I th-thought th-th-that maybe-” But he was cut off when the demon pressed a kiss to his lips.

“You could have just asked…” The demon chuckled tiredly, closing his eye again and pulling Flug closer. “If you need me to assist you, then I would be glad to do so.” He let out a low purr. Flug slowly leaned against his boss, closing his eyes.

“Th-thank y-you sir…” Black Hat only made a small sound of assent and fell silent. Comforted by the warmth enveloping him, Flug slowly found himself drifting off to sleep, the nightmares no longer bothering him.


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Harry’s pov

Peeking an eye open I saw that the sun was peeking from the window at me too. Last night I had an important meeting about the movie and because of that I came late. I just got rid of my clothes stopping at my boxers an got in bed snuggling to my beautiful fiancé. Y/N.

I rolled over to my side and saw her face. She is the one who’s face I want to see first in morning and last before going to bed.

She seemed so peaceful. Sleeping and curled to me like a kitten. Her hairs fell on her face tickling her nose making her scrunch it cutely. I chuckled at her cuteness and brushed them off her face.

I know it was creepy to stare at my girl like that but I just couldn’t help it. Everything about her was just so hypnotizing that it made me stare at her everytime I get chance to.

Her eye leashes were so long and curled perfectly. Her nose is just so cute and tiny that I always find myself kissing it. Slowly moving to her cheeks they’re the softest thing I must say on earth. And finally the breathtaking feature. Her lips. Juicy and pink, making me want to kiss her eve second of my life.

I never thought I’d be able to find someone so genuine and perfect. She was perfect in her imperfections and that’s what makes her.

Slowly taking all of my time I kissed ever feature of her. Her forehead. Her nose. Her cheek. Her chin. Her lips. Soon I found myself kissing her lips repeatedly.

“You’re very creepy styles.” I heard her mumble on my lips and I pulled away blushing.

“Oh sorry. Well I’m not gonna say that I didn’t meant to wake you up. Beanies I did meant to wake you up.” I said cheekily and continued pecking her lips.

“Dork” she said and sleepily punched arm. I sighed and rubbed my arm dramatically.

“Good morning though Cheeseball” she said and hugged my chest. With an idiotic grin I hugged her back. Pulling her very close to me squeezing her.

“Are you planning on killing me styles?” Y/N said as I loosened my grip before squeezing her one more time.

“What d'ya think?” I said showing my dimples.

“We’ll kill me and my ghost will haunt you Mr. Harry Edwa-” I cut her off by pressing my lips softly to her. Soon I felt her kissing me back as she wrapped her arms around my neck. I rolled on my back and put her on top of me still kissing her.

But soon I felt her pull away. I groaned and pulled her close trying to kiss her again. But again this time she refused.

“Cmon lady ! Let your fiancé love you!” I exclaimed but she just laughed and shook her head. Her laugh. One of the things without which I can survive.

“As much id like to stay here and make love to you but I must go and shower because I’ve got to go for the dress shopping mr. Harry styles.” She said and get off me but before he starts walking I held her hand and pulled her close to me so again she ended up falling on me.

“I love you.” I whispered looking in her eyes and she kissed me with all her love. After a few She pulled away.

“I love you too Harry” she said and went on bathroom. Nothing could be more perfect and beautiful than having perfect morning with my girl.

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Rush Hour

Summary: Blaine’s late for his meeting and Kurt is happy to help where he can.

Author’s note: I’m back from my dry spell with this little fluffy fic of pure domestic klaine. Enjoy the fluff!

Oh he was late, he was so late.

“Sweetie, come back to bed.” Kurt whined, arm reaching out to grab at Blaine but missed and flopped back down with a quiet thump.

“No, I’m gonna be late.” Blaine nearly tripped over their clothes that were carelessly tossed on the floor the night before. “Project meeting starts in an hour!”

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@TT_dana:Gary Barlow walking up the streets of NYC with open arms to greet me and then surprise the American GBarmy! It was fantastic. [x]

Gary meeting for dinner a group of US GBarmy/Thatters in New York hours before the opening night of Finding Neverland in Broadway 15.03.2015

Picture courtesy of @TT_dana