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“And I advise.. how should I put this? Let me just say, read a lot and find out what the world is about and especially what you yourself are about. It’s easy to be deceived and to deceive yourself. But ask yourself questions. Who you are. That was my mistake during the years of my life.”

— Richard Ramirez , Hustler interview 1993.


IM FUCKING CRYING!!!! THIS IS EVERYTHING IVE WANTED!! I was so sad thinking this was set before gangsters in love but I was fucking wrong and bless MC for asking if Aurora has a girl because this was beautiful and exactly what I needed, Aurora talking about her MC (aka me duh XD) to AFK MC ;________; as soon as she chocked I knew I KNEW it then she had her lamb. God I love her and this made the special for me.

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Your Shadow

This wasn’t requested but I had a spurt of inspiration and felt the need to give you all something!

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You weren’t a party girl. But then again, this wasn’t really a party. 
More like a late night round-up of hustlers, drunks and the downers. 
The bar wasn’t anything unique, quite boring you admitted. Apart from the the large painting hanging over the entrance door. 
You only just noticed it now, as you spun in your chair by the bar. You had first wanted to find a seat somewhere away from the rowdy bunch of people nearby. 
But now, you sat, memorized by the artwork of colors both bright and dull. 
There were shapes and figures, but you couldn’t quite place what they were. 
No doubt the painting was there to give the bar’s visitors something to chat about. Maybe it looked different to each person. A different perspective would arise if you moved about the room.
Whichever it was, you were just interested in the decoration that both clashed and blended with the bar’s environment.
You weren’t here to drown yourself in drink, nor were you here to find a companion for the night. 
You had just wanted to get out of the house. Out of the routine you fell into every day. 
Wake up, eat, go to work, come home, eat, shower, sleep. 
An endless cycle with no peaks or valleys. Just a straight plain of repetitiveness. So tonight, you were trying to be someone other than that person.
And so in-depth you were in your out-of-place mindset, that you didn’t notice the stranger stumble towards you. 
Half full glass of beer swishing over it’s lip as the person swayed to a stop beside your stool. 

“Good evening” They said between a hiccup. You had to fight with your nose not to curl at the stench of their breath. 
“Evening.” You replied stiffly, trying to put a stop to the conversation before it began. 
“Can I ask you a question?” They slurred, throwing their drink around in a wild gesture. Some of the contents splashed against your shoe. You willed yourself to be patient. They were drunk. They didn’t know better. 
That doesn’t give them a reason to be disrespectful. A rumble of a voice told you from the depths of your mind.
Ignoring the voice, you turned to the person with a warm, but impatient smile. 
“Go ahead, but I may not answer.” 
The words didn’t seem to register with them. But their smile was wide, hungry almost. 
“I just wanted to ask why such a ravishing human being is alone in a dump- hic - like this.” They swayed dangerously close to you. Their almost empty drink tipping to pour the last few inches of itself onto you. 
You had to hold the person steady so that didn’t happen. 
“That wasn’t really a question.” You mumbled sourly. Already getting irritated. 
You remembered now why you didn’t like going out much. 
“You ‘ere with someone?” They asked, a gleam in their eye that made you glare. 
“You just asked why i was alone… never-mind. It was lovely meeting you, but I must be going.” You tipped the last of your drink into your belly and hurried to leave. But the stranger’s hand lashed out with a too tight grip, basically yanking you to a halt. 
“Hey, hey, hey now,” They burped a disgusting mouthful of gas. “There’s no need to rush out.” 
You glared, about to say something when your reflection in the window behind them, caught your attention. 
You saw yourself being held by the stranger, but behind you was what made your gaze turn cold.
An outline of a dark figure loomed over you. Eyes as red as blood gleamed, locked on the person before you. 
You glanced behind you, only to find your shadow cast along the ground by the lights. 

Of course he was here. 

You managed to twist your arm out of the person’s grasp, shooting an irritated glare at them. 
“Excuse me, but I don’t liked to be touched by random, drunken strangers. Go back to your posse and leave me alone.” 
You were angry, frustrated. Why didn’t he just leave you alone for at least a night? How did he even know you left? 
The stranger scoffed and flipped you the middle finger before spinning around and stumbling back to their group. 
Not without crashing into a table and knocking a few glasses to the ground to shatter. 
You left the room, not through the exit, but towards the bathroom. Where you checked that the stalls were empty before locking the door and whirling on your shadow. 
“How and why did you follow me?” You snapped at the black 2D print of yourself. 
Dark didn’t bother concealing himself. He rose from your shadow like he was standing on an invisible elevator in the floor. His suit melting from the black to cover his body. His pale skin bright in the dim light.
He stopped when his shiny black shoes were above ground. 
“I saw you heading out of your home. I felt I needed to accompany you, but it was clear you weren’t in the mood for a known companion.” Dark said as he soothed down his suit jacket. 
His eyes were dully colored with red. His fingers twitched slightly as he moved them behind his back. 
To hide the shake or to stand respectfully, you were never quite sure. 
“Isn’t that considered stalking?” You asked, your tone dripping with sarcasm. “And no, I didn’t want company. I needed to get out of the house. I don’t need you protecting me. I can take care of myself.” 
The corner of Dark’s mouth twitched in amusement, “Yes. You made that clear with the drunk. I thought your naivety was going to get you in trouble again. But you surprised me, again.”

You glanced away, a small smile stretching your lips. But then you reminded yourself that Dark had piggy-backed in your shadow and your frown returned. 
“You know I don’t appreciate you using your abilities on me. Especially when I don’t know about them! Can’t you just let me live in peace for one night?” 
Dark titled his head, his eyes narrowing the smallest amount. “I was planning too. You’ve demanded space for sometime now I thought it fitting to give you it. But you left your home. It was unlike you to do such a thing. I… wanted to make sure your strange behavior didn’t get you harmed.”
God you hated it when he used those words. It was unlike Dark to convey his concern for others. Seeing it befitting to constantly remind you how insignificant you were to him. 
And yet here he was. Eyes glowing with the left over anger he felt when that drunkard laid his hands on you. Feeling a stab of shame to being a coward and not confronting you when you left the house. 
He wanted nothing more than to be beside you. And you had been pushing him away for the past few days. His smothering nature taking a toll on-top of the stress and pressure of your mortal life. 
You sighed, rubbing the back of your neck. “I suppose I could use an escort for the night. I don’t plan on getting wasted, but it’d be nice to have someone to watch my back.” 
Dark seemed to swell with your words. His chin lifting from it’s titled state and his eyes returned to their soft, but still onyx form. 
“Then I shall gladly assist you. A silent companion if you wish of me.” Dark said with an easy smile. He lifted his hand, outstretching it to you. 
You smiled and slid your fingers into his. 

Nevertheless, an evildoer believes that what he does is right just as much as a good person knows that his actions are right. And so who is to question who?

— Richard Ramirez in an June 2, 1993 interview with Hustler.

H: When did you lose your fear?

R: If something is done enough, you become immune to it. You become immune to the feeling, but the adrenaline and the rush of excitement is never gone.

— Richard Ramirez , Hustler interview 1993.


Richard Ramirez: I always kept my distance. I never trusted people. Even so, it was my undoing even the little bit that I did trust them.

Hustler: How so?

Richard Ramirez : People new my lifestyle, and the connection was made by them - and eventually by the police - that because of my beliefs I was the perfect candidate for being the Night Stalker.”

- Richard Ramirez Hustler interview 1993.