night guys! xoxo


Yesterday was a fucking great night!
Got to go to a party in high heels, with a bunch of beautiful people, watch Raja, Milk and Willam live, and they were all so fucking amazing! After the show my feet were literally killing me so much I couldn’t even stand still, so just ignore my destroyed face in the photo ok? Anyway, after all that I went to the meet and greet, but I couldn’t take a photo with my phone because I was just so starstruck with meeting my favorite queen of all time, Raja, and two of my other favorites. Raja said I looked fabulous and I’m still dying over it and it made my year. I was so in awe that I couldn’t even speak right with them and omg. So as soon as the organization posts the photos I’ll post them and stuff. Meanwhile, just look and my destroyed face and those fucking beautiful queens. ♥