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“I’d always hoped that when I finally said ‘I love you’ to a girl, she’d say ‘I know’ back, like Leia did to Han in Return of the Jedi.”

- Simon Lewis, City of Bones

“It doesn’t matter if I get my memories back or not,” Simon said. “It doesn’t matter if another demon gives me amnesia tomorrow. I know you: You’ll come find me again, you’ll rescue me no matter what happens. You’ll come for me, and I’ll discover you all over again. I love you. I love you without the memories. I love you right now.” […]

Isabelle said in a calm voice: “I know.”

- Born to Endless Night

because we’re picking up kids that aren’t even ours

school, konoha, 3:05pm

“Is that your kid?”

Sasuke’s eyes follow a dark-haired child of about five on the basketball court who was running away with the ball like an arrogant little bastard it probably is.

“Heck no.”

The stranger laughs beside him before pointing at a golden-haired angel who sat by the sand pit. 

“I wish that one is mine,” she says wistfully. 

He looks at her then, noticing her fair complexion, bright eyes and an extremely attractive face that could definitely be no more than twenty-five.

“Do all women want kids at this age?

“Wow, you’re rude.” The pink-haired stranger stands up but impulse made him say, “Wait. That’s not what I meant.”

She regards him with a frown before sitting back down.

“I meant to say why, exactly. You want a kid, I mean.”

She shrugs. “She’s adorable.”

“That’s superficial.”

“Yeah, well I want a really cute kid, okay?”

He nods, unconvinced. He lets out a small laugh when he hears her sigh.

“I kind of, sort of, maybe promised my parents that I will be giving them the cutest grandchild and I quote, “you will ever have in this miserable, ugly world.” 

She crosses her legs and Sasuke swears he heard her huff.

“I wish I hadn’t told them that because now I have to-”

“Then I’ll pick you up at eight.” 

“Excuse me?”

Sasuke shrugs.

“You obviously need the other attractive gene for your kid to be as cute as I quote, “you will ever have in this miserably ugly world” and since you’re already halfway there…..”

Wait, what.

Utapri Shining All Star CD 2 tracks

Starish: Tenkuu no Miracle Star (The Sky’s Miracle Star) - Sparkly stereotypical idol song, very refreshing

Quartet Night: Starlight Memory - Fierce band number (i think they mean rock band song), filled with an adult appeal type of “love”

*pterodactyl screeching because we’re getting a rock band type song from quartet night and another great idol song from starish*

Listen when I say I love you. - Owen Grady x Reader

A/N: Written while listening to You are in Love by Taylor Swift.

“I sat with you all night.” You were heated. Your voice dripped with regret. “I sit there all night, every night. Just to make sure you were still breathing. Like, honestly Owen, can you believe it? How foolish is that. Sitting there. All night. For you.”

Anything for him.
Anything to protect him from himself.  

Your life? It always comes back to Owen Grady and you were sick of it. Sick of the way he seemed to overlook you, and the way he continued to be the island’s biggest flirt. You were tired of being jealous, of feeling unnoticed, unwanted. Unimportant. After the events of the Indominus, and the stress of reopening the park, you had begun to care very deeply for him. You sat with him almost every night, under the guise of a movie, or drinks, or late night chats, but you knew–Owen didn’t want to be alone until he fell asleep.

But something had changed inside you–you couldn’t wait for him anymore. You couldn’t let him use you anymore. You needed to move on.  

He stood in front of you, still in his work clothes. Hands caked with dirt, and the slight stench of dead rats, sweat, and cologne wafted towards you. His green eyes dug into yours, baring all the hurt you just inflicted towards him.

“It was a silly schoolgirl crush. I’m sorry. Okay?” You spat. “I shouldn’t have cared as much as I do.”

Owen took the opportunity to cut you off while you paused for breath.

“Don’t give me that shit, (y/n). You’re absolutely being unfair.”

He’s never seen you like this before. Outspoken. Upset. He knew you at your baseline–quiet, occasionally cracking a witty remark or making a suggestion for the training regime for the raptors.  

“Me? Unfair?”

Another step.
He was too close.

“You act like I’ve been ignoring you this whole time but you’re wrong. You’re blind, (y/n). You really don’t see it?”

“See what, Grady–“

“Grady?” He snorted at the use of his last name.

Another step.
You could see the flecks of gold in his eyes.
A smirk danced on his lips.

You hated it.  

“You’re not listening to me.” You snapped.

“Oh, no-” Owen said, suddenly the smirk was gone. He was done playing. “You’re not listening to me.”

“And what are you saying, Owen. Huh? What is it? Say it so I can hear you.”

“I say it every day, (y/n)!” His outburst was shocking. It felt like his gruff voice ricocheted against your chest. “I say it when I bring you your coffee and making sure it’s exactly the way you like it. I say it by letting you take over commands with the raptors. I say it by inviting you over for a movie. I say it by snapping you open a beer. I say it when I’m standing next to you and breathing in everything about you, drinking you in because one day you could be gone. One day all of this could go wrong and you’d be gone.”

He was breathing heavy.
His hands grabbed your shoulders.  
Eyes locked with yours.

You stared at him. You had no idea. You thought you were done. Over the past few months you’ve tried to convince yourself there was nothing between you two, and that, that he didn’t care, that he wasn’t worth it. Those feelings had taken over. Unwanted. Unnoticed. Unrequited.

Maybe it was you that didn’t notice.

“Owen, you need to use your words okay, I’m too old for this shit. I appreciate that you’re trying here but I just think I need to hear you say it.”

“I love you.” He said, but you had continued to talk over him.

“–honestly, I’m not going to just drop everything, I mean, are you even over your ex and after what happened on the island, I just am not sure this would be the right time-“

“I love you.”

“–and I don’t even know your middle name, or what your favorite food is and I will not move in with you because I’m not ready for that and I’m sure as hell never getting on that motorcycle of you and we need to discuss–“

“HEY.” Owen placed a finger over your mouth. His touch snapped you out of it.

“I love you, (y/n). I have for a long time.”


He was studying your face. Eyes darting everywhere, like he was trying to read you, and your mind, and memorize every inch of you that he could.

You let him.
Only for a moment.

“Dammit Grady, kiss me already.”

I really want to write a fic (I think I might tbh) where Sam and Gabe live in Smalltown, USA. I’m talking population 4,000 or less, dirt-road and everyone-knows-everyone kind of living. And Gabriel’s one of those outskirt outcast kind of people, one trip into ‘town’ a week just for the basics and mostly keeping to himself. Using the guise of night to sneak into town and fix Ms. Mill’s broken window and leaving little pieces of himself behind with his hands and his heart. 

One day, Gabriel hears whispers (it’s how they communicate in town you know?) about a wide-eyed up-and-coming college graduate who just moved into town (Sam duh) and Gabriel doesn’t really think much of it. What’s another addition to the dust-coated town he called home? 

And he forgets about the newcomer until a wave of whispers comes hoovering above the isles at the supermarket. Something about how Sam helped little Ms. Harvelle by changing her tire and he even got a smile from her. And Gabriel’s like hmm good guy and goes about his daily life. 

Until the next wave. This time Sam had taken in stray cats someone left in a box on the side of the road on their way out of town. His arms are covered in scratches, they’d say and they’d shake their heads with a smile.Then it’s whispers about how Sam built little Timmy down the road a tree house because his parents had died the month before and he’d  needed a place to escape to without eyes to watch him grieve. It took days, but Sam didn’t seem to mind. Never mind the money he spent on the supplies. That Sam, he’s a crazy they’d say. And Gabe, well, color him intrigued. Though he never did seem to catch the man everyone had fallen in love with. Only the ripples he was creating. Only the way forever-grumpy Mr. Singer even had a smile when Gabe totally nonchalantly (not nonchalantly at all) brought up the topic while getting his car checked. 

So, Gabe listens and takes it all in and starts to look forward to the next time he goes into town to see what this man would do next.

And Sam, Sam’s on the opposite end. And he hears whispers too. Whispers about outcast Gabriel who lets the kids toilet paper his house and, legend says, joins them whenever he gets the chance. Who would want to clean all that up? they said. Gabriel who steals around in the night, fixing people’s broken windows and flickering lights so they feel safe in the town he loves. Gabriel who once, and only once, got good ol’ Bobby Singer to laugh out loud at a prank he pulled on the mayor involving the mayor’s car and a shit-ton of plastic wrap. Gabriel who always has a smile and a joke for anyone that needs it and a sarcastic jab for anyone who needs one of those too. Gabriel who doesn’t seem to know his town loves him just as much as he loves it.

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FACT- Advil isn’t addictive

TRUTH- I don’t understand how something that takes the pain away could be non-addictive. It’s happiness in a legal pill.

FACT- Melatonin in the form of medicine is non-habit forming.

TRUTH- That’s impossible, you’d get so used to falling asleep with an aide that you couldn’t sleep alone anymore. You wouldn’t know how.

FACT- I took more than double the amount of sleeping meds I should’ve last night under the guise of having sleeping problems.

TRUTH- I just wanted less time to think of what your body looked like under your clothes.

FACT- Medicines can improve patients health.

TRUTH- The placebo effect is responsible for some of the improvements patients may experience. Think of that next time you think you’re over him.

FACT- You think I’m in love with you.

TRUTH- I’ve never been in love with you. I love myself too much for that.

FACT- Advil isn’t addictive.

TRUTH- Neither are you.

—  Sometimes the truth behind a fact isn’t quite what you’d expect– Lily Rain

AU in which Ser Dorian Pavus hides his smarts by day and pulls off clever, daring rescues by night under the guise of the Scarlet Pimpernel.

But then a new group is on the scene, a group known as the Chargers and run by a man no one has ever seen who goes only by the Iron Bull.

They butt heads, and Dorian never knew someone faceless could drive him this mad.

When Dorian meets a decorated Qunari warrior by the name of Hissrad at a party, he has no idea how much his life is about to change.


So I had made a post before about sending postcards but I got over 100+ notes from people wanting postcards and I couldn’t find anywhere that had like bulk postcards where I live :/ WHAT? And so I couldn’t do it and I felt really bad… butttttt I was at a mall here in Virginia and they sold this cute little booklet that had postcards THAT YOU CAN COLOR and so I bought one and it comes with 20 postcards! One of them is reserved already but if you want one, the first 19 people to like/reblog/message/etc. will get one! 

This is how it looks like:

This is opened Worldwide and I would prefer you followed me but if not, that’s okay because sending postcards would be fun, no? But if you’re under 18, I would need permission from your parents because I don’t want to get in trouble or anything ;_; But yeah… I mean, it’s a postcard AND you get to color! /sorry work for you but I would LOVE to see how you colored them in the end lol In addition, your ask box needs to be opened so I can contact you for your address!

If I get more than 19, maybe I’ll see if I can find more of these back when I get home but for now, just first 19?

/edit: I realize that when I send them, they might get roughed up in the mail ;_; I hope not but if so, I greatly apologized but I think that’s the fun of sending postcards/mail… :)

Edit#2: even if notes says 19 just keep liking/reblogging/messaging. Some people are doing all 3 but counts as 1 and I’ll prob end up buying more when I get home XD

Is this:

a) A still from an episode of a British Cult Comedy Show in which two flatmates accidentally summon up an evil grandma demon when trying to impress two goth girls.  In order to save the world from ‘nanageddon’, and to make amends with their shaman friend, they hatch a plan which sees them attending the local bingo night in the guise of two elderly ladies.  


b) A still from Macbeth