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Hemsworth, Evans, Pratt, and Pine, how many Chris’s get to survive?

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When Chris Pine hosted Saturday Night Live last May, he started his monologue by trying to clear up any lingering audience confusion about, well, who he is. It didn’t help my mom any - but then, she could play a game of Memory in which all the cards were Reese Witherspoon and still not make any matches. 

As Pine’s lesson demonstrated, differentiating between the Chris’s can get tough very fast. Not only are they all leads in popular big-budget sci-fi/superhero franchises, they’re also all tall, blonde-adjacent strongmen of the sort that probably featured in the scary stories of Ancient Roman kids for centuries (”…and then she realized that the Gallic war cry was coming from inside the house!”). 

Pine played Steve Trevor, a hero of World War I, while Evans played Steve Rogers, a hero of World War II. Hemsworth played Captain Kirk the elder, and Pine played Captain Kirk the younger, in the same movie. 

It gets even more complicated when you look at their character arcs. If your name is Chris and you’re starring in a recent blockbuster epic, you’ve got a pretty good chance (let’s say a “Sean Bean chance”) of ending up alone in a cockpit making peace with your choices as you barrel toward a certain (or mostly certain) end. 

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Because that’s what these characters tend to do: They make self-sacrifices.  Grand, tragic, gazing-longingly, sighing, self-sacrifices.

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There’s a lot of great analysis to be done on the construction and historical parallels of the visual and narrative replication of this particular character, but for now, here’s a meme:


This is genuinely the best. Embrace the basic white guy-ness Chris


You’re the one who wanted to win, but I just wanted a sister! You were all I had! But you just needed to win! Thanos pulled my eye from my head! He tore my brain from my skull, and my arm from my body… because of you!

female awesome meme: 2/20 female dynamics ~ nebula and gamora (guardians of the galaxy vol. 2)

me: oh new SW movies and live action TV show? that’s great i am really looking forward to seeing all that!

me internally:

my ships include:

• person A and B are polar opposites like fire and water/sun and moon/ black and white

• enemies turned into friends turned into lovers

• person A looks like a cinnamon roll but is a badass and person B looks badass but is a cinnamon roll

• person A and B are perfect for each other, beautifully developed, but ends up with other person

• basically non-canon ones