night fury eyes

Just noticed this in ACOMAF.

Feyre is wearing teal and gold…

ashryver eyes are teal and gold

That Night Fury in the Dragon Eye thing was such a good set up for the eventual destruction of the Dragon Eye I’m so disappointed they did nothing with it

Like Imagine Hiccup finding out about it too and instead of Astrid getting captured, it should have been Toothless, so Hiccup would have to choose between knowing where other Night Furies are/secrets and Toothless

Obviously he’d choose Toothless but he’d regret tossing the Dragon Eye because Night Furies

Idk I just..wish Hiccup knew about it


Due to some peer pressure–looking at you  Missmagicalstar–I have decided to share a mini painting that I did sometime last week. I was watching the new Netflix series Dragons: Race to the Edge and decided to paint Toothless.

 Because the canvas is so small, I couldn’t do his whole face like I wanted to, so I just did part of his face. I took a picture with the painting next to my usb to show the actual size of the canvas. If you are interested in seeing the other paintings that I have done, just let me know :)