night fisher


Carrie Fisher hosted SNL in the show’s 4th season, so it was right after the first Star Wars movie, about a year after it came out.  This episode was great because the musical guest were the Blues Brothers (Carrie would be in their movie too) and Carrie did the monologue and a sketch while dressed up as Princess Leia trying to tell a Star Wars joke.  The Loud Family sketch comes from this episode.  In the current SNL Thanksgiving special, that sketch is in the show.  I can’t believe she’s actually gone, but I hope that “she knows” that we all loved her.

and so, the new day comes. set aside your black coat. your umbrella. the night must pass.

dress yourself in yellow. look for the light. if it never comes, we heal in the dark.

a new beginning is nearly here; whether it lands as sun or cleaver, this remains:

morning has come. we must heal.

—  12/28/16 11:56PM // cc