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all acts of terrorism and mass violence are cowardly, all of them are horrific, all of them are deeply upsetting, all of them are tragic

but the fact that majority of that arena last night was kids? the fact they knew ariana’s fanbase is made up largely of kids under 18, and they intentionally targeted them? that makes this a whole different level of fucked up. who the fuck targets children, who sets out to take the lives of children?

please, if/when they release the name of the attacker - don’t fuckin use it. don’t say their name. i don’t give a fuck who they were, they want you to give a fuck. they want you to spread their name so everyone knows they were responsible. don’t.

say the names of the victims. let their names be remembered. start with Georgina Callander who went out last night at 18 years old to see her idol and didn’t make it home.

materassassino  asked:

Bearded Shiro in flannel though???

I’m not on board the whole bearded Shiro craze tbh, but I really like him with a soft stubble. And flannel improves everything 👌

Available on RB as a sticker ~