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One more from Terry Virts - here flying over the Nile River

مفتوح. أنوار سوق الكهرباء ليلاً.

At evening, Souq Al-Kahraba is where city lights are sold. The light cloud maker. I came across it when I got lost in downtown (imagine) but I often visit since. Looking for a welcome sign when they used to be popular.

Open. Welcome.

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The Black Lands

Ancient Egypt was symbolised in many ways, but three main ones seem reflected in the accompanying photo of the Nile at night taken from the south. The northern part, roughly from the beginning of the delta near the ancient capital of Memphis (close to modern Cairo) was known as Lower Egypt, and traditionally associated with the cobra, whose rearing shape and fan like head has long been seen in the shape of the river. To the south and onwards towards Nubia lay the kingdom of Upper Egypt, symbolised by the vulture, whose long neck and head also seem to emerge from the river’s pattern. Both lands were united by a semi legendary king named Narmer/Menes (see around 3000 BCE.

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