night bloomer

the highschool!au nobody wanted … so, octavius is a total nerd. jedediah is a jock how’s going to fail his latin class. naturally octy starts tutoring him .. jed is not amused (but secretly enjoys it very much. not because he has a crush on the nerd, no way) he just needs to get that credit ..

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💐- What are their favorite flowers?

Cen has an extensive garden of night blooming flowers. 

In my own headcanon, I see Arthas’ tears being a night bloomer that has highly specific conditions for it to flourish. Part of me thinks that it will only grow in the soil from where death has happened. Also that it only blooms once a month during the full moon and radiates a light before dying off and leaving a glow for several days.

It’s certainly her favorite of the collection and grows on their son’s grave. 

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With only four days until Halloween, you may freaking out trying to decide upon a last-minute costume that will make all the ghosts say “Boooo” (because that’s how ghosts voice their approoooval. They also nod their heads when saying noooo. Ghostland is crazy). We’re here for you with some TV-related costumes that will be sure to wow trick-or-treaters both alive and dead, so keep checking back on the Hulu Tumblr all week for fun costume ideas like this one:

Convinced you’d look still be handsome no matter the century? Don these garbs of Ichabod Crane (points for finding items made on a Heritage-Saxony loom) and spend the night charming the bloomers off of everyone you meet. Costume perk: making anachronistic comments about the levy on baked goods and scourge of skinny jeans all night. 

FLUTTER: the clouds, lapped in flames, it’s raining glass shards again. he kisses me with his eyes open ice lakes. the siren’s lament, when a sea freezes over, when arctic fairies melt with the glaciers. blue bottles become blue bodies become blue rubble. her ceramic wings - oh unholy halo! oh cursed-girl, may Nemesis have mercy on your soul.

DRONE: a paper airplane circling alien tides, a skyfull of cosmic yearning, teenage hearts, all gasoline & wintermint, all rose quartz and rum. the drip drop drip drop of an angel’s tears, lips parting in soft flashes of storm-smitten lightning. mothers slamming doors. bleeding daughters. depressed sons. a single firefly settling on a night bloomer. a distant train rattling off into the dead beating heart of the fizzled out night.

DRIZZLE: the mizzle pelting, stampeding, sashaying down sullen suburban rooftops. red strings and uncorked champagne and the gentle thrall & allegro of a newly tuned violin. a sigh all flowy & glowy like the sea, biting into star fruit & cold cheeks. our footsteps in the powdered snow, crunching, quaking, biting. an instrumental that puts you to sleep. a witch who sells her broom because she’s forgotten how to fly. five hundred acres of white roses.

CRY: a hot bloated tea cup pressed against your chest for warmth, saltwater taste in the mouth like regret, like your last kiss, like the acrid saliva of a demonic dream you thought you’d forgotten. knives clattering to the cold linoleum like corpses. unzipping his muddied jacket. scissors and how they chop, chop, chop your brains out. when the thimbles don’t protect your baby soft fingers. screaming like you’ve had an eternity leaked out of you.

—  winter’s hymns (the sounds of winter p#2) // j.r

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I just found your blog and I'm in love with your art! Especially the next generation of my little pony!! It's so cute and sweet! I was wondering how the next generation all got their cutie marks? You don't have to draw a comic or anything, I'm just interested because you're so creative with the stories that go along with this AU I'm addicted!!!

Aw chucks, thank you! Glad to know you enjoy my Next Generation art and the stories I come up with for them (sometimes I wonder if they aren’t too lame).

Sure thing. Here we go then! This will be sort of long so I’ll keep the info under the link.

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i was overwhelmed with hetalia atla au feelings last night – especially for “late-bloomer” avatar moldova – because of the lovely austriea’s drawings

tI apologize for my bad english in advance. oH MY GOD. Okay, I’m not really good with holding speeches but akjhaskjhds. When I saw how many me actually followed over the past years here, I seriously can’t be more happy ahh. Punch me in the face and yes I fcked the alphabet up if anyone notices but. And 100+ followers was my goal since the day I started to join tumblr. There are also a lot of great graphic maker and I enjoy every single graphic they make. To see beautiful fanarts in here inspired me to start drawing as well. (But I still can only draw stickmans hAHA) Anyhow, thank you for 100+ followers! With lots of love, Miri. ♡

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1. This basement’s a ghost story. You, you’re an alien ship, taking off, bouncing all ripe blue & flittering violet & aching red in front of my sore, moth-bound eyes. You ask me who we are, I reply, “a trainwreck waiting to happen.” Sometimes it feels like we’re drifting endlessly, desperately, searchingly like the snow outside. Sometimes it feels like we are a wintering. I’m rattling the floorboards, you’re reclaiming all these dark, blinking french-kissed skies. Like we register their pain. Like we row this boat with it.

2. I haven’t slept in two days & my body’s a breathless garden, all these dull dying flowers, all these wicked night bloomers. My sadness hums with the stars, fills this charcoal snake pit we call home. Where do you go, when your ghosts leave you? Where is that ill-omened palace, where even your shadow cannot follow?

3. Blood-red piranha boy, chainsmoking python girl / all these predators in my aquarium, it’s 2 am on a tuesday and we bind our wrists together with blue silk ties / imitate our parents in their strange suicidal rituals. Like a bloodsport. Like a polo match.

4. We could fill a cemetery. Our emotionless baptism, our indecisive flowering. How we cripple under the weight of these moons. How you only kiss me when your eyes are wet with dewbreak. The selfish way we sleep in these garish meadows and watch the city lights ripen, rip out our hearts & leave them bloodied & bewitched on the table, along with crackling hibiscus and purple wisteria, to grow and die, to grow and die, to grow and -

5. And we’re curled up like yin and yang, like twins in the womb. In your car, with the dusk-dripping sky, and all these weeping treasures and the echoes of your heartbeat, loud and holy like a whispering god. All the trees outside swaying with it. With you, your thunder, your songs. Here I feel like a castle again, cradling a king.

—  PREDATORS // j.r

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