night bloomer

the highschool!au nobody wanted … so, octavius is a total nerd. jedediah is a jock how’s going to fail his latin class. naturally octy starts tutoring him .. jed is not amused (but secretly enjoys it very much. not because he has a crush on the nerd, no way) he just needs to get that credit ..

FLUTTER: the clouds, lapped in flames, it’s raining glass shards again. he kisses me with his eyes open ice lakes. the siren’s lament, when a sea freezes over, when arctic fairies melt with the glaciers. blue bottles become blue bodies become blue rubble. her ceramic wings - oh unholy halo! oh cursed-girl, may Nemesis have mercy on your soul.

DRONE: a paper airplane circling alien tides, a skyfull of cosmic yearning, teenage hearts, all gasoline & wintermint, all rose quartz and rum. the drip drop drip drop of an angel’s tears, lips parting in soft flashes of storm-smitten lightning. mothers slamming doors. bleeding daughters. depressed sons. a single firefly settling on a night bloomer. a distant train rattling off into the dead beating heart of the fizzled out night.

DRIZZLE: the mizzle pelting, stampeding, sashaying down sullen suburban rooftops. red strings and uncorked champagne and the gentle thrall & allegro of a newly tuned violin. a sigh all flowy & glowy like the sea, biting into star fruit & cold cheeks. our footsteps in the powdered snow, crunching, quaking, biting. an instrumental that puts you to sleep. a witch who sells her broom because she’s forgotten how to fly. five hundred acres of white roses.

CRY: a hot bloated tea cup pressed against your chest for warmth, saltwater taste in the mouth like regret, like your last kiss, like the acrid saliva of a demonic dream you thought you’d forgotten. knives clattering to the cold linoleum like corpses. unzipping his muddied jacket. scissors and how they chop, chop, chop your brains out. when the thimbles don’t protect your baby soft fingers. screaming like you’ve had an eternity leaked out of you.

—  winter’s hymns (the sounds of winter p#2) // j.r

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