reason #628293 i love my mom:

when we were wee little elementary school kids my sisters and i loved the tamagotchi games. but the tamagotchi required constant attention right? and we couldn’t play them during school so my mom would bring it to work with her and she’d do all of her accounting/banking shit while also feeding 2 tamagatchi pets. this small serious asian lady playing tamagotchi for her daughters. i love her so much

Okay so we have this locker room at school where there this one locker that isn’t connected to the others. I don’t even know if someone actually uses it because it always had the same stickers and lock ever since I entered the school. So when semester started some people began to move it randomly, but as time passed, it became a lot more intense.

So eventually the principal heard of this and got really angry, saying some students were lacking maturity and respect. So what were the students reaction to this? Turning it into a meme of course.

And that’s not even half of it, some people keep posting new ones as I write this.

Someone even made a video here

It’s the kind of thing that makes me feel a bit less bad for being meme trash.

And I know I found my people.

Actual conversation i had last week
  • My friend:dude i just drew Alexander Hamilton, what should i put in his speech bubble?
  • Me:Laurens i like you a lot
  • My friend:no he looks sad
  • Me:Laurens i liked you a lot
  • My friend:SHIT DUDE NO

so i was at work today and these two really cute guys came in and got burrito bowls. we were really busy so i wasn’t talking to people nearly as much as usual but one of the guys tells me that they’re on the same check and hands me a coupon. so i go to hand them their food and i hear one of them say “wow! only $6.50? i’m such a cheap date” and he winks at the guy who paid. (and at this point im like, aww that’s cute, but i don’t think much of it.) so i give them their bag and, since we were out of markers and we couldn’t label the bowls, i made eye contact with one of them and told him he was on top and, i shit you not, he just smirks at the other guy and goes “as usual!”

  • Me:*yawns* boy am I tired. I think I should go to be-
  • Uterus:*In Mushu voice* I LLLLIIIIIIVVVVVVEEEEEEEEE!!!!!
  • Me:Oh, hell no not now...
  • Me:No.. God please no... can't this wait until morning.. or never. Never would be nice.
  • Uterus:TIME TO OPEN THE GATES TO HELLL!!!! *begins spouting blood violently and stabbing the inside of my body with a hot poker*
  • Me:*single man tear* I. Just. Wanted. To. Sleep. *curls up into a ball and awaits death*