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Waking up one morning to find your child gone must be one of the most atrocious experiences a parent can live. So it’s not hard to imagine what Louise Bell’s parents felt when the morning of January 4th, 1983, they realized their 10 year old daughter had disappeared during the night. Her sister, who’d been sleeping in the same room, hadn’t woken up, but the open window and other signs pointed to an intruder.

A few days later, a man called a woman who lived in the same neighborhood than the Bells, in Hackam West, South Australia. He told her that he had Louise, that she was happy with him, but she needed medical help. He implied the girl had been raped. To prove what he was saying, the man told this woman where to find Louise’s earrings, hidden in a particular spot. The same woman later found the pajamas Louise had been wearing the night she went missing neatly folded on her lawn.

At the time, this evidence didn’t lead anywhere, and Louise’s case went cold. A known peadophile named Raymond John Geesing was at one point convicted of the crime, but later acquitted. Then, in 1990, a likely suspect appeared. Dieter Pfennig, a math and science teacher who lived in the same neighborhood than Louise, was convicted of the abduction and murder of Michael Black (10), who’d disappeared while fishing. Pfennig also confessed to abducting and raping a 13 year old. He was sentenced to life for those crimes.

It took more than 15 years to find concrete evidence to tie him to Louise’s case, though. New DNA techniques were able to find his in the girl’s pajamas. Pfennig is currently on trial for her murder, and has pled not guilty. Among the witnesses against him are his own daughter and a prison mate who said Pfennig had told him about the murder and that he’d hid her body in the same place as Michael Black’s, who’s never been found, but that he didn’t see a point in telling the location since he’s spending his life in jail anyway.

Stolen | Part 2

Stolen part 2

Harley was drinking coffee in her cell at belle revé her mind going back to you and how she had left you on the floor ‘dying’

She couldn’t sleep at night, the thought of you, her daughter dead left her mind full of nightmares and now she may never see her puddin again.

She felt like she left both you and the joker down, not putting up a fight when they grabbed her, not asking for a proper funeral for you for all she knows you’re still lying on the floor, somewhere and no one is their to mourn you.

Before she knew it she was softly crying for the memory of you, for the memory of the time you learnt to ride your bike and the time you first shot a gun.

A loud bang that echoed through the hall broke her out of her trance, the outer door burst off its hinges and Harley screamed pushing her body up to the corner of the cell.

Eight men in black uniforms ran through the door shooting everyone else, one man pulled out a saw and sawed off the door that separated them and Harley.

Two men walked into the cell and stared at her for a second before pulling off their masks to reveal the joker and y/n

Harley let out a loud cry as she pulled them both into a hug not letting go
“You’re alive” She yelled sobbing into your shoulder
“Obviously” you rolled your eyes “it’s great to see you mum”

After a ten minute hug you all decided it was time to head back to Gotham and figure out ways to defeat batman.

“Why didn’t you come save me sooner?” Harley questioned as you were driving back to Gotham
“I was too busy sorting out dads goons, they are kind of useless” you sigh
“Now that’s true” you dad laughs

You’re finally a family again.

- thank you for the people who requested a part 2 ❤️💙💞

Headcanon that dudley’s daughter cries to sleep the night she gets her hogwarts letter because grandma thinks she’s a freak and grandpa wouldn’t want to visit anymore, but uncle harry calls her and tells her all about the magical world and everything she can do and all the adventures she will go through and that she will be with james and albus and they would make sure she’s okay all the time,then ron takes the phone and is like “don’t worry about what your grandma thinks, she though harry was a freak and he saved the world”.

Delphine Got Married Ch10

Despite my feelings towards the show, the muse demands I continue writing and the muse gets really mad when ignored so… 

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The knock that came was softer than it needed to be, unnecessarily gentle as her mother’s head peeked in. She was no doubt surprised to see her daughter sitting up on the bed, hugging her knees with her one good arm, dark circles around her eyes.

“Ma chère fille.” Mrs. Cormier moved to the side of her bed, pushing blonde curls to the side. “What’s wrong?”

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Get it together

Santana was worried about Dani and her daughter all night, unable to sleep. She didn’t know what was going to happen but she couldn’t let Dani take care of the baby alone right now. Still worried about the woman, she headed over the next afternoon to encourage her to get it together, she had one bottle left and the baby had refused formula when she tried to give it to her. Walking in with her key, the house was trashed and she sighed. “Dani? You home?” she asked, standing there.

Ficlet prompt from Sacramone on a story to the song "You" by Fisher. Kate and Rick are settling into life with their new Daughter and one night when both Kate and her Daughter can't sleep, Kate decides to play a little lullaby in hopes that it will soothe her Daughter to sleep. While playing Rick is looking on watching leaning against the door in awe.

Castle walks up to the door quietly, not wanting to risk waking up either his daughter or his wife if they’ve fallen asleep to the music he heard over the baby monitor. He finds Kate sitting in the rocking chair across the room, silhouetted by the nightlight, looking down at their three-month old. The nursery is filled with the soft sounds of Kate’s favorite lullaby, ‘You’, and Castle can hear her singing along with the words. Lily isn’t asleep either, Castle can tell because he sees her little arms reaching up towards Kate’s face, something she’d started doing a lot recently, especially after eating. Having those tiny fingers brush across his face is one of Castle’s new favorite things. Based on the way Kate smiles as she sings, she loves it as much as he does.

As he leans against the door jamb, Castle’s heart feels as if it’s going to burst. The last three months have certainly been an adjustment - Lily doesn’t seem to care much for sleep and it’s been hard for Kate and Castle to get used to running on little sleep themselves, but every exhausted second has been worth it. And moments like these, where he gets to watch Kate being the wonderful mother she is, these are his favorite. He’d always known she would be wonderful with their children, from way back when he’d realized he wanted to have them with her, but as she usually does, she’d surpassed even his wildest imaginings with the warmth and love she showered onto Lily.

“Your daughter told me to tell you it’s creepy to stare,” Kate glances up with a grin on her face.

“Did she now?” Castle chuckles before pushing off the door frame and walking over beside the rocking chair. “That’s a pretty big sentence for someone who can’t talk yet,” he kisses the top of Kate’s head, then kneels down next to her. “Hi, Lily,” he croons. “How’s my little night owl?”

Lily blinks and reaches one hand out to him, and Castle offers her his pointer finger. She wraps her fingers around it and squeezes.

“You’re so strong,” he smiles. “Just like your Mommy.”

“Like her Daddy too,” Kate adds.

“We’re one big, strong, happy family,” Castle puts his other hand on Kate’s knee. “Well, maybe we aren’t all big yet,” he looks at Lily, “but we’re all strong, and we’re most definitely all happy.”

“Yes we are,” Kate smiles again.

Lily suddenly hiccups, making both her parents laugh.

“I’ll take that as her agreeing,” Castle says.

“Sounds good to me,” Kate sighs contentedly. “Babe, will you start the song over? Maybe we can get Lily to fall asleep if we sing along to it together.”

“You bet,” he gets up and presses play, then sits down beside the chair, making sure to leave room for Kate to rock.

As the song starts up, he and Kate begin to sing along with the words, slowly sending their newborn off towards dreamland.