night day


decided to upload them all together ^^ 

High lords of Prythian from a court of thorns and roses series by @sjmaas 

Rhysand (night court)

Helion (day court)

Thesan (dawn court)

Tamlin (spring court)

Tarquin (summer court)

Beron (autumn court)

Kallias (winter court) 

Victor (teasing): Yuuri~ If I didn’t know any better, I’d say that you’re showing all of America that I am YOURS! 😁😍

Yuuri: >////

So I guess I’m the only one thinking of this during the eclipse yesterday? XD

I could’ve wrote world but I was thinking how it was televised as the Great American Eclipse at home, so I just ended up with that.

Once again, despite being a while ago, thank you @beanpots for the Day and Night AU.

Yuuri’s Response 

Jim Henson’s home state banned Sesame Street from public television in 1970. Mississippi’s State Commission for Educational Television was “very much opposed” to the series, and they refused to show it “because it uses a highly integrated cast of children.” Source Source 2