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March 22th, Wednesday - Friends and Enemies: “AU fanarts”, “AU fanfictions”, “AU quotes” and “Edits”. Friends and enemies refers to all other characters except for Sasuke and Naruto. 

Summer!SNS - Lineart (@kiraiki) / Color (@iin-desuyo)

Winter!SNS -  Lineart (@iin-desuyo) / Color (@kiraiki)

We decided that it would be really interesting to depict Sasuke and Naruto with contrasting themes of Yin and Yang by the use of symbols and colors to emphasize their parallel and opposite sides.

SNS-Week 2017

Kevin hated group projects. More than anything. Why should his grade depend on some know-nothing when he was going to do all the work anyway?

Still, he was meeting with Bee once a week and she was expressing her concern about his inability to form connections with people outside of Exy. So when it was announced in one of his classes that there was a partner report, instead of arguing with the teacher later about being allowed to do the project alone, he swallowed the acid in his throat and looked around to find a partner.

Some cursory scanning led to him spotting a girl in the corner not speaking about ideas yet. He sighed deeply and cursed the inventor of group projects and approached her.

“Do you still need a partner?”

She raised an eyebrow. “I thought you were too good for group projects.”

His face tightened with annoyance. “Do you need a partner or not?”

“Yeah. I do.”

He sat down next to her and turned his notebook to the project tab. “So I was thinking we look at the primary sources on the British-Irish struggle and compare it to today.”

“That sounds good. Do you want to meet in the library to split up parts?”

They made plans and Kevin was prepared to embark on this strange journey.

“Her name is Amy. She wants to be a research librarian. She likes hazelnut coffee and she hates her roommate. She’s never watched Exy, but she said she’ll come to a game if I help her with a documentary about hidden places on campus.”

Bee closed her notebooks. “Five facts. That’s good progress. Are you going to help with the documentary?”

“Yes. You can’t have hidden places on campus without looking at the Court.”

Bee smiled fondly. “It sounds fun.”

Kevin opened his mouth. “I hope so.”

Maybe he was capable of making friends after all.

Double trouble. Reppin’ BFSN & PR for the World Baseball Classic ‘17!

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This week’s episode looks… interesting lol!

Is it ok for them to get wasted on national TV? Standards for what’s considered airable in Korea must have changed recently because I remember in the previous seasons they were not even allowed to talk about having a drink…

But then again they already shot a Makkeoli special when Joohyuk was still here, so why not hard liquor now ^^

Joonyoung is wearing the same cloths he had at the airport when he left for his concert in Taiwan so I guess this was filmed last week! Also it looks like they’ll separate in 2 teams (Defconn, Taehyun and Donggu v/s Junho, Jongmin and Joonyoung) with some of them going to Mokpo… It’s just one of the furthest place you can go from Seoul, all the way south west of the country haha :-s

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what do you see in scriddler? its a toxic ship and i dont get why so many support

@problematicgaysinspace didn’t you get an anon like this lmao

Ok well, I rarely reblog Scrids but you must’ve seen some of my other posts, so thanks. Um, I’m not here to say the ship is a happy gushy romantic ship, because it isn’t, but it all boils down to who’s writing about it and what their interpretation is. See, the ship wouldn’t be ‘healthy’ as others because the two people involved aren’t the healthiest. Regardless, as well, if either of them got in any relationship it probably wouldn’t be ‘healthy’ like others, but okay.  I’ve explained this in asks before, but what I want to say is that between the two the relationship seems workable of sorts. Again they aren’t going to have a gold star kinda thing, but it’s workable. For one they’re intellectual equals - evidence goes to show that such thinks tend’s to make relationships better. Secondly, they’re in the same career so hey when one gets arrested it won’t be awful and separating. As I’ve said before, Jonathan is admittedly one of the few who could probably butt heads with Edward regarding logical debates and keep up with what he’s saying. They’re two peas in a pod per say. Also like I’ve said before (so many times) the people involved with the ship are who keep it running. You have fantastic artists, fantastic writers, fantastic headcanon producers and just great people in general. Just because they like something you may regard as toxic (and to each our own, whatever, don’t get why you bring it to me though) doesn’t make em bad. I know a lotta people who I care about deeply who support it :/ but yeah, it isn’t the healthiest, but I wouldn’t go as far as to call it toxic. Again it’s up to the writers and the people to interpret it as they will. Anyway you can keep viewing it as bad but yeah don’t bring it to me - as a scriddler blog that seems kinda dumb lmao

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Jodel was lying folks, henrik was working at ett bord yesterday their restaurant is part of a high class French cooking thing and he was there yesterday there's photos and everything. Jodel has always been the biggest rumour mill though don't believe anything without photos. People do stuff for a laugh lol 😊

Henrik 😒 are you trying to deceive me? 😒 i saw you greeting a plate last night but you need to do more to convince me that you weren’t filming yesterday 😒

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comp sci! wow! good luck, i can't even handle comp sci at the high school level (T - T) what do you like most about comp sci? :)

PSSSH a nerd anon?? a  n e r d??? *looks around*

Hahaha thank you so much for the luck (I’ll probably need it)!!! I think I really like the satisfying feeling of having a program work?? Also I find some of the concepts really interesting – recursion and the binary numeral system and data structures *clenches fist* ok maybe I am a nerd

Ay, este sistema de micro transacciones y de DLC es demasiado absurdo. Me refiero a que me están vendiendo un juego (En el que se supone que estoy pagando por el precio de un juego completo) que esta incompleto!

Es una de mis mayores quejas que tengo sobre los juegos de esta generación. Lo que quiero decir es, donde esta la diversión? O esa sensación que te hace volver a re-jugar la historia sin importar que ya te la sepas de pies a cabeza (O derecho o al revés. Como lo quieran ver ^^) te sigue gustando e impresionando! Y con eso terminabas desbloqueando contenido oculto, personajes y logros!

Pero ahora se han vuelto un negocio en donde el que da más (Con esto digo a dinero) le dan lo mejor.. o que los llegan a estafar. pagar por una caja o paquete donde te dan varios objetos que son random y repetidos. Vaya.

Bueno, el punto es que los juegos de ahora en el que mejoraron gráficamente (Admito, son muy increíbles. Un festín para los ojos xD) también se han vuelto fríos. Nada buenos. Simples. No divertidos. Todo un negocio para sacarte más dinero Y muuuuuy pesados.

Hice este post por que ya me tiene cansado esos anuncios en la pantalla principal u.u
Oh y tal vez dibuje. No no no, también para decirles que tengan una excelente semana! Y aaahh usted es lindo y especial!


friend: hey are you ok

friend: why are you making dying whale noises

friend: do i need to call the police

me: call the fucking cavalry

Hey ho it’s @nyxfears

Twitter doesn’t let me say what i wanna say so here’s what i wanted to say - i think your analysis is smart and it gets me thinking about everything i watch, even casually. it’s the sort of intelligent commentary i wish there was more of on youtube, not just ‘this movie is objectively bad and it’s funny because it’s bad!’ 

So, um, thanks for that.