Skip Beat Confession:

I’m a 30 year old male and I read Skip Beat nigh-religiously. It’s just about the only manga I still read these days. I love seeing Kyoko’s struggles as an actor and her development. I do kind of wish Fuwa would go away though, whenever I see him I want to punch him in the face. (Unfortunately, he’s not real, and I don’t want to punch either a manga or a computer screen.) I swear I’m not normally violent, there’s just something dislikably punchable about him.

by  valiantmechanicaldragons

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Well, it’s happened again, you’ve wasted another perfectly good hour scrolling through Tumblr.

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Black women in costume: 80’s Music Edition via @donnisbutterfly @_mrsknight and please let me know who the last person is. I can’t stop laughing 😂

…torture is a really inefficient means of getting information, particularly when magic is available that can twist a person’s loyalties inside-out. Logically, before he was given to Ripley at all, Percy must have been dragged before Sylas and Delilah - the both of them, most likely (as if they would ever be apart.) Maybe there was still blood on their hands, their clothes, the corner of Sylas’s lips; maybe they had cleaned up. Maybe there was blood on Percy, his own or a guard’s or one of his sibling’s.

Delilah waves a hand, fingertips sparkling with purle-black arcane energy, or Sylas steps forward and terrified blue eyes are locked by blood-red, and it’s, “My dear boy, I’m so sorry for the mess. We just need your help with one little thing…”

And maybe Percy hesitates for a second? Uncertainty creeps in, and a lulling chill…

Then our Percy - still brown-haired, nineteen or twenty years old at best, lost his entire family in one night - rolls his nat 20 and stands up straight, glares right back, spits in their faces and snarls with all the carefully enunciated aristocratic pride he has ever learned, “Fuck. You.”

(Delilah slaps him hard across the face, and accepts Dr. Ripley’s offer to try more “conventional” means of getting answers.)

If you're scared about Nov 8th, just remember that these guys will help you cope:

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make me choose anonymous asked: Cleo/Deuce or Clawd/Draculaura

“How’s my Cleo? Queen of my heart?”