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“twelfth night, or whatever” apathetic snake person twelfth nigh sign me the fuck up

I mean one of the big problems that you have to think about with any shakespeare comedy is how to translate the themes of service and class, in the same way you have to think about how to translate the themes of the divine right of kings if you’re doing a history play.  but I think twelfth night could work really well as a play about the social dynamics of a high school clique of closeted queer kids.

So a thing that happened at Genki…

I was shuffling along in full Scar costume, and this girl stopped me and was all “You beautiful person! Are you getting enough to eat and drink? You’re in a huge cosplay, you need to make sure you’re keeping yourself fueled. Here, have this.” and then she handed me a huge muesli bar.

And I just?? Kind of wanted to cry???

I’m not used to the kindness of strangers, you guys.

Also avpdtsukiyama and sophu were the best. I cannot get in and out of Scar on my own, and navigating indoors is nigh on impossible, and they were both so kind with helping me out. Soph also provided me with a juice box and a biscuit. It’s things like that that make life as a cosplayer a whole lot easier. I have the best friends <3

I just realized that during my flight back from Maryland yesterday, Peyton fell asleep in my arms. It was the first time she’s done so since she was 6 months old.

On a similar note, we co-slept the entire week in Maryland. It was amazing and it made me so happy. Peyton would climb in bed with me, open and clothes her hands to ask me to pick her up, and then she would crawl into my arms. If I took my arm away, she would grab it and wrap it around her again. If I pretended to fall asleep before her, she would curl up next to me and kiss my cheek and say mama until I woke back up. She fell asleep on my chest a few times and if she woke up during the night, I’d feel her scoot as close to me as possible and pull the blanket over us both and say ‘nigh nigh’. I missed co-sleeping. I’m gonna miss doing it again even more now.

How is my daughter so adorable?

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Dad!luke bringing baby girl Hemmings on stage for the first time and hes double checking she had little ear buds in so her little ears wont be hurt by all the screaming and shes prancing around the stage in her little tutu and leather jacket, taking turns sitting on uncle ashtons lap and "playing" the drums and michael would grab her and pretend to play her like a guitar by tickling her tummy and at the end of the night lukes carrying a sleeping little one off the stage and WHAT DID I JUST DOOO

this wasn’t even a blurb night option but it was too cute to not post?!?! :))

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Island of Heaven, by voidshatter

Sky: 64 frames of continuous shots aligned and stacked by PixInsight; Buildings: 64 frames of continuous shots stacked by Photoshop; Reflections: single frame with noise reduction by Noiseware. Four conditions are necessary for a shot of the Milky Way around St Michael’s Mount: a) It has to be May, June or July of each year; b) It has to be a cloudless night; c) There must be no moon above the horizon; d) When the Milky Way is up in position, low tide is required to access the location. I was lucky to encounter a night with all four conditions met, however my planned foreground - the causeway of granite setts - did not look good due to the very low tide, ruining my “Path to Heaven” in mind. It was no fun standing in the sea for three hours struggling to find an alternative composition, especially when crabs move around my tripod with the sound of water clashes. Finally I realised that if I stand still in the sea, the water becomes very still thanks to the low tide, and I could capture the reflection of the Milky Way without using Photoshop - an unexpected reward!

Distant by drewmedlin
This little storm was ~100km (65 miles) away, but still bright enough, and active enough, to get my attention. I went out last night hoping some storms on their way would intensify, but that wasn’t working out. On my way in I saw this storm lighting up the clouds in the distance, so I decided to stop and see what I could get. An acceptable result, but I’m still waiting to really get a shot like this right when the conditions all come together more favorably. Lightning, 2015.07.08, 2801
Bolt,Clouds,Dark,Distant,Far away,Lightning,Monsoon,New Mexico,Night,Nightscape,Square,Storm