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Dood, what're your thoughts on Wonder Woman's bathing-suit costume?

I like it.  I do agree in general that it’s pretty skimpy, but every time I’ve seen them try to change it they miss the point somehow.  The addition of pants doesn’t make things better.  I think, it’s the justifications they try and use.

The woman’s from a tropical island, and is nigh invulnerable.  She’s not going to be cold or really need a lot of armor or be from a society that dresses warmly or walks around in bulky armor.  So the idea she suddenly changes to something more practical is kind of suspect.  She has a couple of magic armor pieces, any cloth around it is decoration so any changes to the costume are going to be purely cosmetic.  She wears what she does because she likes how it looks.

The bathing suit looks good.  I’m not against change it to pants or long sleeves or a top that goes closer to her neck, but it’s going to have to be something that works aesthetically rather than something that just looks practical.   Post-Crisis she used the golden eagle armor if she did need extra protection but aside form that, costume changes were minimal. I wasn’t a huge fan of Jimenez’s run but he did have one idea that was pretty neat.  He had her in a ceremonial gown on a visit to President Luthor once, that was just the colors of her costume in a greek gown pattern.  It was gorgeous, and I think someone asked him about it in an interview and he said he thought she’d have a lot of costume variations just to change things up.  (it’s been years so I may be mixing my speakers up, but I know it was during the Jimenez run) This wasn’t really explored, but I like that idea.  She has the bathing suit.  She has the different shirts, some with pants, some with skirts. A couple differnt capes.  Baggy, stripey fur pants sometime, maybe.  The gold armor.  And it’s mainly to look a little different from time to time, although sometimes just adding a new magic item to the outfit for practical purposes.

I like the idea of changing the costume, because it is very old and very skimpy, but the in-character reason wouldn’t be the same as ours.  She wouldn’t be threatened by the gaze of men and she wouldn’t feel physically vulnerable because she’s invulnerable. She wouldn’t feel a need to change herself to earn respect that’s conditional on her clothes.  It’d be because the new outfit looks good and she likes it.  So the new design would have to be something nice looking rather than the hideous additions I’ve seen them try out from time to time.  It would also have to incorporate the magic items – breastplate, tiara, bracers, girdle, as they have always been drawn, because she’s not switching out holy items.  (this is what really irked about the New 52 costume.  Suddenly everything’s silver, and the breastplate which had been a piece of armor for 25 years is just a little embroidery at the top!).

The little leather skirt they have her in right now works.  Covers more than just the panties, looks very Bronze Age (not comics Bronze Age but like, human development Bronze Age), matches the cinematic version and looks good.  I wouldn’t object to a little variation and experimentation, though.  (And baggy stripey zig-zaggy fur pants.  I can’t suggest that enough. Not sleek leggings like the New 52 costume that fell flat, baggy pants to contrast her form-fitting top.  Those would be great, just for one issue.)

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Think of it this way, if Trump wins when he starts the next war with Iran/China/NK/Russia/whoever, it'll be the first C-C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER in US presidents. Never before have we kicked one out of offices, though Nixon came close. Also popular uprisings may or may not happen, to be determined.

If Trump wins I hope he gets impeached nigh immediately.

Ok real talk here.

I know the post i made last nigh about the possibility of a sister is still not 100% confirmed. I only post it to inform of the possibility of another explanation since that person is known for making the fox kwami official’s design. I never wanted to ruin the fun from the people that believes Chloe will get the miraculous.

But srsly you all need to calm down. There’s not any confirmation of the name of the holder, not even the design is 100% confirmed. The same way some people doesnt agree with the theory that Gabriel could be Hawkmoth and their ideas are respected because it could be, the same for the people that doesnt agree Chloe will get it should be considered.

There’s nothing 100% confirmed until is showed in the show. Trust me, i have been in the Gravity Falls fandom where a lot LOT of theories existed, some of them confirmed, others discarded (Twin theory for the former, Mystery Trio for the later).

You all just need to wait. In the meantime you can create your own hc on how Chloe would adjust herself to the duo dynamic while getting a redemption arc or how a lost sister would come and try to reconnect with her sister while helping the local superheroes. There’s a lot of possibilities, a lot of scenarios.

But dont disrespect other people’s ideas for not agreeing with your own.

Thats my last word

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I have a question. My specific gnosis state triggers are, well, very specific, and require persistence. I'm nigh incapable of gnosis state when I smoke up, but I've noticed that I'm more likely to experience gnosis during my times sober when I've been smoking weed more often. Is this an effect you've noticed in others? And what would be the potential building blocks for that effect as an unexpected result?

I’m assuming you’re using the phrase ‘gnosis state’ to refer to the visionary and ecstatic aspects of trance (i.e. having visions, ‘out of body experiences,’ etc). If I’ve misunderstood, feel free to correct me. (Note: A lot of Chaos Magicians refer to the trance state itself as ‘gnosis.’ I’m not one of them, as I think ‘Gnosis’ itself is something that happens after the individual has entered a state of trance.)

One of the things to remember about Cannabis is that while it is psychoactive, it isn’t a full blown hallucinogen like LSD-25, Psilocybe and Amanita Muscaria, or Mescaline. It is, however, a psychadelic: it will enhance the taste of things, the experience of smells and tactile sensations, alongside pattern recognition and ones experiences of tings like colors. But - aside from when you’re first smoking it - you probably won’t experience spirit flight, visual or auditory hallucinations, etc. It is a mild psychoactive, compared to other such drugs. When you’re first smoking it, that can happen, or if you make something like a brownie that’s full of THC, but as your tolerance to the plants’ psychoactive alkaloids builds, it becomes more and more unlikely.

To bypass this, you either need to cut down on smoking to lower your tolerance, increase your intake of THC by smoking something like Hashish, kif or wax, or utilize other avenues of trance induction to get ‘different results.’ In the same sense that one can drink alcohol and simply be buzzed, or one can utilize alcohol as a ritual entheogen alongside other trance based techniques and have wildly different responses, cannabis is just used the ‘open the door.’ Afterwards, you have to walk through it.

For best use, you want to either combine it with other methods of trance induction and trance techniques, or ecstatic techniques in general:
- Dancing
- Singing, Chanting, or performing divine invocations.
- Having sex as part of the ritual (only if doing so appeals to you; it doesn’t to plenty of people)
- Meditating
- Using breathing techniques (Breathe in for three seconds, hold your breath for three seconds, then breathe out for three seconds while doing some of the above activities. This is harder than it sounds, but once it becomes habit, you’ll do it naturally while performing rituals. You can increase the amount of time you breathe in, hold your breathe, and exhale if you so desire.)
- The use of other psychoative incense in your rituals (like Frankincense).

After that, it’s a question of whether you’ve ‘allied’ with the plant or not. There is a tendency in the West to see drugs as ‘mechanical’ methods of entering altered states. My experience with them is wildly different: they are animated intelligences we ingest to help us better understand, interact with, and probe the ‘Other World.’ Experiences with them can range from traveling with something like a close friend across vast, visionary landscapes, or even just having a nice night-long chat about reincarnation. But one’s experience of the drug changes (setting) based on how they associate with it. And one’s experience while on the drug changes based on how one views and interacts with it.

Cannabis is unique in that, unlike some other plants (Mandrake, Atropa Belladonna, etc., come to mind) it doesn’t mind partying and having fun, or doing serious work.

Depending on the ritual, consider your approach: have you gotten the name of the plants Daimon yet? If not, perhaps smoke a bit, make a sigil to communicate with the plant, and invite it to speak to you in your dreams. (And it is fantastic for dream work). If you do know its name: invoke the Daimon, while ‘blessing’ the plant matter as a type of incense. Proceed to dancing ecstatically in its honor (and perhaps the honor of an ecstatic, dancing God)! Or just sit down and meditate. Let the plant help you clear your mind, focus on your breathing, and concentrate or focus on a piece of religious artwork, or a mandala, or something along those lines. Afterwards take a long walk and get a good look at the world around you: how do the trees seem different? How does the breeze feel? How does the light dance in certain areas near where you live? Sometimes magic and magical practices build ‘subtly,’ and you need to first catch the atmosphere before the mind-blowing (or mind-rending, in the case of a bad trip) experiences arrive.Just remember: it isn’t Acid. You’ve got to change your approach for it to help you with the Gnostic vision quest. But, at least in my experience, it can.