nighmare in silver

Finally got the nerve to post a pic of my Mr Clever costume on Neil Gaiman’s page. Such a huge fan, but I seriously thought he’d think I was a whack-a-doodle… Lol
But whatever, I’ve met so many great friends through wearing this at cons, at work, etc It was so great to combine my love of Neil’s work, Doctor Who and especially the uber talent of Matt Smith in this role.
Cyberplanner, hand pulsar, cybermite, bow tie pattern all done by me. Of course getting the cyberplanner to light up was a freaking bitch, but all in all, I’m pretty happy with how it came out. Was very self conscious to get my pic taken and this is the only one I think I have of me by myself cause I usually try to hide behind someone. But I’m getting better about saying screw the haters….
Mr. Clever always deserves more love. So there.