Decided to try my hand at some Hamilton fanart. Wait For It is my favorite Hamilton song, so here is a 1 ½ hr drawing that’s been bumping around in my head ever since I heard it. It just strikes such a deep chord in me both in lyrics and in the music itself.

The song shows Burr’s humanity so well, because I think that everyone in the world has suffered from an existential crisis at one point or another.

Whenever I have an existential crisis I always head outside and breathe in the cool night air. When I hear this song, I picture Burr doing the same thing as he’s singing.

Anyway, I hope y’all enjoy this piece. It’s my first actual fully colored piece and I’m pretty darn proud of it, if I do say so myself.

Please do not repost without my permission.


Zodiac Mood Board - Scorpio
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some people tend to step a few steps away from me when i tell them my horoscope is scorpio - we tend to be mysterious and dark but where is darkness, there is light - yes, we are not innocent but who is in this world?

Shallura hc

You know how people with blue eyes always say shit like “well sometimes they’re blue and sometimes they’re grey or purple or green”. Well Allura’s hair is the same way and Shiro is the first to notice. Allura’s snow white hair reminds Shiro of clouds back om Earth that can look pink just when the sun is setting or blue when it’s rising because her hair reflects color so well.

Shiro first realizes he’s in love with her when they landed a planet whose nights were longer than their days and the nigh sky makes her hair a highlighted purple like the inside of his lion. At first he just assumed he was tired from the mission, but after awhile he starts noticing the little shit like when she twirls between her fingers or when her messy bun starts falling out of place or the way it tickles his nose after she wakes him up from a nightmare she heard all the way down the hall.

Shiro fucking loves Allura’s hair.