Devil’s Advocate - Chanyeol X Reader AU Series - Chapter 11

Vampire!Chanyeol X Angel!Reader

Genre: Action, fluff, angst, thriller

Warnings: Violence, blood, language, sexual situations, mentions of abuse, panic attacks, possible triggers and lots of sexual tension

Word Count: 6,544 (holy sh*t when did that happen)

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You jolted awake as someone wrapped their hands around your arm and began to shake violently. You sat up, the burn of your eyes adjusting to the dim lighting of the room matching the dull ache that resided at your neck.

“Wake up!” You lowered your head to see Eva knelt down at the side of the bed, whispering aggressively at you. “We don’t have much time together!”

“Eva?” You shook you head in an attempt to center your focus. “What… What are you doing here? Why… How did you-”

“I’ve… I’ve been with Kyungsoo. I haven’t been able to see you.” She cut you off, anxiety evident in her wide eyes, “But I’m here now. And I need to- need to tell you-”

Eva’s breathing became forced and rapid. You quickly threw your legs over the bed, earning a sharp influx of pain as you did so, and squatted down at the bedside next to her.

“Shhhh, Eva, it’s okay. Deep breaths, deep breaths.” You rubbed your hand tenderly up and down her back. Her wings had folded as tightly as they could go to keep them from becoming an obstruction, and you could tell by the way they were trembling that it took much effort.

“The gate,” Eva wheezed, regaining a supply of air to her lungs, “The gate to go back… To Seraphim…”

Your hand froze.

“I’ve- I’ve been watching it the entire time… I’ve been here… It’s opens- it follows a pattern.”

“Eva…” Your eyes grew big with concern as Eva refused to meet your gaze. “How long have you… How long have you been here?”

All of her muscles tensed as her movements froze. “That’s… Not important right now. What is, however, is that we need to be at the gate when it opens. I’ve seen the beginnings. The signs. A week. That’s how long we have. We have to be at the gate in a week. A week. We have to- we have to be there, we have to-”

“It’s okay, Eva,” You leaned forward to cradle her head in your arms as she began to ramble in a transient daze. “We can get out of this place together. Alright? We can go home.”

She looked up at you, her sleek and bedraggled, raven-colored hair falling into her eyes. “We can?”

“Yes, Eva, I swear we will. I swear I will get you home.”

For the first time ever, you saw the traces of a hopeful smile flitter across Eva’s lips.

A smile that was short-lived.

The familiar, cacophonous grating noise sounded, followed closely by the metal door being flung open quickly and violently. Your head jerked up to identify the intruder. A familiar face. One that wore only black jeans and a simple black T-shirt to match his ebony locks.


“Eva,” His black, soulless eyes reflected the lack of emotion in his voice as his gaze hardened. “I told you never to run away from me again.”

Eva looked up at a lethargic pace, all energy drained from her aura. After only a few seconds of silence, she began to sob, pressing her back against the edge of the bed defensively.

“She- she isn’t doing anything wrong, Kyungsoo.” You placed yourself in front of Eva protectively. “She should be allowed to stay. That’s- that’s what Chanyeol said.”

Kyungsoo stalked towards the two of you, a ominous shadow following his footsteps as he neared. “Chanyeol put Eva under my supervision.”

He stood at your feet, towering above you now.

“You can’t take her,” You solidified your voice, a surge of guardianship instilling within you a sense of confidence.

“Yes.” Kyungsoo bristled. “I can.”

In a flash, Kyungsoo reached behind you, gripping onto Eva’s wrist and yanking her out from behind her cover forcefully. She let out a weakened scream as she fell forward into Kyungsoo’s arms, against his chest. The veins on his arms rippled and became prominent as he locked them around her shoulders to combat her violent thrashing.

“Kyungsoo!” You protested, but his eyes only narrowed as he sent you a venomous glare.

Without another word, Kyungsoo gripped Eva’s waist and threw her over his shoulders before turning around, heading back towards the door.

“Kyungsoo! You can’t!-”

Your cries were silenced by the cantankerous slam of the grated door. Your instincts kicked in and you ran to the door as it shut, beginning to bang your fists against it ferociously.

“Bring her back! Kyungsoo!” Tears fought their way to the corners of your eyes as you continued to pound relentlessly against the door. “Bring her back! Bring her back! Bring her-”

Suddenly, the door cracked open, and you stumbled backwards. You continued to scoot away from the door as it opened slowly. The familiar red glint of Chanyeol’s hair appeared on the other side, and he made his way into the room. You were breathing heavily, your heartbeat picking up as your eyes met.

You found yourself at a total loss for words as his gaze burned a hole through your heart.

“Eva will be fine.” Chanyeol’s baritone voice finally shattered the awkward silence. “I have ordered every living thing under my jurisdiction that, under penalty of death, no one is to lay a hand on her, or you, without my explicit permission.”

“But Kyungsoo-”

“-Will follow orders.” Chanyeol’s eyes narrowed slightly before his expression softened. “I haven’t come here for that, though.”

You sent him a quizzical glare.

“I came to extend an invitation. For a walk.”

Your hands instinctively balled into fists, prepared for whatever binding method Chanyeol had planned to lead you outside of his room.

“No, Angel-cakes.” Chanyeol looked down at his feet with a sad smile, shaking his head, “No ropes. No ties. No blindfolds. Today we are just two people out to enjoy the beautiful weather together.”

Chanyeol’s smile widened as he extended his hand to you, being mindful to give you some personal space.

A deep feeling hidden somewhere within your gut urged you to take his hand without hesitation. You fought this urge, along with the peculiar desire to believe him. Nevertheless, you slowly extended your hand towards Chanyeol’s and he encased it gently within his own.

Before you had a chance to trust your better judgement, Chanyeol turned around and led you through the door. He quickly closed it behind him and began to walk, leading you at a leisured page through the familiar, monotonous maze of corridors. This time was different though.

This time, you weren’t fearing for your life.

You realized that you should be, considering the fact that it was still Chanyeol who was guiding you to an undisclosed location. But you felt something different this time.

You felt safe.

“About Eva,” Chanyeol’s soft tone echoed through the desolate hallways, ripping you away from your thoughts. “You don’t have to worry. Kyungsoo would never hurt her.”

“How can you be so sure?” You were surprised by how small your voice sounded in comparison to his.

Chanyeol’s grip around your hand tightened as he laced his fingers with yours.

“Because he’s in love with her.”

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Videographer tries to rethink astrovideography and timelapse with some amazing work. I’ll let them explain in their caption below:

You are lying on a blanket on a clear summer night and gazing at the dark starry sky. You are trying to spot the big dipper, Andromeda, or maybe Orion. However you are noticing strange bright patches aligned in a band across the night sky and realize they are not stars: it is our home town, our own galaxy, the milky way. That’s how all star-gazing experiences, hobbies, but also the history of astronomy began: from naked eye observations thousands of years ago, to the finest and biggest telescopes today, capable of unravelling the most intriguing secrets of the universe. As the hobby or science grows and evolves, we always want to go deeper and zoom in. You are now seeing not only our galaxy, but billions of them!
> With the first opus of the short film series ‘Galaxies’, I wanted to experiment and take the astro-timelapse technique to the next level. There are a lot of sumptuous short films and very technical time-lapses featuring the milky way, but I found very little variation in this field. Most of the time they show a wide-angle view of the milky way, albeit majestic, rising or setting against various foregrounds. This is the reason why I wanted to rethink the whole process, find different angles, get more detail. Why not zoom in? Why not consider other deep-sky objects like other galaxies? Why not show our very space home address and neighborhood in a very different way?

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Say It (7/8)

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 8

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 5.834

Summary: you loved Bucky unconditionally, enough to sacrifice your life for his happiness, now Bucky tries to save yours.

Warning: you know the drill babes, angst!

A/N: Second to last chapter!! *gasps* damn, I’m sad it’s almost coming to an end, I really hope you enjoy! love you all, thank you for the continuous support and as always, I looove to hear your thoughts!

Bucky knew he wasn’t supposed to be listening. He knew it was wrong to be doing it. He was supposed to stay on the sidelines and offer his help indirectly. He wasn’t supposed to be seeking you out alone, and yet his ear was still pressed to your room door as he tried catching a sound of what you could be doing.

He couldn’t hear anything, not even the sound of your breathing and he didn’t like it one bit.

He had been the one to suggest that you should see your old room because the progress you had made should mean you were ready for it. However, that hadn’t been the case at all. Or he didn’t know if you had been ready or not, because he hadn’t seen your reaction to seeing the room, nor heard anything. The only thing he knew was that you had decided to lock yourself away in the room, only leaving it when you sought food. It had been almost a week since Wanda had first shown you the room, and ever since, you had locked yourself in there, and it worried him. It worried him a lot. 

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anonymous asked:

Yoongi singing you to sleep, please?

unnie…this is a very straight forward request lmao. here u go. half of it is lyrics xD but I do love me some Eddy Kim, so…

“Y/N…why are you doing this to me?” Yoongi sighs, his hand smoothing over your hair. You stare at him, your smile hidden beneath the sheets considering you’ve got the covers pulled up to your nose.

“Because I’m sick, and you should help me,” you say, coughing quietly, and Yoongi stares at you sympathetically, but his lips press out into a pout.

“You know I can’t sing…”

“You can sing if you try,” you respond, rolling onto you side and snuggling against his lap. “I know you can Min Yoongi…swag master.”

“Oh my god,” he groans, rubbing a hand down his face, and you giggle.


Fine, whatever,” he agrees, always weak to your overly-cute pleading. “But you’ll regret it later.”

“I won’t,” you say, shaking your head. You get comfortable in his lap, warmth flushing your cheeks when Yoongi’s hand unconsciously drops down to pet your hair again.

You’ve been sick for a few days now, and Yoongi had been locked up in the studio for a while, so you know he’d been feeling guilty since the minute he got home and saw you on the couch looking like a caterpillar ready to molt into a butterfly–entire body cocooned in blankets. So, you’d allowed him to feed you some soup and drag you to bed.

“What do you want me to sing?” he asks, and you hum thoughtfully, already feeling your eyelids get heavy. Just having Yoongi by your side is enough to make you feel secure.

“Whatever you feel like singing,” you respond, and Yoongi sits quietly for a minute.

However, just as your beginning to doze off, Yoongi’s steady petting of your hair coaxing you into sleep, his tentative singing voice breaks through your pre-sleep haze.

Softly, with mood, warmly, tightly hug her
Use it once a day, every day

When your soft eyes meet hers, smile
So she can smile, hey what’s up beauty, talk to her

Get up first in the morning, turning on jazz
Gentle kiss, I’ll look at you

When you’re too tired, take two bottles of soju
And honestly knock on her door

Sometimes, leave together without a plan
Let her breathe under a different sky, a different wind
Sometimes, kiss her without a plan
Just like the day I fell for you without reason

When it’s time to sleep, with a low voice, quietly, make her tear as you say
Thank you so much, once a day, every day”

Yoongi’s voice is scratchy and quiet–his pitch a little off at times–but you can still hear the sincerity in his words. It’s not often he tells you his feelings, but when he does he always does it like this–in some round-about way that isn’t exactly “I love you” but means just the same.

“Get up first in the morning and clean up mess
Last night, wake you up

When you’re walking her home, slow footsteps
With a low voice, confess to her

I’m rational in front of other girls
But strangely, in front of you, my emotions come out first
You’re too good for me to use
Just looking at you drives me crazy
I want to use you forever
Oh my girl Oh my girl

Softly, with mood, warmly, tightly hug her
Use it once a day, every day

When it’s time to sleep, with a low voice, quietly, make her tear as you say
Thank you so much, once a day, every day

This beautiful girl, don’t lose her”

When Yoongi finishes he still hasn’t looked at you. He’s staring out your bedroom window, watching the nigh sky as his brain fondly ushers memories of you to the front of thoughts.

The day you’d met, when you’d first hugged, when you’d first kissed. All the times you’d stuck by him even though he probably hadn’t deserved it. 

The day you’d first admitted to him that you loved him.

“I love you too,” he says quietly, finally shifting his gaze down to look at you.

You’re asleep, fingers gripping tightly at the fabric of his shirt and your forehead pressed snugly against his abdomen. He won’t be leaving you anytime soon–not with you possessively holding onto him like this–but he doesn’t mind.

In fact, he really wouldn’t mind staying with you forever.

Erwin Week 2017: Day 5 - Emotions

Rating: General

Relationships: None

Other: Erwin-centric, canonverse

Please enjoy! This drabble feels very personal to me, it surrounds a subject that I very much adore and a lot of my feelings about it went into this drabble. Thanks for reading❤️

The day had been stressful. A huge majority of it, for Erwin, was spent inside office where he suffocated in tremendous heat which could only be thanks to the fact that he was forced out of his secondary office and crammed into the one that was built for winter weather. When he emerged from it, he thanked the heavens, and had to change shirts from how much he sweat.

It was now nightfall, and the barracks were peacefully quiet. The sky was a soft shade of orange as the sun descended below the far horizon. Erwin rarely had moments like this, but when they passed by, he made sure to enjoy it; as dusk turned to night, he took the opportunity to step outside, carrying his jacket over his broad shoulder.

Quiet. That was all he heard. The gentle stream of the nearby river, the birds who were drifting off to sleep, and breeze that billowed softly through his blonde hair. He reached the river in which he heard earlier, and sat by its banks. The moist grass tickled his fingers as he leant backwards on his hands, head titled up high to stare at the clear sky.

It was beautiful, Erwin thought, enough to elicit a strong pull at his heartstrings. He could almost cry, but his eyes remained clear. The stars that twinkled so beautifully were endless, a swirling stream of glitter, and Erwin’s personal Milky Way.

Erwin realised then that he hadn’t properly looked up at the nigh sky since childhood, he’d forgotten just how much he loved it. He always thought that it was like a window into an unknown, an unknown he wished to explore with all his heart. He wondered how far the unknown reached beyond the window, then he wondered if they were truly alone on this small planet.

Erwin didn’t have a name for the unknown, but he did know that he wanted to be in there, exploring, discovering new Milky Ways. He also knew that, most likely, he would have no time at all for this venture, maybe to never peer up into the unknown ever again. It brought a single tear to his eye, a tear the glimmered like the stars in the sky.

The 2nd Imaginary Symphony, Episode 2

Augustus: Auggie Plumb here.  You are listening to part two of the PBC’s broadcast of the 2nd Imaginary Symphony.  It is, of course, Platypus Night, the night in our month-long lead up to Platypus Eve, where all Paris goes dark.  The city of lights is extinguished and one finds not a single lit electric light or candle.  That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, at the strike of 8 in two hours’ time, the Parisians will gather with friends, with loved ones, with only the moonlight to light their way, and later this evening, waiting, all of us, waiting.

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Sweater Weather Part 3: I’ll Show You a Sunrise

Parts 1 and 2 here along with the rest of my Audrey fics

Audrey Jensen X Reader

A/N: I hope you guys like this update, I’ve enjoyed writing this imagine series. I apologize for any error in this fic. I’m in the process of going through fics and editing them. I just wanted to post an update.

Music to listen to:

Amber Run- I Found Lyrics

Gabrielle Aplin - How Do You feel Today

Originally posted by gabedonohoe

Audrey and Y/N laid against the hillside wrapped in the blanket that had been draped across their shoulders earlier. Audrey had climbed up the bank and found it snagged across a loose branch on the ground. Both girls knew they should have headed back to Brooke’s house where there were sleeping bags and a fire, but didn’t, no one suggested it. They laid in silence not wanting to ruin the moment they were having. Audrey had her arms around Y/N, loosely keeping her against her chest and stomach almost afraid the girl would disappear or decide to walk back to the fire. It didn’t matter that half her body was on the verge of being numb.
The sound of Audrey’s calm breath along with the slow rising and falling of her warm body easily put Y/N to sleep. She was so calm and relaxed, even the scent of her skin and perfume was comforting. Audrey on the other hand was completely wide awake looking up at the changing early morning sky and taking glances down at the girl in her arms. Other than disappearing, Audrey wanted to remember this moment and the more she physically looked at the sleeping girl the more she would remember it even if it didn’t remain. The thought of Y/N forgetting or choosing to not acknowledge what had happened down here in the woods or more specifically on the bank of the lake terrified her. Even the thought of personally choosing the block out what happened in the wood terrified her, would she be so scared to allow this for herself even after Rachel, to even tell others. This was too ideal.
Audrey takes another look up, day light was faintly breaking in the distance spreading orange light across the dark navy sky like water color paint. The short hair girl takes in a deep breath of the new morning air and allows a smile to creep across her lips, the smile widens exposing her teeth. She lets a breath out in a relieving sigh, a feeling similar to what Rachel used to give her, but something so different at the same time. The night had been unreal, something for the movies, but this moment was something for the books. A sunrise. Y/N needed to see this and Audrey was enjoying the girl sleeping in her arms too much.

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