Boyfriend Kirameki Note Quickee Guide to Survive Hell

So I just blogged about how I started playing BF Kira Note and I’m having trouble why the hell am I not getting an S, am I stupid or is this game making me feel I’m stupid?

Anyway, I am not and I spend the entire day figuring out why I feel so stupid so I’m gonna make a memo for myself, I didn’t make it for you, and I’m no tsundere. Just in case I got amnesia all of the sudden, at least I have a guide for myself.

So this is the MENU. This guide might be inaccurate since I’m not pro or what. Anyway, correct me if I’m wrong. A better guide will be out there soon, but I’ll rather trust my own understanding since I’m stupi- I’m more confident with that.

I’ll have a speedy overview of what are those anyway.

A. You get new guys, items here. This one is important because you need those guys and tools to survive.

B. You set teams here. Only three chibified boyfriends can dance tho.

C. Main story. Everytime you level up, you unlock a story and after reading you unlock a song. The story isn’t fully voiced too bad.

D. Well, self-explanatory.

E. You customize the background/room, and the guys in the room. Limit is 4, you can even change the poster.

D. Prizes/Rewards. Again, self-explanatory.

E. You feed guys food you get as rewards in each song to unlock expressions.

H. It’s like an album of guys, you also unlock side stories in which you can fangurl by using keys you earn.

I. Your profile. Your ID is here too.

J. Updates blah blah and stuff abt the game

K. You add your friends here. You can use their id’s and you can add them here too.

L. Kirameki related sites like their official website and twitter.

M. Settings where you can adjust the sound and the timing etc.

This guide is how to survive that tricky gameplay where they make you feel stupid. I mean they combo chain gets broken if you get a GOOD. There’s this BAD even if you clicked that nigguh. But we can all surpass that. I did. I think I should’ve known since I’m playing rhythm games like forever.

CLICK FORMATION from the menu:


If you have done those sh>t but still having a hard time, you might want to go back to the MENU then go to SETTINGS.


I guess you’re almost ready, except for few reminders.

It’s nothing serious just remember that wingey we set before.

I’m still frustrated I can’t get a perfect combo because GOOD notes are breaking it.

Black strip clubs vs White strip clubs

White Strip Club Dj
*starts playing Taylor swift bad blood*

“Alright thanks for coming to the Peppermint Lounge everybody. Now please give a warm and hearty round of applause to our next dancer coming to the stage. She’s a busty southern bell from Alabama with the blond hair and icy blue eyes, gentlemen I present to you Jenna Star!!!!..Be sure to tip our lovely ladies this evening.”

All Jenna do onstage is sway her hips side to side and seductively look at her armpits. Then do a couple twirls around the pole. Before the songs ends she gets on all fours, blows a kiss to the trucker that’s been whistling all night and twirls her hair around.

Black Strip Club Dj
*Future Freak hoes*


*sees some neighborhood dope boys walk in*


Juicy Dior come out doing universal soul circus shit on stage and popping pussy for all the real niggas. But you sitting there crying inside cuz you nutted off in yo pants and spent all yo rent money on ciroc bottles with the sparklers and lap dances all night trying to flexx.

Sup bitches.

Sup bitches. It’s Chad Warden here, aight? I’m talking about that PS Triple. The PS Triple. I ain’t talking about that Wii. The Wii, shit. Shit, people be talking about how it’s all new and shit. But you know what I’m trying to say? I’m trying to say, is that. come on now, the Wii? Come on, that little controller, that looks like a dildo. I ain’t, I ain’t trying to play my games with no dildo, aight? Maybe if the game is, like, WarioWare: Shove It Up Your Own Ass game. I don’t know if there’s any minigames where, you know, shove it up your own ass, but… Come on now, the Wii? And people trying to say that the, the PS3 should copy the Wii with the motions and… I don’t give a fuck. Shit, shit, the Wii, you know what they should copy? They should copy how to get good games. They should copy how to get good games from the PS3. Everybody knows, is that, PS3 makes the best games, now I mean nigguh? I mean, come on. You got little games, when you got Wii, you got Legend of Zelda, where you walk around with little bitch and his little bitch ass sword with little shield and he just goes HA! HA! HA! Come on… Who wants to play that shit? I need to shoot some nigguhs. Pow! Pow! Nintendo, and then you be talking about Nintendo isn’t copying anything and how Sony is copying everything. And that shit’s BULLSHIT! That’s BULLSHIT! Shit, to say Final Fantasy was on Nintendo before Sony? Have you played the PS1? Nigguh, nigguh, the PS1 got Final Fantasy 7! Shit, Nintendo tried to copy that shit. They know that they can’t compete if they don’t have Final Fantasy! I don’t even care if any of the others systems have Final Fantasy, because Final Fantasy sucks ass now! Ooh, look at Final Fantasy 12 where you run around as a little girl and shit. Fuck, everybody knows that girls can’t do shit other than suck dick! So, what I’m trying to say, is that… Sony… Sony’s the bomb nigguh… Is that true shit… Sony is true shit… You know… So… And then you, and then we got these Xbox fans… About fans of the Xbox 360… The Xbox 360, Xbox Circle, the fuck they think they are? They think they’re smart as shit? We ain’t doing geometry, we trying to play some games! And that’s one thing Xbox don’t got. Xbox ain’t got games! It ain’t got games! Shit, what, what, nigguhs trying to say like, Gears of War. Shit, fuck Gears of War, more like TEARS of War. Man, that shit has that little bitch crying all the time, see that commercial? Little bitch-ass commercial with that song? With that pussy-ass song? Shit, true games, true games has some 50 Cent on the background, some Fat Joe, some BALLIN’. Shit, not some of this Mad World shit, no, fuck that. And then what else this Xbox got… Xbox got… Halo… Nigguhs, nigguhs trying to talk about Halo. About Halo 3. You what I’m saying? Man, they best rename that shit, to GAYLO 3. Shit, that shit’s mad gay. TRUE nigguhs, TRUE nigguhs don’t play that shit. You know who plays that shit? Gay nigguhs. Gay nigguhs. Sony always wins baby, Sony always wins. You can’t beat Sony. Shit, that shit’s slick, slick. That shit… Have you seen the PS3? That shit’s is, is nice, slick, black. FWOO FWOO, FWOOWOO. That shit’s nice. Shit, you like my hair over you bitch, my hair? You like that shit. That shit’s slick, shit’s black. Shit, my hair was, was blond before that shit, aight? I dyed that shit black, you know why? Because PS Triple, the PS Triple! Ah… Shit, money, money. We got this one little fat bitch, I don’t even know his fucking name. But we got little fat bitch, trying to say that the PS3 costs less… What kind of poor, bitch-ass cardboard box is he living out of baby? Six hundred dollars ain’t shit to Chad Warden. Chad Warden wipes his ass with six hundred dollars. Six hundred dollars ain’t shit. Shit… I’ll give you six hundred dollars just to shut the hell up nigguh. You know, I can’t take the Wii with me, I can’t have it in my Caddy. You know, I need, I need to play some HD games while rolling in my caddy. How am I supposed to get some honeys with the Wii? Say, yo baby, look my Wii. You know what they’ll say to me? They’ll fucking laugh. When I show them my PS3, honeys get all over the… shit… get all the honeys with the PS Triple.

Mad funny how niggas insecure while they with their girl

My nigguh she bad but I know she’s yours you don’t gotta grab her ass every 2 minutes and look over the her to see if I’m seeing you grab that shit bruh

Story Time, Pt. II

Part I is here.

About a year after me and old dude broke up, he saw that I was starting/retwisting people’s locs for money. So he hits me up and asks if I can twist his hair. I’m doing them for superrrr cheap, $15 to be exact, and I tell him that while we’re on the phone talking about it. Anyways, he live off State street in a kinda bad part of town so I tell him I’ll call him when I’m almost there so he can walk to the train stop and come get me. He said cool. And he said he would give me a ride back since it was gonna be dark by the time I left.

When I text him, this nigga talking about he gone meet me halfway. Wtf….If you’re just gonna meet me half way, there’s no point in coming. The point is that a bunch of niggas be crowded around the doors at the train station and I didn’t need all that extra attention. If I get past them on my own, I don’t need ya help no more. So I’m already getting annoyed cause I see this is about to be a long day.

So we meet up halfway. While we’re walking back to his mama’s apartment, he talking all this shit about how he ‘run this neighborhood’ and ‘all the lil niggas over here scared of him and do whatever he say’ and a bunch of other shit that nobody cares about. When we get to the apartment building, he brings me to the side of the building talking about he gone smoke a blunt first. Mind you it’s already starting to get dark and I didn’t come over here for this. But being the insanely patient person that I am, I let him smoke. 

After he rolls it up, he doesn’t just lick it yall. I mean he slobbed the whole thing down. Rolled it back and forth over his tongue at least 20 times, sucked on it for a good minute, I mean he made love to the blunt!!!! Then had the nerve to ask me if I wanted to take a hit.

Nigga….no. Just hurry tf up.

Finally, he finished smoking and we went up to the apartment so I could start on his hair. It’s already dark now, like 7:15pm. I’m pulling my hair supplies and shit out and he takes his hat off and his hair looks like a piece of carpeting. It was SO GOTDAMN DRY. I’m like bruh…you’re gonna go have to cowash this, I can’t work with this. So he spends another 10 minutes doing that. 

While he’s in the bathroom, I couldn’t help but notice that he had the same exact sheets and comforter on his bed as he did when I was sitting in it a year ago. And they were musty as fuck. I was like thank God I stopped fucking with him like that. Can you believe he that dirty, but when we were together he used to poke his fingers inside my ear pretending he was just messing with me, but really he was checking for earwax before he licked/sucked on em. Really??? I clean my ears every day, you don’t even change ya sheets once a year. Ew. Anyway, FINALLY, a whole hour after I even got here, I’m finally twisting his hair.

He found a movie for us to watch on his laptop and I’m twisting and we’re conversing and laughing together and everything was all cool for a while. But then shit got real. I had never been over there while his mama was home, but she was home that day. As we’re watching the movie, I start hearing her calling out “Little boy!” He had his little cousins over the apartment before so I’m thinking she calling out to one of them. 

After like the 5th time, he rolled his eyes and got up and went to her. I was like oh… goodness

This grown ass man, 23 years old, 6′6, talking about how he run the neighborhood, always rapping about what he’ll do to niggas that talk shit, always yelling about how he get money, always yielding guns in his “music videos” that he shoots in his bedroom with all his friends, and his lil 5′0 tall mama refers to him as “little boy”. I couldn’t believe it. When he walked back in the room, he didn’t dare look at me. He was too ashamed and embarrassed. Shit, I was hella embarrassed for him. I just kept twisting and acted like nothing happened.

But she kept on. Whenever she had to walk past his room, she would open his door, and keep walking. And it was obviously because she wanted to be able to see what we were doing. I was like damn….. she really treating him like a child bruh. And I could tell she wasn’t just doing it cause I was there. She did that shit all the time. Every time he closed that door, and she came and pushed it open, his nostrils would flare but he ain’t say nothing though. I knew he knew I was thinking “this nigga is a joke”. I mean I knew he was a joke by now, but I ain’t know it was this bad.

Two hours later, I’m completely finished. His hair is all pinned and wrapped up and looking all shiny and pretty and I’m ready to get paid so I can go the fuck home. He left the room, [I’m guessing to go get the money from his mama gee], and I start packing my stuff up and putting my coat on. While I’m zipping it up, he comes behind me, bending down, tryna hug all on me from behind and I’m looking like


Then I peep that he tryna slide something in my pocket all slick. I pull it out and this muthafucka here really tried to sneak $7 in my pocket. He really thought I was that dumb that I wasn’t gonna check that he paid me the correct amount of money. Now I’m pissed. Mr. Get Money Get Bitches, Mr. I Run the Streets, and you couldn’t even pay me $15 for two hours of work on your distressed ass hair??? You gotta be joking….this can’t be life. I was so fucking lit, I was damn near speechless.

I’m not even talking to him no more, I’m just like you know what…let’s get in the car so I can take my ass home and never see you again. He decides that now, when it’s time for me to go home, now is the time to tell me he was gonna get his friend to drop me off but now he can’t so I gotta ride the train and bus home.

Lmaooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo NIGGUH. You fr right now. This is real life. You know when you so mad, you can’t do shit but laugh?? I told myself, “Tanaé, don’t even stress yourself out arguing with this dude. Just go home. Just go home.” I don’t even have to tell yall that he wasn’t willing to walk back to the train station with me. Only halfway there. His excuse was that he “couldn’t get caught lacking”. He said something like “Shit, I shoulda brought the chopper out the crib with me.” 

You mean the super soaker nigga???

He tried to hug all on me when we were about to seperate. I told that nigga don’t touch me. He told me to call him.

I continued to walk away. He smacked his lips and said “You ain’t even gone call me.”

I decided I was done associating with him for good that night. Haven’t seen him since. 

I guess the moral of the story is stay away from grown men with baby teeth. I can’t stress that enough.


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