niggas jealous

@All y'all hating ass niggas who was jealous of the attention Kofi was getting from Black women and dug up those pictures of him without a beard:

I hope somebody crushes your dream too. I hope nobody ever buys any of your mixtures OR listens to your soundcloud!


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Back at the studio again, I have done nothing but features. I haven’t attempted to touch my album yet “I think I am going to call it a night homie, did you upload the song on Soundcloud though? So I can post it on my page?” It’s like six in the morning, I need to go home and sleep some. I did call Rylee when it just turned her twelve on her birthday so I don’t want to call her again, not at this time of night. She will scold me for being awake, Barbados is like three hours ahead of me but I can’t do it “it’s uploaded, you just need to post it on your page” my sound engineer said “cool, cool. Thank you, same time tomorrow. I am finna go now” I have nobody in the studio with me, I don’t bother because after all that shit, I am still annoyed with it. I also want my mind not clouded, grabbing my backpack “you want me to send the tracks?” he asked, placing my backpack over my shoulder “yeah send them, I will wait on the pay check now, send the beat to Tyga for me too” opening the door to the studio to leave, I am tired as hell.

I find it funny that niggas want to get jealous, just because I am keeping clean, they don’t like it. It’s weird, I see it for how it is, it’s like they want me to be bad. Pressing the elevator button, I haven’t checked on my phone in a while. Getting my phone out from my pocket, I am mad jealous of Rylee. She seems to be having the best time, her spirits are high after all that with her mom. I am glad she is having fun in a bikini, showing her body off, I mean I love it. That is a lie because I am seething, I hate it. She keeps baiting me with these pictures on Instagram, it is my fault. I did complain and now she won’t stop, she has text me twice. Unlocking my phone and tapping on her messages, stepping onto the elevator “wow” I said to myself, she done it again to me. Talking about do my legs look good in this, she knows my weakness. Looking ahead of me taking in a deep breath, the elevator doors slowly closed “hold up!” placing my hand between the doors so they didn’t close, I know this face “Bailey?” I said shocked “Oh, Chris” she stepped onto the elevator “what are you doing here?” the hell is she doing in this place “I was with Lo, he is in a different room” that nigga is really pissing me off “right, but he knew I was in there” I am feeling I want to go in there but I won’t “he did, you said you wanted to be alone” I remained silent, I just want to go now.

Stepping off the elevator “Chris” Bailey said behind me “what’s up?” turning around, I don’t wish to speak to a snake. I haven’t had the chance to speak to Rylee about it either, why ruin her time away “have you spoken to Rylee at all?” what a weird question “yeah, we talk every night or day. Whenever” I shrugged “oh, she hasn’t spoken to me since she left” why is she telling me this “she has a lot going on right now, maybe” I am glad Rylee doesn’t speak to her, she is a snake “are you both together then? You seem to be into her a lot?” licking my lips “you might want to speak to your friend about this, but if you was my friend I would tell you nothing” her face dropped “you have no right to say that, she is my friend. You have just come out of nowhere, you just want her for her face. Lo said you will get over it soon” I snorted laughing “right, Lo is slightly obsessed with Rylee. I am beginning to notice this a lot, how about you and him stay out of mine and Rylee’ relationship. I am about sick of people saying shit like that, you don’t know me. Leave me alone” why do people like to talk shit, leave us the hell alone.

Banging my car door shut, she done pissed me off. I feel like I am always the topic of conversation, I just want to be happy and clean. Placing my backpack down on the empty seat, watching Bailey walk off. I guess she ain’t got a ride, but if she wasn’t such a bitch I would have given her a ride home “fuck em” I said to myself staring down at my phone, tapping on Twitter after copying the link from my Soundcloud. I am missing Rylee like crazy, I can’t see my daughter because it’s not my time and my mom is in VA. Pasting the link on a tweet and writing a little something out ‘Today is a special day for you Sweetheart’ sending out the link.

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Feeling the weight of someone’s arm on my forehead, lazily reaching up and pushing the arm away “stupid” I grumbled turning onto my side. And again, my phone is ringing “my god” reaching over and grabbing my phone “what?” I don’t like being woken up “Happy Birthday bitch!! Wake that ass up, I miss you so much beautiful” Bailey screamed down the phone, a smile formed on my face “awwww Bailey, I will forgive you for waking me. Thank you” let me stop being lazy, it is my birthday. Turning onto my back, seeing Kyrie asleep next to me. I do love staying at family houses, we have to share beds and I have this boy with me “how can you be sleeping in Barbados, girl I seen your tan. You are looking bomb, who been taking those pictures? Cause you can’t be taking those ass pictures” letting out a giggle “my cousin, she is like my personal photographer. My grandma caught us taking pictures and told me to hide my skin, someone might kidnap you. I am like really? But anyways, it is so nice out here, I love it. So much happiness, just to be with my family” feeling a foot kick me, looking to the side of me “kick me again, I will break your feet” Kyrie smiled at me “who you cussing out? Do not tell me you are bullying poor Kyrie again?” she knows me well “he brings it on himself, he kicked me but anyways. Sorry for not keeping in contact with you, just so much is happening” I am happy she called though, Kyrie jumped out of bed and ran off.

Some privacy, at last “how is work? Is Daniel still upset with me?” he is forever upset “it is the usual at that place but they have moved us all, they put you somewhere else too. They wouldn’t tell me, Daniel is fine. He said he will call you later, he is a little butt hurt after seeing the pictures of you leaving the club with Chris Brown. He likes you so much” he is so annoying “I’ll be sure to ignore that call” I rather he just text me “so I saw Chris today, in the studio” she said, pulling a face “how?” I asked all confused “I was in the studio with Lo, he invited me” letting out an oh “oh that is nice” I know Chris was in there “Rylee, Chris was so rude to me, he really talked down to me. I mean I know the guy has no respect for women but I am your friend, I only asked how he was” my mouth fell open, that doesn’t sound like Chris at all “really? Was he drunk or high? That is not him” I don’t accept that “it was just him being him, I asked if you was both together and he snapped at me saying Lo has a thing for you, it was weird. He also had a female in the studio, he made us all leave and it was just them” I don’t need to hear this, I don’t want to know this “what did she look like?” I wonder if it someone that I know “erm she was pretty” is the only thing she said “like model? Was it Rosa Acosta?” he seems to fuck with her a lot “uhh yeah it is, he is a dickhead Rylee. Such an ass to me” I spoke to Chris, he told he was in the studio on his own. I believe him because it was so quiet, why would he do that.

I am not even going to deal with that, I am just in shock. I am reluctant that I am here and he is there but I do trust him, I really don’t know and will need to speak to him but what the fuck, why on my birthday. I am so sad now, I am so not in the mood for anything at all “she is coming!” Kyrie shouted, why is he being so loud “morning baby” my mom said, I couldn’t help but smile “hey mom” I am a mess, I only put on a loose sweatshirt “Happy Birthday my baby” getting down the last step, hugging my mom “thank you, I am just going to get some water” moving back from the hug “no Rylee, the family are waiting” my mom pulled me into the living area, oh god. The family are awake “Happy Birthday” they all said at the same time, I don’t know why I am getting so shy “thank you” hate it being all eyes on me.

Sitting next to my dad “you’re getting old now Rylee, you need to get married” here goes my grandma “mom, please leave her alone. Leave this conversation for another day, but look what I got my baby” my dad pulled a large bag out “this is from your mom and I” I am so excited for gifts “oh you didn’t have too” I grinned dragging the bag closer to me “I hope you like it” looking into the bag “oh my god! You both got me Louboutin’s, oh my god. Thank you so much!” hugging onto my dad “anything for you princess” moving back from my dad “thank you so much mom, this is all I wanted” clapping my hands, I got a pair now. Pulling the box out from the bag “I don’t know why these girls want all this” my grandma waved her hand around “just because you can’t walk in them anymore woman” my grandad said, these two are about to cuss each other out again “these are beautiful! Yes!!” holding up the heel “now you need a man” my grandma added, I sighed out “don’t sigh at me, you need to wear that bikini and those heels and get you a man. Unless you a lesbian” my dad is getting so annoyed with his mom.

Even though I am not speaking to my brother’s they did buy me a designer handbag, I had to say thank you to them. I am just going to let it go, for my mom’s sake that is “well I am glad you like your gifts, we will be having a little party for you. More family to come, you are happy aren’t you?” my mom asked “of course mom, you bought me to Barbados, I have got some new heels. I am seeing family, I love it. I have had a party in LA, stop thinking I need more. This is perfect” holding my mom’ hand “your dad said we have to get those heels, he was determined and why don’t you tell Grandma you have a man? I can’t believe you are dating that Run it Run it boy” I busted out laughing, my mom calling Chris the Run it Run it boy.

Touching my Black Pyramid chain lightly, this really makes no sense to me. Chris wouldn’t be rude to her, he would if she did something to him. I know him, I have spent so much of my time talking to him, or maybe he is not taking his medication but he has been really good with all that. I just don’t get it, why would he do that and why is he with Rosa, this makes no sense to me. I mean it will continue to make no sense to me if I keep on ignoring his calls, he knows I am awake. I logged on to WhatsApp and then posted the picture of my heels, why would Bailey lie to me too. What if this was all true and now my parents know about Chris “god” rubbing my face with my free hand “Rylee!” my mom bursts through the door “yes!?” moving my hand away from my face “come down, cousins are here. They all want to see you” smiling at my mom “that smile can’t hide the sadness, what is wrong? And who got you that?” she pointed at the chain in the box, looking down at it “Chris got it me for my birthday, it’s his clothing line” my mom held the box “oh dear god, this is so nice of him. He is spending money on you already? This must have cost a lot” nodding my head “it did, mom. I will be down soon” closing the box, I need to speak to him.

Three missed calls, a text. Didn’t really help that I posted that picture, he knows I am ignoring him. Sliding across to call him back, I will be devastated with him if it’s true and he is still fucking with her “it’s your birthday! And you called me back!” he seems really happy “yeah, I saw the missed calls. I was just a little busy” I lied, I was just busy thinking if he was being a dick or not “you busy? You can call me later, I have just woke up. Still in bed and shit” I hate these conversations, why can’t he just be good “late night at the studio then?” I said, that was my que to say something slick there “yeah, I had so much to do, I ended up leaving at like six in the morning. I do feel tired still” tired from fucking Rosa’ fat ass “hmmm, you should sleep then” I decided, I can’t be bothered to be speaking on this right now “Rylee, is everything ok? You seem a little off with me?” rolling my eyes “was you in the studio with Rosa last night?” the phone line went silent “what!? No? I was in the studio alone, you know this” he could be playing me off “do I really though?” which is true, I am already insecure because he is Chris Brown, he is a fucking player.

I can hear my family outside, I need to go and spend some time with them “who told you that shit Rylee? I tell you everything” biting on my nail “Bailey called me in the morning and told me you was rude to her, you snapped at her. Said that there is something between Lo and I, and then you had Rosa in the studio, you kicked everyone out to have her in there, what is happening? What are you not telling me?” I am upset from this “wow! Just fucking wow. I didn’t tell you any of this shit because I wanted you to have a good time, I swear Rylee that shit is a fucking lie. That bitch is a fucking liar, she is trying to break us up. Fucking wow. That is all lies. I didn’t tell you anything because of everything you are going through, you didn’t need to hear my shit. I have been having a pretty shit time here but I kept that to myself. Bailey and Lo got it fucking coming” rubbing my forehead with my free hand “then you tell me what happened?” let me hear his side.

I feel I am between these two now “what is the point? You ain’t finna believe me, I am the guy that had sex with Rosa in the beginning like an idiot I am. I am the same guy that nobody likes and is a player as you say, what is the point?” pulling a face “if you think this relationship ain’t worth fighting for then it says a lot Chris” what is even wrong with him, I speak to him everyday “I ain’t say that! I am just saying why explain, you will believe the lies. You will still blame me anyways” he is so annoying “I am not even blaming you in the first place, trust me if I did I would have called you as soon as I got the call. I want to talk to you like an adult, I don’t believe anything. So tell me now” if he doesn’t then I am just going to put the phone down on him until he can act right “fine, so I have had a pretty shit time here. Just seems like everyone wants me to be that bad Chris, everyone seems to want to bad mouth me to make me angry. I was in the studio with the boys the day you got to New Jersey, Rosa came in and said I see you got some new chick. I didn’t want to know, I ignored her and she didn’t like it and then said maybe I should speak to my friends because they been talking shit, so I did. I spoke to them, Bailey been talking shit to Lo. She said that you told her that we didn’t have sex so I goes look, this shit ain’t got nothing to do with any of you if we did or not. So from that moment I knew that Bailey is a snake telling shit about us, so I saw her in the elevator mind you. I didn’t even know they was there, she came at me. Asking me if I am with you, I said ask Rylee. She got funny with me when I told her we talk every day and then said you never call her. She said Lo thinks we won’t make it, I swear down Rylee, that is it. On my daughter’s life, I love her so much. I never had anyone in that studio, I was busy making a song for you”

I didn’t even realise any of this was happening to him, he seemed so fine with things “why didn’t you tell me this before? I told Bailey that we didn’t have sex, just because we didn’t then. I didn’t think she would have repeated it” shaking my head lightly “I believe you Chris, I do. Just you know, she is supposed to be my friend. You was suffering, why didn’t you tell me this?” I am sad he didn’t share his problems with me “because I want to be here for you, I don’t know why Bailey told you that. I am so shocked because I don’t know her, you do. I promise you Rylee, I was busy writing. My problems are minor, we just have haters” fucking Bailey, I am not going to deal her until I get home “this shit happened on your birthday, I am sorry” Chris apologised “no, you didn’t do anything. Don’t say sorry, something that I am going to have to deal with” fucking bitch Bailey.

Sitting outside in my bikini, I did wear the chain Chris got me. I am with my man, I believed him as soon as he said about the not having sex thing. I took a picture of the chain and me, she can digest this shit the vindictive bitch, I would be happy for her, why can’t she be happy for me. Looking at my grandma, she is staring at my grandad “what is you secret?” I asked her “to what?” she has the same eye colour, I get this from her “keeping the marriage alive” she side eyed my grandad “I always keep him on his toes, your grandad was a handsome guy. Not so much now but he was, he had girls flocking. But I have the bomb pussy, he came back for more” I gasped “grandma!” my hand over my chest “don’t give me that, I never loved him. He made me fall in love with his charm, he treated me well” smiling at her “you have been out in the sun for far too long” my grandad interrupted us, you know what. Let me facetime Chris, I miss his face.

Hopefully he picks up that is, it says connected but no picture “ayyeee!” Chris spat “don’t you dare say anything stupid” let me warn him first “oh yeah, I got you. I am dying to put your picture up on my IG, you look so good in the chain. I am happy you facetimed me beautiful” he always makes me blush, it’s the way he stares at me “I miss you and also, I don’t want you to think I am upset with what happened. I do not blame you at all either, things like this will make us stronger. And also don’t ever think I won’t believe you. I just like us to talk about things” he looks so cute, he can’t stop smiling either “I get it, I just don’t get why people don’t want us together. I think we good you know; we don’t need people. I am still going to beat Lo, he needs it” side eyeing Chris “please don’t, you are better than that” placing the phone further down, so the camera is between my boobs “I thought we keeping this PG? You can’t do that” I shrugged smiling “who you speaking too?” my grandma spat “my boyfriend” I said “my mom calls you the run it, run it boy by the way” oh god, she is walking over to me “let me see this boy, come on. Don’t you lie to me” she said, I can’t stop laughing “oh is this the boy? Rose, it’s the boy. You told me you had no boyfriend” Chris is getting so shy, this is hilarious. He moved his face away “where is he?” my mom ran over “Hey, run it, run it boy. Come back” Chris bought his face back on to camera “hi Rylee’ mom and grandma” he waved, how adorable is he “he is handsome, Rylee he is a beautiful man” my grandma is so close to the camera, she needs to move back.

My mom and grandma are obsessed, I have to walk away with my phone because they was taking over “my mom took over back there, you see her. She even got her glasses on” Chris is still laughing “they cool, you should have left me with them” he thinks I would do that “Rylee, I can’t find my shoes” Kyrie said to me “uuuhhh, have you tried looking outside? I am sure I saw them outside, I am not doing it for you so go and do it and find them” he is asking me because he thinks I will go and find them for him “you mad mean to him” hearing Chris say “mean? I am not, he wants me to be his slave” walking up the steps “I want that too” Chris wishes I was his slave “right, if I am your slave then I will be walking around in my new heels in just my bra and panties on, you can’t touch me at all” closing the bedroom door behind me “No, if you are my slave. What I say goes, I just want you to sit on my face constantly” flicking the camera around while pointing my phone at the long mirror “why you doing this to me!?” Chris spat, he really can’t control himself.

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I already miss Rylee, we just spoke on the phone and I want to call her back. Placing my phone at the side of me, Rylee’ family seem really cool. Her brothers are dicks but other than that, they seem really nice. I just know that Rylee is the apple of everyone’s eye, she is the loved one, but it shows. I can’t wait for Rylee to be back in LA, I don’t mean to be clingy but she seems to be the only person to understand me. I am angry that Bailey lied on me like that, she could have cost me Rylee. It may be a bad thing to expose my relationship with Rylee to the world but then again, I am proud of her and I want to show her off. Blowing out air, Rylee’ grandma is crazy. She was checking me out, I think I have the family approval.

Staring at my Instagram, contemplating on whether I am making the worst decision or the best decision in posting a picture. I want to celebrate her too, I can’t hide Rylee forever though. You know what, fuck the world because that is my girl. Tapping the camera, scrolling down on my camera roll. I have the perfect picture for this, I kept that picture I took of Rylee when we went to Six Flag’s. Her side profile and smile, she is so damn beautiful. Tapping the picture, she will probably say that she hates the picture but it’s actually really nice. Pressing next to put a caption under the picture ‘Because you’re my greatest gift, I seal it with a kiss! Happy Birthday beautiful’ I don’t want to write too much, that is just perfect.

Now I can’t help myself, I am posting a second picture. The selfie she took of us at Six Flag’s, I would post so many pictures but I need to stop ‘She called me a corny nigga after this picture was taken! Can’t wait for you to come back’ I just remember every moment with her, it is funny that I do but I treasure every moment with her. Locking my phone, I guess that is it now. I just want to be happy and that is with Rylee of course, I just noticed that I have not left this house all day. I need to actually go to the studio, I might ask if Mijo will come with me. If I ever see Bailey, I won’t even look her way. Just because she will twist my words, I am just going to walk by her.

Just as I was about to call Mijo, Rylee’ name popped up. Picking the phone up “hey” she has called very quick after the picture posting, I hope she ain’t going to say why did you do that “oh my god Chris, thank you so much. My emotions are everywhere, I just listened to the song and then the pictures. What did I do to deserve you, thank you so much baby” she called me baby “it’s cool, the least I can do for you. I just want to make sure you have a good day, we are official to the world now” rubbing the top of my head “I don’t even care anymore, you made that song with me in mind? I don’t deserve that! I can’t wait to see you. Thank you, honestly. I don’t care about anybody else, it’s about me and you” I am grateful she is happy after all that bullshit.

Today could have really gone to shits, I am just happy Rylee is not like the other girls with the dramatics after she heard the lies “I’ll be back soon, how are you feeling now? You should have really told me if you was feeling that way Chris. I am always here for you, I know I told you about my mom but you should have said something” why is she so sweet, I don’t deserve “because that is mad selfish, making it about myself. I just want to do everything I can to make you happy, believe me Rylee it hurt me to hear you cry. My issue is just minor, I just get to see the real niggas for who they are” I can hear the music in the background, she should be celebrating her birthday “I am embarrassed that I did cry, I appreciate you for listening to me. I need to be happy for my mom, she is having the time of her life with everything. Oh yeah, you know my mom doesn’t know that I told you about this, she actually wants to meet you before she has her treatment. Now I told her that it’s a little too soon but she don’t want to look ill in front of you. It’s up to you but my family are inviting you to their home before that” I am shocked, they want to meet me “really? They want to meet me? I am shocked, I don’t mind. I am free whenever” meeting the parents, this will be different “we will figure something out, god. I can’t wait to see you Chris” I think I should let her go, I am taking her time “same, struggling without my girls. I better let you go though, it’s your party. You have fun, I am going to the studio and if I see them I will be good, for you that is” I still want to punch Lo in the face “ok, call me whenever you want though, I do miss you like crazy but goodnight noodle arms, if I don’t get to say it later” letting out a little laugh “you are just jealous that I have long arms, fool. Goodnight beautiful” the phone line went silent, it is like we didn’t want to disconnect the phone call. Let me do it, I am ruining her day already. Sighing out as I disconnected the call.

Lil Scar

Me y mi hermano, we will rule the kingdom.
Me y mi hermano, we will have it all.
Me y mi hermano, we’re like ye and hova.
Me y mi hermano, we will never fall.
Mi hermano make a lil nigga jealous.
Mi hermano work for everything he got.
Mi hermano shows me that I must grind harder.
Me y mi hermano, we don’t talk a lot.
Mi hermano focused on a bigger picture.
Mi hermano Picasso and I’m Van Gogh.
Mi hermano knows estoy un poco loco,
but he never judges he just lets me smoke.
I won’t hurt mi hermano, I’m unable.
I left mi hermanos city, I was unstable.
Me y mi hermano, we’re attaining wealth.
I can’t help mi hermano if I can’t help myself.

Yasmin hooked up her phone to one of the speakers, and started playing her favorite song at the moment. Once the hook came in, Yasmin stood on top of a table and began twerking, singing along to the song, remixing the words some. “It’s Yas Da Brat and I don’t play wit’ niggas. Bitches got jealous ‘cause my pussy real glittaaaaa. Pussy nigga come correct you better have figures. Dropped five racks and my titties got bigga. All y’all hoes be SO FAKE. I been in the game y’all hoes late!!! Got ya’ baby daddy begging me to eat the cake. JT on the track we ain’t come to play. Take offffff!”

My cousin did the most hoe shit ever. STORY.

she in vegas wit her nigga of a few years they have kids together and the whole shit. So she run into Fetty Wap he invite her up to the room where he got her number and all of that, i asked her why she gave it to him. She said “It’s Fetty Wap I can’t say no to Fetty”. bitch what?? choosy ass.. She just left her nigga and went with this nigga to the room….. She complaining that her nigga jealous that Fetty Wap keep hittin her line (of course he mad!! his bitch chose up right in front of him. she dont see it that way though.)  Me personally if my bitch did some shit like that and didnt get no money from that nigga she woulda got left in Vegas! on my momma bitches real life scandalous for the money. Stay woke my niggas…..

Chapter 15: The Present

3 Weeks Later


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“Babe, I’m hungry!” Kae groaned from the kitchen.

“You’re in the kitchen. Get something to eat. ” I scoffed.

She came in a bowl of chips. “I already did, thank you very much.”

I went back to playing Call of Duty and she cuddled up next me. It’s 3 weeks since I’ve been secretly dating Kae and it’s been going great. I mean, it’s too early to say I love her, but my feelings for her grow more every day. I don’t give a fuck. Call me gay, but that’s how I feel about her.

“So what are you playing?” She asked.

“Call of Duty.” I answered with my eyes still on the screen.

“Ok.” She said and I can tell she was bored.

I paused the game. “How about we go out to eat?”

She sighed. “We can’t, remember?”

I sucked my teeth. “Damn, Kae. I just wanna show off my beautiful girlfriend and make all the other niggas jealous.”

“And soon we can, baby. But the media is brutal. I can’t have you going through that bullshit because of me.” Kae stated.

“And I don’t want you going through hell because of me.” I admitted.

We stared at each other intensely.

“I don’t want to keep us a secret but we have to.” I spoke after a while.

She nodded in agreement. I went back to my game and she leaned against me.

“Have you ever played Call of Duty?” I asked.

She shook her head.

“Then let your man teach you.” I pulled her onto my lap and placed my hands over hers on the remote. She squealed a little as I moved her around more.

“Ok so you click this button to shoot.” I directed.

“This button, babe?” Kae put her thumb over it.

“Yeah.” I said as I used my thumb to press the button over hers.

She shoot some people as I kept my hands over hers.

“Ayy! I’m doing it!” She cheesed.

“Yes, you are.” I kissed her cheek and she kept playing as she snuggled against me. She smelled so good. I put my face in the crook of her neck.

“Can I keep you prisoner for the day?” I asked and Kae giggled pausing the game and turning around to face me.

“Maybe.” She leaned in closer.

“Nigga where you at!” Mijo’s loud ass yelled coming closer.

I pushed Kae off of me and picked up the controller. Fuck! Why did I give this nigga a key?

Mijo walked in. “Hey so I got- What the fuck is she doing on the floor?”

Kae sat up on her elbows, with the rest of her body laying down.

“Yeah, Chris. What am I doing on the floor?”

I walked up to Mijo. “She was talking shit so I push her ass off my couch!”

Mijo nodded his head and dapped her up. “That’s right! Let her ass know!”

“Damn right!” I looked back at Kae who rolled her eyes as she got up.

“Yo, so Braxton, Stormi, and I have this new joint we need you to listen to at the studio.” Mijo said.


“And I forgot my phone here. Do you-”

“Upstairs.” I interrupted.

“Aight thanks man.” Mijo jogged out and I waited until he was completely gone before turning to Kae.

“Nice job throwing me off. Next time, why don’t you throw me against the wall?” Kae sarcastically said.

“You’re lucky I like your smart remarks.” I said.

“So you gotta go and so do I” she grabbed her keys, started to walk out, and I grabbed her arm.

“Let’s go to the movies tomorrow.” I suggested.


“I know what you’re gonna say but let me finish. We’ll just go separately so it doesn’t look suspicious. Just a coincidence. And we can be in a dark room where no one can see us.”

She smiled. “Our first date.”

“Yep. See you.” I planted a kiss on her lips and she walked out.


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“Babyyyyy” Kim sang with her feet on my lap.

“Yeah?” I answered still focused on my game.

“What’s the deal with Karrueche?” She asked.

I paused my game. “What do you mean?”

“I mean, I see from the blogs that you guys have been hanging out. What’s up, Ty?” She asked folding her arms.


“Are you fucking her?!” She almost yelled.

I scoffed. “Yes, Kim. I’m fucking my sister.”

“Ugh I can’t believe- wait, sister?”

I nodded.

She picked up a throw pillow and started hitting me.

“Karrueche *hit* is your *hit* sister and you *hit* didn’t even *hit* tell me?! *hit*” She said between hits.

“I was going to!” I got out.

Kim blew air out of her mouth. “Well, your sister already hates me. Let’s just hope it’s different with your mom.”

“Wait, what? What do you mean Kae doesn’t like you?” I turned to her.

She sighed. “Me and her went to high school together. I was a complete bitch and we saw each other again and got into a fight. That’s why I wanted to talk to her when we went to Chris’s house. To apologize but I’m pretty sure she hasn’t forgiven. I mean she said she did but-”

“Babe, don’t sweat it. Today, I plan on getting my 3 favorite ladies together.” I pulled her in close.

“Who’s that?” She asked.

I sucked my teeth. “My mom, my sister, and my girlfriend.”

She smiled. “I knew that. I just wanted to hear you say it.”

I kissed her and there was a knock on the door. I went to open it and it was Kae. I enveloped her in a bear hug.

“Hey sis!” I hugged her tight.

“Hey bro! I can’t breathe!” Kae choked out.

I released her and laughed messing her hair up.

“Ty stop-” She stopped looking up at Kim. “Oh. What’s she doing here?”

I looked at Kim then her. “Kim’s my girlfriend.”

“Oh. Well, I better go and give y’all space.” Kae turned around and I grabbed her arm.

“Kae, I heard about you and Kim’s past. And-”

“And you’re still with her?” Kae spat with a growing fire in her eyes.

“Kae, I apologized!” Kim spat back.

“So what? You can’t take back the shit you said about my dead parents, you bitch!” Kae yelled with tears coming down.

My eyes widened. “Whoa, Dad’s dead?”

“Yes, he is! Him and my mom died! I watched them die, Ty! And this hoe was talking shit!”

Kim had tears in her eyes. “Kae, I’m sorry.”

“You’re sorry? Sorry doesn’t bring back my parents.” Kae hissed heading for the door.

I went after her. “Kae-“

“How does Chris’s dick taste like?” Kae asked me.

“Kae, I ain’t gay! How the fuck am I supposed to know?”

“Well, it was in that bitch’s mouth so I suspected you’ll know.”

I turned around to Kim. “You fucked Chris?!”

“Bitch, I’ll kill you!” Kim screamed trying to jump on Kae but I got in between them.

“Get at me! Last time I checked, I beat your ass!” Kae screamed back.

They kept screaming at each other when there was a knock on the door quieting us. I opened the door. It was my mom. Shit.

“What’s all the commotion? Michael, who are these two young ladies?” She asked going to up to Kim.

“I’m Kim, his girlfriend.” Kim said and she moved on to Kae. Fuck!

“I’m Kae, Ty’s-”

Mom dropped her hand. “Half sister. The daughter of his father’s fling.”

“Excuse me?” Kae asked.

“I mean your mother was just a, what do you guys call it, a side chick? Yes, she was just a side chick, to be honest, dear.”

“Yet my Dad married his side chick.” Kae indicated heading for the door once again.

“Kae, don’t leave.”

When she turned around, there were more tears rushing down her face.

“No, Ty. It’s better for everyone if I do.” She said slamming the door.

“Ty, me and Chris only had sex once and that was a long time ago. I can’t believe you let her say that stuff about me.” Kim ran up the stairs and Mama turned to me.

“How dare you bring your father’s other child in front of me without even telling me?!”


“I don’t want to hear it.” She walked into my living room.

Damn, how the fuck am I gonna fix this?


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“Yes Thomas! Right there!”

I grunted still pounding into her. She was definitely loving this dick.

“Yes fuck me, baby!”

I felt myself about to bust so I pulled out and came all over her face. She licked it off.

“Mhh tasty.” She moaned.

When we got done, she got dressed and left. That’s what I liked about Grace. We were friends with benefits and she was perfectly fine with that.

All alone, I started thinking about Rue. It just irritates me how she escaped when she was supposed to stay. I almost lost my life leaving that life but how in the hell did she get away easy? And has the nerve to think she’s a free woman?

Nah, Rue belongs to me until I say she doesn’t.



I drove home with tears in my eyes. I can not fucking believe Ty is dating the bitch who treated me like shit. Hurt me, made fun of me and my family. Fuck him, fuck her, and fuck his rude ass mother. Fuck everything.

I exited my car and walked inside the condo.

“Kae?” Seiko asked.

“Not now, Seiko.” I continued to go to my room.

“Kae, are you ok?”

“I’m fine.” I went into my room and launched onto my bed.

I need someone to talk to. I need Chris. I dialed his number and waited for him to pick up.

“Hello?” His voice rang though.

“Chris?” I sniffled.

“Hey, what’s up?” Chris asked with concern evident in his voice.

“Nothing. I just wanted to talk to you.” I lied with more tears coming.

“Kae, don’t you think I know you by now? I know when you’re upset and I can tell you’re crying. Talk to me.”

“Baby, I just miss my parents so much!” I sobbed. “I try to forget about them but damn, that day, the memories keep coming back.”

“You’re not supposed to forget about them. You’re supposed to move on. I’m pretty sure your parents don’t want you crying over them.” Chris said.

I sniffled and wiped my tears. “You’re right.”

“Oh of course I’m right. I’m Chris.”

I laughed. “Nigga boo.”

“We’re still on for the movies, right?” He asked.

“Yes.” I answered.

Seiko opened the door and walked into my room.

“Kae! You’re upset, and I need another pair of J’s. Let’s go to the mall. It always cheers you up!” She looked at me. “Oh you’re on the phone?”

“Yep.” I said.

“Who are you talking to?” She asked sitting next to me and I got off immediately.

“Uh, it’s Jake from State Farm.” I answered.

Chris laughed so hard on the other end. “Baby whyyyyyy?!”

I started to smile really hard.

“Kae stop playing.” Seiko said.

“I’m talking to my friend.” I stated.

“Nah, you’re talking to your boyfriend.” Chris corrected.

I laughed. “Shut up!”

“I didn’t say anything.” Seiko said.

“Not you.”

“Is it a boy?”

“No. It’s a girl.” I lied.

“That’s not what this long dick says!” Chris interjected.

I laughed so hard falling onto my bed.

“Ok. I’m gonna go because I see you’re feeling better already.” Seiko said walking out and closing the door.

I picked up my phone still laughing.

“Really, Chris?”



“I love making you laugh.” Chris stated.

“I love it when you make me laugh.” I replied.

“Aight, now Jake from State Farm got shit to do. I’ll talk to you later, Beautiful.”

“Bye, Handsome.” I kissed him through the phone and hung up.

14. Exodus 23:1

“You learned the truth form your parents
That tucked you in for your lullabies
I learned the truth from the gunshots
That played as my lullabies, my lullabies
Like "Hush little baby, never say a word”
You ain’t seen what you saw
Let the pressure fade your blurs
Cause while you’ll be seeing life
He’ll see life times 2
Leavin’ kids fucked up for a lifetime too"
- Lola Monroe


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some of my favourite quotes from michael’s twitch stream, as written by me:

“i’ll give you lessons on how to treat yo girl, gays know all”

“everything that michael is doing right now, do the opposite of that”

“i mean, i am pretty bad”

“oh god, that was so bad”

“i saw him coming and i just shit my pants”

“do you exist? are you alive? are you breathing?”

“everyone’s being like wow, that guy didn’t use barrier, what a fucking idiot!”

“got him. i tickled his buttcheeks”


“michael, do you have a girlfriend?” “no” “he’s single ladies, get on that”

“god cursed me; we gon’ make you black, ugly, and gay. god was like y'know what bruh, i got lots to do, i gotta skip some parts


“you ever seen that dog photo, with the dog like leaping away being like do not want?”

“fuckin’ BEAST-AAA”

“michael you really suck dick at league”

“some guy’s just like please cum in my mouth

“you’re the worst, get out and stop playing league, retard”

“get that shit outta here just ‘cause you’re jealous, nigga BYEEE" "people are watching you because they love you! because you’re michael clifford! and that little boy over there is talkin’ shit 'cause he can’t get no pussy!”

“all i know about australia is that there’s a place called sydney and i’m too much of a bitch to live there. like on reddit there’s always like oh a giant spider from australia!

“i think the most dangerous predator in australia is tony abbott but whatever”

“I’VE HAD MY MICROPHONE MUTED AND I’VE BEEN TALKING FOR LIKE THE LAST 5 MINUTES. someone was like michael is your mic muted and i was like FUCK”

“i don’t even car. i actually truck”

“all these actually good people at this game are watching and they’re like wow this guy fuckin’ sucks” “just some random red-haired dude, drunk, doesn’t know what the hell he’s doing”

“okay someone is masturbating to you with a dildo, just thought i’d let you know”

“someone just ordered pizza to my house”

“someone just said who the fuck is this sissy? i don’t know why i find comments like this so funny. i bet he’s a nice guy, i bet he’s really good at league.”

“he’s just mad 'cause he didn’t get his 5 viewers tonight” “OOOOH”

*singing* “i don’t wanna waaaaste my flaaaash”

“i don’t give a shit about nothin’” *takes a swig of beer and makes inhumane noise* “oH NOT COOL, NOT COOL”

“yo, you better get yo’ ass to school!”

“are you really talking about drop bears right now??”

*michael starts freaking out* “WHAT? NO! NO, I WASN’T WATCHING! AAAAAAHHHHH!” *groans* “i wanna see the replay of that.” “replays of times of times i just completely get raped” “not that rape is a funny joke”

“someone just came in here and said wow i hate my life - c'mon, no, guy who hates his life, lemme tell you something, today i learned about dropbears!”

“i’m the one who taught michael how to play guitar. it was meeeee. it waS MEEEEEE!”

“i feel like i shouldn’t play another one because i sucked so bad at the last one”

“can i just take a second to take that your fans are really nice?!”

this has been fun. i’m out hahahahaha

anonymous asked:

so i've been fucking with this guy, right. we've discussed that we're not in a relationship, just two motherfuckers who enjoy each other's sex and company. i mind my business, he minds his. now the other day, he comes over and starts getting possessive as hell, and i don't know what to do! like i already had in mind that we were nothing more than friends, and he pulls this. ayudame por favor :(

lmao niggas will always get jealous if another nigga dicking you down… even if we fucking 1000 girls at the same time

we’re lions territorial with fragile egos lol