niggas jealous

Sad flame

I spit that sad flame
I spit that sad game
I ain’t get no biddies none cause I’m sad lame
Or am I
Créme de la Créme I
I am so fly
I kinda feel I can’t even chuckle
Under this pressure like a belt I buckle
Looking at the mirror, do I like what I see
I suppose I do, I suppose I love me
The sad flame is small and blue
I look at the sad flame like I really want a lap dance
Like I really want a lap dance
Being realistic is a lot of work
It’s a lot work, so it I shirk
Spit that fire
Maybe I’ll be less tired
Maybe I’ll be up fired, nah
I’m so overzealous
All your hoes are jealous
Nah nigga I said nah nigga
Shots shots with an imaginary trigga
It’s a story, man, it’s a story man
Forgetful kinda, call me Dory man

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My cousin did the most hoe shit ever. STORY.

she in vegas wit her nigga of a few years they have kids together and the whole shit. So she run into Fetty Wap he invite her up to the room where he got her number and all of that, i asked her why she gave it to him. She said “It’s Fetty Wap I can’t say no to Fetty”. bitch what?? choosy ass.. She just left her nigga and went with this nigga to the room….. She complaining that her nigga jealous that Fetty Wap keep hittin her line (of course he mad!! his bitch chose up right in front of him. she dont see it that way though.)  Me personally if my bitch did some shit like that and didnt get no money from that nigga she woulda got left in Vegas! on my momma bitches real life scandalous for the money. Stay woke my niggas…..