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Valentine’s Day Shorts

Hers a list of headcannon type things of what the Sidemen + others would do with their significant other’s on Valentine’s Day. Hope you enjoy!

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  • Takes you out to a nice restaurant
  • Triple checked that the reservations were set
  • When you get to the restaurant the person working at the front knows him because he called so many times
  • Pulls your chair out for you and is super gentlemanly


  • Tells you you’re going out to a restaurant
  • Surprises you and makes a homemade traditional Nigerian dinner
  • The boys have left the flat so it’s just you and him
  • Candle lit
  • Flowers
  • Really nice conversation about several topics


  • Is really nervous when he first asks you out
  • Takes you to a nice restaurant
  • Takes you back home and you snuggle in comfy clothes
  • Watch some Netflix


  • Decorated the house for you
  • Hid little sticky notes around the house saying nice things
  • Was really lovey-dovey all day


  • Takes you out on a lunch date
  • Since it was less crowded you could have a better conversation
  • Laughed a lot
  • Was overall just a really nice meal
  • Hung out the rest of the day


  • Stayed up all night writing down reasons why you love each other
  • Put the strips of paper in a wooden box
  • Put the wooden box in the back of a closet so you can find it some day after you forgot about it


  • Harry made reservations but they ended up being canceled, to his dismay
  • End up settling for takeout
  • Played FIFA and made bets and forfeits
  • It might not have been a “traditional” Valentine’s date but you couldn’t have asked to spend it any other way

Lewis Redman

  • Decorated your bedroom with balloons
  • Brought you breakfast
  • Spent all day in bed watching movies and TV shows
  • The only time either of you got out of bed was to go get more food


  • You two had a day trip up to the Lake District and had the cabin to yourselves
  • Kicked a football around some on the fields
  • Found a way to get up onto the roof of the cabin at night to look up at the stars


  • Spent the day out walking around London shopping and eating
  • Bought each other gifts
  • Went to a park to see the sunset and look out at the stars
  • He gave his coat to you when he saw you shivering


  • You started to teach him how to play piano
  • It was full of him apologizing for getting frustrated
  • He gave up in the end
  • You made a compromise where you would play piano and he would sing
  • Sometimes he would sing horribly on purpose just to make you laugh


  • He invites you over for dinner
  • You get there but Manny isn’t home
  • Instead you find a riddle that starts you on a scavenger hunt
  • You finally catch up to Manny who’s setting up dinner at the start on the back porch 
My little acorn (Tweethearts. Oak x Steph)

{A/N: so my babe and wife @imagineham was feeling low so this is for her, I love her and this is just so beautiful…also the name I chose is a traditional Nigerian and aboriginal Australian mash up. Amadia means lightning spirit and camira means of the wind…Amadia is Nigerian and Camira is aboriginal. so enjoy my loves…and Steph I love you, you are perfect…and I hope you enjoy..}


so…we found out why @stephcutting has been sick lately say hello to the oak sapling

@oaksmash has not stopped talking to my stomach….
*video of Steph laying down while oak is talking to her stomach ‘hi…I’m your daddy…my little acorn’* 

@stephcutting I’m gonna be a dad…they need to know my voice…

@oaksmash they don’t even have ears yet…

@stephcutting but they will!

*3 months in*

update! our little one is the size of a bell pepper.

*4 months in*

Finding out the gender today…oh boy!
*photo of oak and Steph in the doctor waiting room*

I’M HAVING A GIRL! all you boys better be warned…papa oak don’t play nice with boys who want to be with his little girl.

@oaksmash stop treating the boys who aren’t born yet!

*next update*
She is beautiful…

@oaksmash she’s amazing already..she kicks when you sing to her…

@stephcutting and now I am crying…

he was not kidding
*video of oak singing ‘dear theodosia’ to steps stomach sniffling slightly*

*last update*

@oaksmash stop panicking! 

Labor for 4 hours and Steph is screaming for drugs..
*photo of Steph flipping off the camera* 

To the woman of the past who did this without drugs…you are the true super women…I bow down to you…but fuck that gimme the drugs!

She’s here…she’s beautiful…say hello to Amadia Camira Onaodowan…lightning spirt of the wind…

First thing @oaksmash did was raise her in the air and sing the lion king song…

@stephcutting is asleep…she worked so hard…goodnight from the now three Onaodawan’s…sleep well…
*photo of oak holding amadia with Steph asleep behind him*

☾☆ nigerian names ☆ ☽

in celebration of 800+ followers, i decided to make a masterlist of my favourite nigerian names !! under the cut you’ll fine 37 female names, 21 male names, 27 unisex names, and 25 surnames. The tribe they’re from and all their meanings are included as well. ( note: nigerian fcs can have western first names, and on the rare occasion, western surnames. However, this is just a list of common traditional nigerian names ) please like and/or reblog if used or found helpful!

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Development of Ancient Igbo Shelter/Housing

From the possible earliest form of ancient shelter to a traditional 19th/20th century Igbo house. The supposed primacy of the conical shape of housing is reconstructed from the housing of the peoples who now populate the areas around the Benue River which is possibly the point of migration of the ancestors of the Igbo. The quadrangular style housing started taking shape with the development of architectural elements such as posts and beams. [Godwin Chikwendu Nsude (1987). The Traditional Architecture of the Igbo of Nigeria.Thames Polytechnic School of Architecture and Landscape, Dartford.; Zbigniew Dmochowski (1990). An Introduction to Nigerian Traditional Architecture: South-Eastern Nigeria, the Igbo-speaking Areas. Ethnographica Limited.]