So I decided to start making these big giant knit blankets and open my own online store, which I thought I would wait til 2016 to open, fresh starts and all that.

Those of you who have been following my blog for a while may know I’ve been on the road to recovery with my mental health after suffering PTSD, depression, panic attacks and all that jazz for years after some unfortunate events I wont get into here (positive vibes lads!), its been a long road, and possibly a road I’ll be on for the rest of my life, but at least now I can make out a path to travel on, as opposed to fumbling through the thicket.

And so I named my store 10 Journeys, for the ones I’ve completed, the ones I’m still on and the ones I hope to begin in the future. 

Whatever journey you’re on, however big or small, all my love and best wishes to you in 2016.

10 Journeys on Etsy


Before I went natural, some people tried to discourage me.  They told me I didn’t have the “right texture” for natural hair. They told me that natural hair could never be glamorous..But what they didn’t realize was that, in my mind I had already decided that ANY texture of natural hair, is the RIGHT texture..I decided that I was going to make my own beauty standards, because I have the right to do that. I realized that all of these “beauty standards” are opinions, made by humans, just like me. And their opinions just get passed on from generation to generation, until they are finally accepted as “fact.”

But you see, the tricky part is, they’re really not facts, they are still what they were to begin with, OPINIONS. And this extends beyond just hair.  There is no perfect body shape, weight, height, bra size, etc. I’ve really learned that in life, you are as great as you want to be, or you are whatever you allow society to trick you into believing you are. For example, if every time you turn on the television, you only see women with a certain body type receiving praise, please know, that it is not written in stone that a woman must have that body type in order to be considered beautiful. These are opinions. And your opinion is just as important as any other opinion, no matter how many people truly believe that their opinions are “facts” because society says so.