This is the World Cup of small teams, of underdogs, of underrated teams. It’s the World Cup of surprises, shocks; the World Cup of the brave and the passionate, warriors, fighting against the odds, the World Cup of dreamers and believers.


Bring. It. On.

So let’s rewind back to the first time I remember hearing someone say this to me. I was 5 years old and I was at my friends birthday party. It was in a park. All of us were running around playing on the jungle gym. My friends mother took it upon herself to pull me aside and told me that I should sit under the tree with her and just watch everyone else play because I was already too dark. Looking back at it, I really don’t think she meant it in a malicious way. I really think this woman was just so sick in the head that she genuinely thought she was doing me a favor. Unfortunately, every time summer rolls around, someone always feels the need to advise me to get out of the sun. Whether I’m at a grad party, a cook out, anything. There’s always a handful of people who seem to be utterly perplexed by the fact that I like when my skin gets darker in the summer. I say all of this to say… some people are lost and confused when you love yourself, because they have been taught to hate themselves. Don’t let them get in your head. Embrace your melanin. 💛 Oh and Natural Hair Details: my hair was blow dried, lightly flat ironed at the roots, then wand curled. 

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