niger seed


I Love This Seed by Robin Lamb
Via Flickr:
A immature Spotted Towhee (Pipilo maculatus) takens advantage of a saucer full of Niger seed in our garden. We have been watching this bird grow up all summer. It is finally beginning to look like a Towhee!

spooky-and-cute  asked:

Hi cutie pie Senpai ! I was wondering if stiles ever wonders what a Niger seed wolf Derek would look like. Also, Does Derek ever get jealous of other animals around his stiles? The be so cute!!! Love u

I’m sorry my dear, but what is a Niger? I tried looking it up but I think we might have different meanings of it?

Derek is extremely jealous of other animals, which is a bummer because Stiles loves animals - he’s always wanted a pet, you see! And when he visits Scott at the Clinic, he always has a good cuddle with the dogs and cats and rabbits there!

Derek wants to be the only one who cuddles Stiles (but he won’t admit to that, or even cuddle Stiles in the first place!). He tries using his Alpha Growl on other animals to get them to back off, but because he’s so small the growl doesn’t really do much!

He gets booped on the head a lot by curious doggies.