'Reely and Truly' - a short film on photography (Director's Cut)

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BDI colour labs is where the technique of “cross processing ” film was invented in the mid 1980s which changed colour photography and consequently recoloured the world we live in! Run by one of the greatest photographic printers ever ( and one of the loveliest men I have ever known ) Brian Dowling . BDI is an amazing darkroom and a incredibly important historical landmark for photography and fashion . This image for Yohji Yamamoto was one of so many printed there . #craigmcdean #corrineday #glenlutchford #davidsims #jasonevans #antoncorbijn #juergenteller #solvesundsbo #mariosorrenti #timwalker #nigelshafran

New College Stamford FdA Photography 2012 Graduation Show students hosted a panel discussion comprising renowned photographers Nigel Shafran, Venetia Dearden and Laura Pannack - alongside Lisa Pritchard, representing LPA. The overall theme of the discussion centres on the significance of personal projects in the development of commercial practice.

The Strand Gallery:ย 32 John Adam Street, London WC2N 6BP