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Who literally cannot be Charles:

Jason DiLaurentis: We’ve already seen him in flashbacks when Alison was alive, and interacting with her. Charles + Jason are not twins, which has been proven to us without a doubt, through the release of the Dilaurentis home movies. They couldn’t have switched places. It’s not Jason.

Ezra Fitz: had a physically intimate relationship with Alison, we’ve learned about his upbringing + actually met his mother and brother, we’ve learned about his past with Maggie + Jackie, major betrayal and lies already found out by the girls 

Toby Cavanaugh: almost had a physically intimate relationship with Alison, we’ve learned about his upbringing + actually met his mother and step-sister, we’ve learned about his past with Jenna + being locked up in reform school, major betrayal and lies already found out by the girls

Caleb Rivers: is disgusted by Alison and her damage, we’ve learned about his upbringing + actually met his father and learned about his Rivers family history through Ravenswood, we’ve learned about his past and all the places he’s lived + illegal things he’s done, he’s been the most involved in trying to expose A. 

Bonus: Caleb is very obviously Native American, and this was supported in learning his family history in Ravenswood. He cannot be a Dilaurentis, he comes from a long line of Rivers’. 

Lucas Gottesman: is disgusted by Alison and her damage, we know that Lucas has his own non-Dilaurentis parents through Caleb living with them for awhile and mentioning his parents a few times, A-Team involvement already found out by the girls, which has honestly always been shown/revealed to us

Bonus: Lucas is the absolute wrong build and structure to be Charles. He’s too small, too pale-skinned and his bone structure is way to different. Even if plastic surgery is an optional explanation, there should still be a hint of Dilaurentis in whoever Charles is. It’s not Lucas. Plus, can you imagine Alison’s disappointment if it were? I’m pretty sure she’d throw him off the roof at Radley herself, let’s be real here.

Noel Kahn: is afraid of Alison turning on him, to the point that he was prepared to blackmail her with proof she was never kidnapped; that doesn’t even sound like Charles at all. We know Noel has his own non-Dilaurentis family + actually met his brother, we know that Alison is holding Noel’s own secrets over him, his shady involvement has mostly been found out by the girls

Bonus: see Bonus for Lucas above; Noel is physically nothing like a Dilaurentis.

Ian Thomas: had a physically intimate relationship with Alison, Veronica Hastings talked to some of Ian’s non-Dilaurentis family after he died, shady background has already been found out by the girls + mostly explained/revealed to us

Garrett Reynolds: the girls know his non-Dilaurentis family, already revealed to have pretended to hit Alison + NAT club involvement, he was used + abused by Jenna, arrested for murder and then murdered himself; Charles is much better than that. 

Bonus: see Bonus’ above for Noel and Lucas; Garrett is physically nothing like a Dilaurentis.

Minor Characters: such as Travis Hobbs, Johnny Raymond, Alex Santiago, Nigel Wright, Ted Wilson, Sean Ackard; these characters never served the main plot, but rather the filler story lines.

New Characters: Dominic from Prom, Rhys Matthews; Marlene has promised Charles is someone we’ve already met and know pretty well.

Characters of Color: Nate/Lyndon James, Caleb Rivers, Clark Wilkins, Garrett Reynolds; for hopefully extremely obvious reasons. 

Bonus: This goes for Redcoat + Black Widow as well. We’ve already seen the promo for the finale, and Redcoat’s skin is very pale. We’ve seen Black widow at Wilden’s funeral, and her neck + legs were pale. Neither one is Maya. 

Extra Bonus: Black Widow is not Jenna, because Black Widow sat right behind Jenna + Nigel Wright at Wilden’s funeral. 

Female Characters: Bethany Young, Sara Harvey, CeCe Drake, Lesli Stone; Marlene has already promised that Charles is a guy, and that the show will not be touching on Trans issues. Not to mention, ignorantly associating trans issues + serious mental instability seems pretty offensive, in my opinion.

Who still could be Charles, but it’s a stretch: 

Andrew Campbell: We know he was adopted, and that mention hasn’t been explained; Alison and Spencer made a connection to this + Bethany’s drawing of a boy potentially being “switched by a Goblin”. He’s obviously connected to the old Campbell Farm. He’s gotten close to Spencer + Aria. He physically perfectly fits the Dilaurentis look, he actually looks a bit like Alison. However, I don’t think the ages match up + he’s already been found out by the girls and somewhat explained to us. There just isn’t a lot to go on for Andrew right now.

Darren Wilden: We think the ages match, he physically looks quite a bit like Charles as a kid, he was at Noel Kahn’s Halloween party in The First Secret, he got close to Hanna’s mom. However, we also know from The First Secret that Wilden was already a police officer before Alison even started getting A threats. Wilden being Charles doesn’t make sense because Jessica would be out of her everloving mind to allow Charles to have a gun; it doesn’t seem plausible that she would allow that to happen. Also, we were led to believe that Wilden was Alison’s “Beach Hottie”, but in all fairness, that is purely speculation. We do know that CeCe dated Wilden, and later allegedly killed him.

Who could easily be Charles, and why it works: 

Wren Kingston: no known connection to being Alison’s love interest, no known family connections, no known friend connections, and no known connections to A. All we know about Wren is what he’s told and shown us: he has family problems and a family history of mental illness; he was working at Radley as part of some kind of deal, “Quid Pro Quo”, and this deal likely involved Mona + Redcoat. Speaking of Mona, she also “made a deal with the Devil, and she gave me a way in and out of Radley”. We also know that Wren’s deal involved tricking Veronica into getting herself dismissed from Ashley Marin’s case. This showed us that he is manipulative, yet charming. We know that his being a “Doctor” has been called into question by Mona + the police. His shadiness has never been explained, and that’s important. It means Wren is not a Red Herring. Everyone else mentioned in this post has been at least mostly revealed/explained, except for Wren. The show has never even touched on this. All we know for sure is that Wren + Mona each made a deal with someone during the same time, Mona said “it was fun for awhile, having a partner”, Wren was revealed as being shady, and then he was gone + Mona was kicked to the curb by the new A. Those last two things happened simultaneously. There are no coincidences in Rosewood.

Wren would be the most shocking to the girls because they have never had reason to suspect him, and Mona has never said a word to them about her secret relationship with him, whatever it was. He has never been implicated as being involved with A activities, except to the viewers.

These are the facts, based on logic and process of elimination. This post isn’t trying to explain everything, but to recap what we know for sure. 

Personally, I’m placing my bets on Andrew or Wren, but I think almost all of the viewers will be badly disappointed if Andrew is Charles, and it’s not what I’m hoping for. I’m not even entirely convinced it could even work.