nigel nasty


WIKI “Livin’ With My Moms” feat. Nasty Nigel


RICK: Neil! The bathrooms free! Unlike the country under the Thatcher-ite junta!…..  What are you doing down there, Neil?

NEIL: Queuing.

RICK: How long have you been there?

NEIL: 30 years.

RICK: You’ve been listening, haven’t you Neil? You’ve been squatting there listening to what I’ve been doing in the bath! Is that how you get your kicks these days? It is, isn’t it, you little perv-y!

NEIL: I wasn’t listening. Anyway, what were you doing?

RICK: I wasn’t doing anything.

NEIL: Well, I can’t have heard anything, can I?

RICK: And anyway Neil, don’t think that me, Mike and Vyvyan don’t know exactly what you get up to in there. So I wouldn’t go around spilling the beans if I was you!

NEIL: What do you know about the beans?