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Cherry Pie

I promised you guys Spacedogs tummy love, so here it is! Using Anon prompts “cherries” and “wet,” @toffeecape‘s prompt “lollipop,” and @nurselecter‘s prompt “tummies” (but that one was a given, haha). Largely inspired/enabled by convos with @fat-hanni-anon and @weconqueratdawn <3

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“Turn left here.”

“Tur – babe, I don’t see anything there, I can’t turn there.”

“You just missed it, it was behind that bush. You’ll have to u-turn and come back from the other way.”

“I could be coming a few other ways right now if we were still at the hotel room,” Nigel said under his breath.

“What was that?”

“Nothing, babe. Let me know when you see the turn-around.”

They’d come upstate to celebrate their anniversary weekend at a small bed and breakfast in the Catskills – Nigel had done all the work in advance to make sure the food was up to Adam’s standards, and that the rooms were clean and the room service reliable. He’d brought them up here with the intent of not leaving their suite all weekend, but it seemed that Adam had planned a small itinerary for them of his own accord. He’d brought a whole folder of pamphlets and schedules. There were color-coded flashcards.

“Nigel, why would you travel to a new place if you didn’t even want to see anything new?”

“Well, I’ll be seeing some of the same old things I like, just in a new bed, how does that sound?”

“There will be plenty of time for you to look at my ass in the hotel room, but you have a refractory period of at least half an hour, Nigel. We’ll have to fill that time somehow.”

“Is that a challenge, little bird?”

“No, it’s a fact of physiology. You can’t be hard for three full days, it’s not feasible or healthy. And it’s stupid to waste that time waiting on erections when we could be doing other things.”

“Challenge accepted.”

Adam had, of course, been right. After they’d arrived in the early afternoon Friday, they’d had a good long fuck before dinner, but only managed a lazy mutual blowjob afterwards. Nigel blamed their low stamina on the long drive, while Adam wondered aloud if it was too early to see Mars emerge.

“You can’t even see it from the city, Nigel. Quit making that face, we have two more days to have orgasms, which we can do at home anyway. Let’s go outside and look!”

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Something ALOS requested on my stream. Hope you like it!

Mod Wit: Oh! I LOVE it! And I just love how you–like many other artists–made Bananas Wit your own! It’s so simple in design, yet expressive of his personality, especially how you captured him holding his head up high! It’s so awesome, I–! I normally don’t do this, but…

Oh! And thank you, ALOS, for requesting this piece!
Gurumome: [gags] I can’t breathe…
Mod Wit: Sure you can; just inhale, exhale, and repeat! Remember?