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I still remember when gameing youtube first got it’s start they didn’t make videos much longer than 10 min (which was AMAZING because I remember when it was 5) even after we got the ability to upload videos up to 15 minuets. Remember when we watched anime in 3 parts?

I do holy shit that was wild. Everybody had to upload all their bootlegged anime in 3 parts. Sometimes one of the parts was missing and that was utter hell. People getting partnered was a rarity and they had to contact you personally to set it up. Uploading 10 minute long videos was a PRIVILEGE. Everybody’s microphones sounded like garbage. Remember when Nigahiga was the most subbed channel on youtube??? Shit.

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8 14 18 38? OuO

My, but hello :D

8: Favorite youtubers?: for example nigahiga, Cyprien, Duff the Psych and Smosh

14: If you had to change your name, what would you change it to?:
this might actually be becoming a real problem… Something that resembles my original name because I kinda like it :0

18: Do you get scared easily?: nah

38: Something you really enjoy doing:
drawing & planning comics or videos!

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30-50! :3

Alright here we go:

30. What does my room look like: My bed comes out from the window in the middle where the sun wakes me up every morning, I have a purple comforter, a box of stuffed animals, I have some old art from high school and movie/game posters on the walls, i have this antique dresser and then the walking closet. Oh and the ceiling fan and 2 lamps lol 
31. Favorite Food: Food in general really but I guess if i had to choose 1…either eggs or this rice vermicelli and pork dish from the Vietnamese restaurant on my street 
32. Hair color: Brown, shines red in the sun
33. YouTubers I watch: Markiplier, Miranda Sings, grav3yardgirl, ERB, The Game Theorists, and nigahiga are all among my favorites, and of course my husbands videos
34. Other social media: I have a personal tumblr and a dozen sideblogs, along with facebook and instagram
35. My favorite sport: Quidditch
36. Relationship Status: Married, happily, with ZERO children 
37. Night owl or early bird: I hate waking up in the morning but I like staying up late enough to see the sunrise cause have you seen the sunrise in the desert 
38. Other than tumblr, what do I do in my free time: Work, read, play other games, clean my apartment, drink too much coffee, download more sims cc, my life would make a fantastic sitcom wouldn’t it
39. Hidden talent: Ummmmmmmmm…..when i’m singing along to songs I can match my voice to the singer so I sound like them…
40. Do I have any siblings: Two older sisters! 8 and 11 years older than 
41. My favorite accents: Irish, British, and Australian
42. Favorite tv show: Top 3: Stranger Things, Supernatural, all the Star Treks
43. Have I ever been drunk/high: I got pretty giggly on my 21st birthday does that count
44. Can I drive: Contrary to popular belief, yes 
45. My dream date: Breakfast on the patio at sunrise or a rock concert, i’m not romantic 
46. Can I speak another language: Spanish occasionally and I know enough japanese to be able to find an english speaking person
47. Favorite season: Summer and Autumn 
48. Do I believe in love at first sight: Yes and no
49. Something I can’t live without: The desktop i’m typing this on, my husband and my mom 
50. Ever been in love: Currently am, have been for 7 years :D  

So this is a lil list of my fav youtubers and ill write thier yt names next to them so you can find them and then subscribeeee<3 {this is all i can think of right now but i might edit it later}

Jessie - jessiepaege

Jenna - Jennamarbles

Mykie - Glam&Gore

Rob & Corinne - Threadbanger

(^corrine leigh, rob czar, toyture)

Caito - Caito potatoe

Christine - Simply Nailogical (2nd channel is simplynotlogical)

David - David Dobrik (2nd channel is Dacid Dobrik too)

Liza - Liza Koshy (2nd channel is liza koshy too)

Tana - Tana mongeau

Greg(onion) - onision, uhohbro, onosionspeaks

Jefree - jefreestar

kian & Jc - kianandjc

Ryan - nigahiga

Beauty break - clevver style (wth 2 v’s)

Shane dawson - shane (watch conspiracy theroys and Mandela theory)

Dan - danisnotonfire

Phil - AmazingPhil

Brooke - Brooke Houts

Runforthecube (if you want a lil giggle)

VLOGS - check out david dobrick, the gabbie vlogs, zane Hijazi, Scotty sire, TFIL

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49 46 42 39 33 28 20

20. What I love most about myself: Nothing really, there isn’t really anything to love.

28. Where in the world have I been: Lots. I’m from CA, USA, and I’ve been to a few other states on the east and west coasts, Alaska, Hawaii, London, Paris, Mexico, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

33. YouTubers I watch: Lol I’m very nerdy but I watch nigahiga, stampylonghead, iBallisticSquid and LifeSimmer just to name a few.

39. Hidden talent: N/A. I literally have no talents at all. Very average person here.

42. Favorite tv show: Hmmm… probably Once Upon a Time.

46. Can I speak another language: J’apprends le français à l’école, mais je ne parle pas bien.

49. Something I can’t live without: My cat <3

Thanks friend!

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Why you should be a TUBER Driver!
First Vlog
In which I attempt to film and edit my first video. Music is Black by Monster Rally. TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: https://www.insta...

Decided to attempt to make a video, its fucking terrible but ah well guess i cant be a perfect youtuber straight away

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hii my favorite youtubers are probably d&p, pj, pewdiepie, & nigahiga ! (i can't choose oops)

I’m doing this for @blueangelphil

Url: -I dont get it, sorry| eh| v nice| love omg| WHO DID YOU KILL

Theme: could be better| no| its great!| AMAZING| CAN I HAZ

Icon: eh….| its okay| wowwww| WHO MADE IT

Am I following you:no,sorry| Just followed| we`re mutuals!| ARE YOU KIDDING! YOUR ACCOUNT IS LIFE

Additional Comments: Ahhhhh your theme is nice!^^


MBTI YouTubers

Jacksepticeye: ENFP

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PewDiePie: ENFP

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CutiePieMarzia: INFP

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Nigahiga: ENTP

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Markiplier: xNTP

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Danisnotonfire: INFJ

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AmazingPhil: INFP

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ASAPScience: Greg - ENFP, Mitch - INTP

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Vlogbrothers: John - INFP, Hank - ENTP

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KickThePJ: ENFx

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Ultimate Paper Airplane Trickshot! (Dear Ryan)

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8: Top five YouTube channels that you like ~ small insecure fangirl anon

1. WalkingMelonsAAA

2. SharaX Official

3. nigahiga

and I’m only going to list 3 cuz I don’t watch a lot of YouTube -_-

Internet Friend needed

Hi I’m Jada. I’m 14 years old and I’m from Jamaica.

Interest: I like books and anime ( I’m a nerd), I also like short films and skits.

Music: I like Melanie Martinez, Panic! At The Disco, Twenty One Pilots, Lana Del Rey, Halsey, The Neighbourhood, Marina and The Diamonds and Troye Sivan.

YouTube: Dan and Phil, Sammy Paul, PewDiePie, CutiePieMarzia, Kickthepj, Superwoman, Nigahiga, Vlogbrothers, Tomska, chewingsand, Jack and Dean , TimH films , Just Between Us,  Jessie Paege, Coolislame/cool, Bertie Gilbert, crabstickz. 

TV Shows: The Originals, Teen Wolf and cartoons

Perfect Internet friend: Someone who likes what I like. Someone who supports LGBT+ and keeps the conversation going.

I’m really nice and awkward and shy at first but I make a great friend :)

 tumblr : rainydinosaurunknown