“One reason Baxter doesn’t want to tell Niffty he likes her is because he’s afraid that he can’t measure up to the other boys she likes (e.i. bad boys). He tries to be daring now and again, but he usually fails. Mostly because he’s so distracted by Niffty, he messes up whatever he’s trying to do”

-Submitted by Anonymous

Original Artist- TinyTina


Hello friends! I made some Gravity Falls stickers! ꒰◍ᐡᐤᐡ◍꒱
You can choose either the Mabel or Dipper set, and if you order both, you’ll get this super-rad & extra chubby free Donut-Waddles sticker too (picture below)! They’re self-cut stickers to maximise the different little sticker decorations so if you want to use any sticker, just cut it out and they’re all ready to be stuck/Pine-nify your belongings. ꒰・◡・๑꒱
(I’ll hand-cut all the Donut-Waddles so no worries there!)

✩PRE-ORDERS✩ (including shipping <: )
$6USD for Mabel OR Dipper Set | $10USD for both Dipper Twins Set

If anyone is interested in pre-ordering some, please drop me a message? (so I know around how many to print before I put them up in the online shop soon!)

(it’s kind of my first time making stuff to sell online and all, so I wasn’t too sure how to start going about it but it is rather exciting. ehehe. anyway, more stickers & charms are along the way too!)

here’s the super-rad & extra chubby Donut-Waddles sticker I mentioned! ^  


Moon Children Giveaway ~

We will be choosing 1 reblog of this post. The winner will receive everything pictured: 

Lifeof-ty - “Catching Cosmos” or “Star Gazing” print | Nirvana-will-sing - incense cones | Hippist - handmade flower crown | Instant-karmas-gonna-get-you- charms | Flower-mama926 - earrings | Sp0tlessmiind - jewelry | R-aggedwood - an antique French book and a painting | u-nified - incense                     

Must be following all eight blogs mentioned above. Good luck! :)