nifty doodles

quick expression practice sketch! roughly 3 mins-ish?

guilty pleasure canon is apath has….shorp teefs… when theyre in enraged deity mode bc COME ON since when were deities described as beautiful when angry nah theYRE TERRIFYING let me live

lets-talk-about-wubba  asked:

Hey im an artist who ADORES your art and im wondering if you have any tips on drawing Theron's hair? I struggle with it..

Hooo boy!! I know exactly what you mean, I struggle with that as well! What I do is I picture it as a sort of … cockscomb (hehe .. ehh, sorry) and try to go from there? Look at a couple of screenshots and pay close attention to the direction the hair sticks out in

Here’s a nifty two minute doodle that explains it a little better, I hope

“Ya did good today, kid.”

I started brainstorming for my piece for Turf War, and I started thinking about what sort of relationships the Octarians have…

Also this is the first thing I’ve really sat down and painted since I got Clip Studio Paint, like a month ago or so. I’m kind of missing some of the photoshop functions that I’ve grown accustomed to, but it’s pretty nifty.