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The old and new hymnbooks

And now for the first in an irregular series of posts that I’m *not* calling “Mormon stuff that probably only me and @nerdygaymormon are old enough to remember.”

So, the big green hymnbooks. In some recent “Mormon aesthetic” posts, hymnbook green ranked with “Book of Mormon blue” as the most iconic Mormon colors. But before 1985, we had a much different hymnbook:

[Image description: two LDS hymnbooks, the current edition in green, and an older edition in brown]

That’s the 1948 hymnbook. And besides a different color (it also came in navy blue), it had a nifty embossed cover that was fun to do rubbings with using a crayon and the sacrament program.

It also had more hymns than the current book. It had 389 (or 387 in older editions) whereas the current book has 341. Obviously quite a few were dropped, including some I quite like such as “Come, thou fount of every blessing” and “Though in the outward church below.”

There were also some lyric changes here and there. Let’s look at “How firm a foundation.” Here’s the 1985 version:

[Image description: the vocal score to “How firm a foundation”]

The first verse ends with the repeated line “who unto the Savior.”

And here’s the 1948 version:

[Image description: the vocal score to “How firm a foundation from the 1948 hymnbook]

The repeated line there is "you who unto Jesus.”

Now, “How firm a foundation” is one of the most commonly-sung hymns in the church. So much so that many members, especially older ones, will sing it from memory. So when the new book came along, it wasn’t so much that the new lyrics were ignored as they weren’t even noticed.

In subsequent years, people did get on board with the changed words, but to this day, especially in wards with numerous elderly members, you’ll still hear “yoo-hoo!” unto Jesus.

“The war in that place will lead to the
defeat and destruction of the Light. 
The World will be enveloped in eternal
D     a     r     k     n     e     s     s .”

Calling it quits for the night. I’m so tired my eyes feel nautious. I made a good dent since the previous version I posted of our #sandiegocomicon booth layout. Made nifty roof coverings, snazzy name signs, streamlined some areas, added a place for prints, and now we gots an exit! Aight, g'nite, everyone! #tabletaffy #seancheeksgalloway #ryanbenjamin #cheeks74 #creatorown #crowdfunding #smallbusiness #bastions7 #pancratia #gumshoes4hire #selfpublish #indiecomics #makecomics #sdcc2015 #sdcc #backgrounddesign #conceptart #propdesign #sketchup #3dmodel #3dmodelling #interiordesign

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The wind will guide us!

Just a collection of some of my favorite LoZ songs/remixes. Sit back and enjoy the more soothing songs from The Legend of Zelda. [[ listen ]]

Skyloft // Hilda’s Theme // Inside Forest Heaven // Mabe Village- ZERO // Windmill Jazz Cover- Nifty Fingers // Astral Observatory- CSGuitar89 // Zelda’s Lullaby // MM Title BGM- Satoshi Aikawa // Sacred Grove // Song of Storms- LilyPichu // Serenade of Water (Harp)- Samantha Ballard // Swamp Palace // Kakariko Village (TP) // Forest Theme (Piano)- Thomas Andersen // Great Fariy’s Fountain- Piasa // Zora’s Domain // Lon Lon Ranch- CSGuitar89 // Aboda Village Outside- ZERO // The Indigo Go’s // Nayru’s Song- ZERO // Fi’s Lament/ Fi’s Theme (Piano)- Thomas Andersen // Wind Waker Main Theme (Harp)- Samantha Ballard // Isle of Songs // Ballad of the Wind Fish- Piasa // Minish Village (Piano)- Kim Duy Vo


Tooooooo many amazing new comics in the November previews… even with Brandon Graham’s sweet November stuff pushed back to December.

Huge month for Emma Ríos–her 8house arc (Mirror) starts up and Pretty Deadly finally comes back, with a bewarethevalkyries​-exclusive variant that we’ll definitely get a million of at fantomcomics.

The Shutter team splits off into juicy side jobs, with Joe Keatinge starting his pro wrestling comic Ringside and Leila del Duca doing her guest issue of WicDiv (McKelvie’s A cover is nice but I can’t wait to see Leila’s B cover).

Nifty anthology stuff too, with the Thought Bubble anthology featuring work by faves like Babs Tarr, Farel Dalrymple, Jeff Lemire, and Emi Lenox. Alternative Comics is putting out their Alternative Comics Are Dead anthology with a badass cover by Hellen Jo and stuff on the inside by cool doodes like Malachi Ward.

And then Viz’s gorgeous JoJo reprints reach the second arc, Battle Tendency. Duh.

Sometimes I get cynical about comics, and other times I remember why I love them so much. I’m so excited for everything.