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“So instead of being driven by a desire for vengeance, Ardyn just sort of breaks, goes crazy in an entirely different direction and spends the several centuries wandering around as a crazy homeless man until mental institutions become a thing, he gets institutionalized in Niflheim and instantly becomes the subject of early scientific scrutiny until a mad military scientist gets the brilliant idea to use him to turn people into scourge-based weapons.

Lucis, fearing Nifleheim’s new weapons, sends Cor to investigate these new weapons and he ends up coming back with a mentally ill immortal and a baby, and yes he’s keeping them.”

As much as I’m not into Daddy Cor, the idea of Ardyn as a slightly weird, but nice uncle made me happy.


Prompto was four years old, and screaming at the top of his lungs. It was two in the morning, and until about a minute ago, everything had been fine. The kid had gotten somewhat used to being a kid, and more recently to having his own room. Sometimes, though, this still happened.

Cor was on his feet in seconds. Was in the living room, gun in hand, only some seconds after, before his brain parsed that while there were monsters that lurked in the dark, this was probably the very special species that only appeared in dark spaces like wardrobes and under beds of kids’ rooms.

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Order of Events

While I was doing my second playthrough of the game, I decided to jot down what happens when to aid in future canon-compliant fic writing. This is that list. It’s somewhat detailed but kinda brief all the same. It’s definitely more comprehensive than my paper notes.

I hope this helps anyone who is like me – can’t find a detailed timeline of the game, not enough time to replay it or watch a full walkthrough, and a pretty terrible memory.

  1. The bros leave Insomnia and their journey begins.
  2. The Regalia breaks down. They head to Hammerhead. Meet: Cindy, Cid, Takka, Dave.
  3. Short stop at Longwythe, then the bros arrive at Galdin Quay. Meet: Umbra, “Suspicious Stranger” (Ardyn), Dino.
  4. They learn of Insomnia’s fall and attempt to return to the city. Regis is dead.
  5. Quick stop at Hammerhead (speak with Cid), then head to the Prairie Outpost in search of Cor. Meet: Monica.
  6. First Royal Tomb, Keycatrich Trench. Meet: Cor. Get: Sword of the Wise, Axe of the Conqueror.
  7. Bust a small imperial base w/ Cor, open up the rest of the world; Noctis can drive now. Meet: Loqi.
  8. Head into Duscae. Noctis gets a call from Iris, new objective - head to Lestallum.
  9. Sidequest: Deadeye hunt, chocobos become available. Meet: Wiz.
  10. Head to//Arrive in Lestallum. Noct’s strange headaches begin. Meet: Iris, Talcott, Jared.
  11. Go through the Glacial Grotto. Get: Blades of the Wanderer. 
  12. Return to Lestallum. Headaches are worse, begin inquiries about the Disc, start to head there. Meet: Ardyn.
  13. Stay at the caravan w/ Ardyn, continue journey and arrive at the Disc. Ardyn leaves the party.
  14. Fight Titan and gain blessing. Meet: Imperial Chancellor Ardyn Izunia. Get: Blade of the Mystic, Mark of the Archaean.
  15. Stuck at the Chocobo Farm. New objective - wait for news from Cindy on the whereabouts of the Regalia and gain Ramuh’s blessing. Meet: Gentiana.
  16. Touch the three runestones. Complete Fociaugh Hollow. Imperials begin tracking the party and attacking at random. Get: Mark of the Fulgarian.
  17. Retrieve the Regalia from the Archeole Stronghold (Duscae), bust-a-base, summon Ramuh for the first time. Meet: Ravus.
  18. Return to Lestallum, Jared is dead, Noct has the Omen nightmare. 
  19. Begin the journey to Cape Caem. Drop Iris off at Old Lestallum, the bros move to bust-a-base again (Fort Vaullerey - Cleigne) to avenge Jared. Meet: Caligo, Aranea.
  20. Sidequest: Malmalam Thicket. Optional stops at Lerity Seaside and the Spelcray Haven, all en route to Cape Caem. Get: Scepter of the Pious.
  21. Arrive at Caem. Cindy tells the party that Cid needs mythril to fix the ship, Talcott directs everyone to the Vesperpool. Gladio leaves the party.
  22. Party heads to the Vesperpool, runs into Ardyn there, teams up w/ Aranea to complete Steyliff Grove. Get: Mythril Ore.
  23. Aranea drops the party off at Lestallum to get the ore refined at the power plant. Reunite with Gladio. Meet: Holly. Get: Refined Mythril.
  24. Sidequest: The Perfect Cup. (meat - behemoth near Prairie Outpost; shrimp - karlabos near Caem; egg - climb the Rock of Ravatough) Possible Get: Mace of the Fierce.
  25. Leave Caem and head to Altissia. Go to the Maagho, then head to the Leville for a stay. Now able to go back to the open world. Meet: Weskham, Secretary Camelia Claustra. Get: Messengers’ Amulet.
  26. Discuss terms w/ Claustra. Lunafreya delivers her speech. Commence the rite of Leviathan. Summon Titan. Noctis falls unconscious. Get: Mark of the Hydraean.
  27. Noctis wakes up, finds out Luna is dead and Ignis is blind. The party continues on to Nifleheim to get the Crystal back – hop on the train. Get: Ring of the Lucii, Lovers’ Notebook, Ignis’ Cane.
  28. Noctis and Gladio fight on the train. The party heads into Cartanica. Ignis delivers a powerful speech. Get: Katana of the Warrior.
  29. Shorter days. Imperials attack train. Ardyn switches out with Prompto, Prompto falls off the train. Daemons attack, summon Leviathan, the party stops in Tenebrae. Meet: Biggs, Wedge, Maria.
  30. Daemons attack train again in the Ghorovas Rift, Ardyn disables Noct’s powers. Gentiana reveals herself to be Shiva. Get: Trident of the Oracle, Mark of the Glacian.
  31. Daemons attack the train once more, Regalia breaks down en route to Zegnautus Keep, Noctis gets separated from Ignis/Gladio, Noctis puts on the Ring and moves through the Keep.
  32. Ravus dies. Noctis reunites with Ignis/Gladio, they rescue Prompto, fight daemon!Iedolas and daemon!Ravus. Get: Sword of the Father.
  33. Noctis learns of Ardyn’s origins and gets absorbed into the crystal, where he learns of his mission from Bahamut. Meet: Ardyn Lucis Caelum. Get: Mark of the Draconian.
  34. 10 years of darkness.
  35. Noctis awakens on Angelgard Island, picked up from Galdin by Talcott, reunion with the bros. They camp together one last time before heading to Insomnia.
  36. Fight Ifrit, summon Bahamut and Shiva, then Noctis fights Ardyn. Noctis gives one final goodbye to his friends before sacrificing himself to end Ardyn. The sun rises. Get: Infernian’s Shard.
Why Cate Blanchett’s Thor Role Is a Major First for Marvel Movies
She plays the villainous Hela
By Eliana Dockterman

The teaser trailer for Thor: Ragnarok dropped Monday, and the most intriguing character is Cate Blanchett’s Hela, a goth chic villain capable of crushing Thor’s hammer with one hand. The Oscar-winning actress will play the Goddess of Death, who has a will to kill and an affinity for black spandex. Unleashed from prison, she takes over Thor’s homeland where the gods usually reside. “Asgard is dead,” she declares in the trailer.

Hela also happens to be the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s first major female villain. Here’s everything that you need to know about the comic book character and what to expect from Blanchett in the film.

Hela rules over the underworld

Hela is the Asgardian goddess of death, inspired by the Norse goddess Hel. In the comic books, the Asgardian king Odin (Thor’s dad) appoints her to rule over Hel, a dark underworld-like hell, and Nifleheim, a sort of icy purgatory. She often tries to extend her rule to Valhalla, a grand hall in Asgard where souls who died honorably reside. Thor — played by Chris Hemsworth in the Marvel films — is usually the hero who stops her.

Loki plays a part in her scheme

In the film, Thor discovers that his devious brother Loki (Tom Hiddleston) has been impersonating their missing father, Odin, and ruling Asgard. But Loki doesn’t make the best ruler as he accidentally releases the imprisoned Hela. “She’s been locked away for millennia, getting more and more cross, and then, with a mistake, she gets unleashed and she ain’t getting back in that box,” Blanchett told Entertainment Weekly.

Thor confronts Hela, but she overpowers him and sends him to a planet called Sakaar. From there, he must fight his way back to Asgard with the help of his buddy, Bruce Banner, a.k.a. The Hulk.

In the first trailer for Thor: Ragnarok, Hela easily breaks Thor’s beloved hammer — a tool that even Captain America can’t lift. She can kill mortals and weaken gods by simply touching them. In the comic books, she wears a cape that gives her powers even greater than those of her Asgardian colleagues. When she isn’t wearing her cape, her true form — half young and healthy, half decaying — is revealed. In the movie, she doesn’t appear to need a cape to access those special powers, but she does sport some impressive headgear.

Hela is a major first for Marvel

Thor: Ragnarok will be the 17th Marvel Studios film — and the first with a woman as its main villain. (Henchmen Nebula from Guardians of the Galaxy is the closest Marvel’s come to offering up a female baddie before.) That long of a wait seems ridiculous to even Blanchett. “Can you believe we’re having this conversation and it’s 2017 and we’re talking about the first female villain?” she asked Entertainment Weekly. “It’s ridiculous. There’s so much untapped potential villainy in women.”


@semi-poly who rioted because of the angst

Prompto pulled the hood further over his face and continued to hurry further down the busy streets. It had been only a couple of days since Nifleheim and Lucis had gone to war for the second time, people were conscripted and sent away from their families. Even now, Prompto winced at the sight of family members having sad little send-offs outside of their tiny houses. Surrounded by friends and family.

He didn’t want to send them off to war.

He didn’t want war.

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What if ARDYN was the one to help Prompto escape when he was little.

Or Let him escape. Let him go, got him out of there.

What if it was Ardyn who took Vesteal’s child and let him escape. Freed him, sent him to Lucis with the ILLUSION of a family.

What if it was ARDYN that took Pryna and hurt the poor pupper, and placed the dog in front of Prompto’s home

What if

dude What I F

Think about how much Ardyn as already ‘helped’ push things along. He’s always helping to set things on the track he needs them on why not set up someone to befriend the prince, someone from Nifleheim. Someone he could use later on down the line to help him gain what eh was looking for.

IDEK if this all makes sense, but it popped into my head, and i love it.

friendlyslowpoke  asked:

Dude consider: Prince of Nifleheim Prompto. The emperor is infertile so he had an heir built, at least that's what they told Prompto but ACTUALLY he just wants Prompto to be his new body when his current body gets too old. He doesn't love Prompto and allows Ardyn to do with Prompto as he pleases in the meantime.

Ooh - I love a good siege drama. I’ve seen the artwork for that idea, and I love that it’s accompanied by the phrase ‘Ardyn is also…there’

He would have trouble getting away from him, really. It’s a great setup. And of course provides nice story opportunities for Noctis helping him escape.

Also can you imagine how angry Aldercapt would get if he found out Prom had been self-harming? Or losing weight in an unhealthy manner? Or drinking to cope? Because he’d be damaging ‘his’ property, his future body.

“ From what we heard from the time it was still FF Versus XIII, here’s what the story (FFXV) was supposed to be like:

 The kingdom of Lucis was plunged in eternal darkness…but no one cared, for it was a society that worshipped Death (Etro). Indeed, people who went through near-death experiences had been given a small glimpse of Etro’s power, allowing them to do the kind of things we see in the actual game. Noctis was one of those people. He was also the heir to the Royal Family of Lucis, which operated more like a mafia than an actual monarchy. As the holders of the last Crystals, they had basically the rest of the world under their thumb. Another person with the powers of Etro was Stella, and she was, originally, supposed to be the Final Boss. Indeed, the attacks on the kingdom of Lucis were motivated by Nifleheim, which actually wanted Lucis to share their power with the world instead of dominating the world (at the time, Lucis was the only “modern” kingdom in the world, the rest being more medieval like.)

So originally, you were supposed to be the BAD GUY of the story!! And if you remember well the very, very first trailer of Versus XIII, we see Noctis sitting on his throne, alone and depressed, waiting for waves of soldiers to repell single-handedly. That meant that he had actually achieved supreme power…and was more alone than ever since, having killed Stella, he had lost the only person who could understand him, the only glimpse of light in his world. “





bxstiarius  asked:

Headcanons (if you're still taking them) for Kid!Ravus!!! What was the cute little freckle boy like? Also, if it segueways into how he rose up in the ranks of Nifleheim's militia, that's fine too.


The Tenebraen Prince – Ravus Nox Fleuret as a Kid Headcanons

  • So, it was mentioned before that Ravus was once a smiley little kid before, you know, everything went down the toilet. If Luna remembered it so well, he probably had a smile that could light up the room, and one that you couldn’t really say no to.
  • He probably had more prominent freckles when he was younger too, seeing how in Kingsglaive, his 16 year old self had a bunch of freckles over his face. But said freckles probably made him less intimidating than when he wanted to be.
  • Don’t worry, baby Ravus! You become scarier when you get older!
  • He probably had a brutal puppy dog expression that very few people could say no to. Just flash the sparkley puppy eyes and boom. He has all the cake that he wants to eat. The only person who could tell him no was his tutor, probably.
  • He and Luna were close as well, Ravus and Luna running around the manor together and acting as if they were exploring something super secret. Or by trying to solve the mystery of who stole Lunafreya’s favorite doll. (It was Pyrna. He really wanted to sleep with it.)
  • He and Luna, after playing their games together, would end up sneaking into the kitchen and stealing the jar of cookies the chef tries to hide (Umbra’s the best at finding things). They proceed to run off and eat cookies until Gentiana finds them passed out on the floor after their sugar high.
  • Ravus probably had alot of cavities that needed to be filled with how much sugar he ate when he was little.
  • He would also go out with his sister and go collect the flowers in the hillside together, trying to bring as much as they could back to make flower crowns for everyone in the manor. He keeps a few of the sylleblossoms and rare flowers they found pressed in a book that’s hidden in his desk.
  • Ravus used to be a very skilled pianist and violinist when he was younger, helping to teach Luna what he learned in playing the piano so the two could play music together for their mother when she was around. It unfortunately stopped when Tenebrae was attacked and their mother passed away.
  • He was never a really touchy-feeling kind of person even as a kid, and would often cringe whenever he had to have kisses and hugs from people, or give them either. But he was always willing to give his sister hugs and forehead kisses whenever she was upset about something. He still does too, despite him being more impersonal than ever.
  • His favorite tutoring subject was probably literature and English, loving to read some really complex stories for a kid his age (the kind of kid who would read Lord of the Flies and Shakespeare at age 13 or something). He really hated having to learn science and math though. Too boring for him.
  • Ravus probably really liked eating cake and tea when he was younger because breakfast particularly was the only time he was able to spend with his mother and his sister at the same time without much interruption. So he always makes it his daily routine to this day to have a small pastry/piece of cake and some tea, even if he isn’t able to share it with Luna or his mother anymore.

themissimmortal-deactivated2017  asked:

May I requests some cute Cor fluff? 💜😎

*Deep deep breath* Okay, I’m trying not to panic. I hope you enjoy this. I honestly feel like it could be better-I had this idea when writing Cor fluff and I was like ‘what’s fluffier? Wedding day or first date?’ I went with first date, but now I’m kinda wishing I went with wedding day. Oh, well, story for another day I suppose. Hope it’s fluffy enough, it kinda got angsty towards the end. Sorry. 
(。•́︿•̀。) Also, I went more tame and didn’t go with NSFW (only slightly) I hope that was okay. 

Tagging the senpais: @themissimmortal @roses-and-oceans @bespectacled-girl  @gladiolus-mamacitia tagging’s being a bitch for me right now so i’ll come back and tag others later. 

Anywhere at Anytime
SFW (with a teaspoon of NSFW in the mix) 
Word Count: 2,473

When you walked in Cor’s apartment, you knew it was going to be a good night. Not only was the place practically spotless unlike the last time you’d been there (which wasn’t horrifically dirty, but your main concern was the month old Kenny Crow food in the fridge) but there was also a pleasant aroma, your favorite fragrance that you had in your own apartment. Soft and romantic pop music played from a stereo on the counter and the only lighting in the entire apartment were lamps and a few candles on the dining room table. Clearly, your boyfriend had done his research and you couldn’t help but smirk at the adorable lengths he was going for your first official ‘date’. 

But strangely…it just felt off for some reason. You weren’t sure why. 

Well, then the smell from the kitchen hit you and you were instantly distracted. Ignis had clearly given the man some pointers. 

Cor apparently didn’t hear you come in, as he was facing the stove with his back to you, his concentration very clear judging by his stance and occasionally glancing at the open cook book with highlighted tidbits from Ignis in the book. You had seen Cor cook before and he certainly wasn’t the worst cook ever, but he was no Ignis; it melted your heart to see Cor trying so hard to make dinner for you that night. Taking off your jacket to reveal your tight form fitting red cocktail dress, you observed quietly as he kept sighing exasperatedly and muttering to himself on how pink the meat was supposed to be before he took it off the stove and placed it into the oven. 

The marshal, no doubt one of the strongest men in Insomnia-in all of Eos, probably-was worrying if olive oil was supposed to be that color. It was actually pretty adorable. 

But that still didn’t stop you from sneaking up behind the man and yelling ‘BOO!’ in his left ear. 

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Episode Prompto Theory

I’ve posted parts of this theory elsewhere but wanted to organize my thoughts all in one place.

Currently the accepted theory is that Prompto’s DLC chapter is going to take place in between the time he’s pushed off the train and when he’s captured by Ardyn, with a lot of speculation about what happens during that time.

My personal theory is that Prompto is going to learn explicitly how the magitek troopers are made versus the implications of what Noctis can learn by reading reports and listening to radios scattered around Zengatunus Keep. Based on what Noctis can learn if the player bothers is that to make MTs humans are infected with the starscourge plague, the human turns into a demon, and then the demon gets shoved into robotic/lightproof armor.(hence why everyone  thought that MTs where “empty” as the demon dissolves into nothing when they are killed or exposed to light.) Either from Ardyn, or possibly his own father(and also means he’s going to learn who his biological father is)

And he is going to learn how close he was to that fate(doubtful he would have known before as he was taken out of Nifleheim as a baby, and no-one outside of the Magitek research facility seems to know how MTs are produced)

The prone figure he’s shown in the trailor to be tearfully aiming at isn’t anyone special or connected to him. Just another Magitek Trooper like all the other MT’s he’s fought and destroyed before. It’s just now he knows that MT used to be a person. A person who was never given a choice about becoming the empire’s weapon and cannon fodder. A person that could have been him if not for the grace of the Astrals. And Prompto is compassionate enough, kind enough that that waste and callous disregard by the empire would make him cry.

Prince!Prompto AU

holy shit why do you like my writing i cannot fathom why or how but i feel????? blessed????? HERE Y’ALL GO!!

He hadn’t known how he had ended up in this position, and Loqi wasn’t sure whether he liked it or not. 

Family dinners had always been…particularly difficult.

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@no-consequence continued from here.

It was common knowledge that it was the Prince’s birthday; the Lucian heir had turned nineteen and people from all over Lucis and even Nifleheim had journeyed to celebrate with him.

Noctis had never been one to enjoy such festivities. 

His idea of a fun birthday was hanging out with friends, eating a load of junk food and playing video games. He’d told his father as much, but the man simply said that people would take it as a slight to not be invited to celebrate.

He’d made an appearance, thanked people for coming and such before slipping away from his own party, choosing to instead seek Ardyn out.

“I was bored the moment the damn ball started. You know how much I hate these sort of things. I usually keep to myself, but it’s hard to do that when strangers keep coming over, acting like they actually give a damn about my birthday.” He sighed, his fingers playing idly with his tie. He never felt comfortable in a suit. “But you should definitely be impressed. I actually showed up. I was thinking about blowing the whole thing off.”