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Prompto pulled the hood further over his face and continued to hurry further down the busy streets. It had been only a couple of days since Nifleheim and Lucis had gone to war for the second time, people were conscripted and sent away from their families. Even now, Prompto winced at the sight of family members having sad little send-offs outside of their tiny houses. Surrounded by friends and family.

He didn’t want to send them off to war.

He didn’t want war.

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( Fᴀᴍɪʟʏ ) Hᴇᴀᴅᴄᴀɴᴏɴ

Throughout the course of the game, we hear no mention of Ignis’ family other than that they have served the crown dating back as far as anyone can remember. We do know that neither his father nor his mother were involved in Regis’ coming-of-age quest (we are introduced to those who did participate, which rules out the senior Scientia’s involvement), but beyond that Ignis doesn’t write back home to any family or talk about having people to return to.

What I want to assume is that Ignis’ father played a more auxiliary role to the kingdom as a whole than reporting directly to the king. Perhaps he was an official in the Crownsguard or a member of the King’s council, but something happened to him early in Ignis’ life - maybe he died, maybe he deserted for Nifleheim - and he just…wasn’t around anymore. This would explain why Noctis and Ignis were paired up at so young an age (because, were his father still around, it would only make sense that the elder Scientia would have been at least partially responsible for Noctis’ tutelage until such time as Ignis himself was deemed capable of handling the Prince’s studies on his own). 

As for Ignis’ mother, what I believe is that she took ill shortly after his father left and never fully recovered. She spent the better part of Ignis’ younger years in the hospice and he paid her visits as often as he had time to spare. But this also in some respects falls under the whole “Ignis has never been good at dealing with emotions” thing. He remembers her how he wants to remember her: in the beginning, warm, gentle, with eyes as soft as summer skies. Not the way she progressed: not the way the disease left her a waste, how the light drained from those eyes, how he would sit beside her for hours as she stared blankly at the ceiling tiles, holding a limp hand, her skin near-translucent.

Maybe, towards the end, he didn’t visit as often as he should have. Maybe to this day, he still holds it against himself that he didn’t. That he was too busy trying to uphold his duty to his Prince.

It would make sense that she finally passed right around the same time that Noctis’ mother was murdered. That his grief over the loss of his own, the way he saw it reflected in his friend charge, was what drove Ignis to assume his surrogate mother role in the young Prince’s life.

I could see Noctis, throwing a book across the room and flaring at the nostrils as he snaps at Ignis: “How can you expect me to pay attention to my lessons right now? You don’t understand!” Storming off. And Ignis just standing there, watching him go. Picking up the book. Thumbing through the pages. Shutting it. Holding it too long after the Prince has gone. Gods, give me strength. “Of course I do.”

Or Regis, standing over Noct’s mother’s grave with his son and Ignis (whose own mother’s ceremony even he hadn’t attended) close behind. Clapping a hand around both of their shoulders after the procession has departed and the dusk has begun to settle. Quietly, but stoutly, the tears dammed behind crystalline eyes. “It’s just us now.” Ignis, looking up at him. The understanding. This is - has always been - his family.

anonymous asked:

If you're still taking requests, could you write about how Prompto hides his barcode from a s/o he's intimate with? I wonder about that a lot actually!

I actually think that Prompto wouldn’t be willing to have sex with his partner until he talked with them about his past. If he did the guilt would just destroy him, especially since the barcode affects his sense of self-worth so much. With the boys he really thought they might not want to be around him anymore. It’s that bad for him. It’s one thing to be from Nifleheim, but it’s another thing entirely to be marked as a Magitek Soldier, you know? He wouldn’t want to sleep with his partner only to possibly hurt them when his origins were eventually revealed. Since it’s such a complicated, and incredibly dark origin, I’d imagine he could only be intimate with somebody who he trusted enough to tell and who still accepted him. He might be a nervous flirt, but past those first few steps I think he’d be incredibly anxious about what comes after. As we see in-game, once the other boys know he doesn’t hide it, so I think that once he talked about it with his partner he wouldn’t feel enough shame to cover it back up.

Thank you for the request, Nonnie! I know I didn’t do a whole scenario, but I hope my response is answer enough! Feel free to add to your request, or send another!

Of Bullets, Magic, and a Little Rebellion (aka the General Prompto AU)

Fandom: FFXV

Title: Of Bullets, Magic, and a Little Rebellion

Characters: Prompto Argentum, Noctis Lucis Caelum, Gladiolus Amicitia, Ignis Scentia

Summary: Prompto was never taken out of Nifleheim as a child. Instead he grew up first as his father’s lab rat and favorite experiment, and then as soldier/living weapon in the Nifleheim army. Until he decides to go for something different.

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Valentine’s Day Writings Masterlist 2017

Because everyone seemed to like my Valentine’s Day writings I decided to make a masterlist! Here you can find all the stories I wrote so you don’t have to go digging!

Yaoifangirl18 fic// Prince!Prompto AU (Prompto gets a tour of the Citadel from Noct)

Sealingdesigneejosephine// Prince!Prompto AU (Noct takes Prompto to see chocobos for the first time)

Blackestfang// Smug-ass Noct and impatient Prompto who just wants to go out with his boyfriend

Semi-poly// Prompto thinks back on his missed chances with Noct during the ten years of Darkness

Nirraein// Tangled!AU (Prompto and Noct go to see the ‘lights’)

Kage-kitsune-no-yami// Blind!Prompto AU (Prompto is falling apart under the weight of the darkness of his new world)

Neko-sunny-shadow// Prompto’s just casually avoiding people in general and trying to have a nice day with Noct

Peachypotpourri// Prince!Prompto AU (Noctis is reluctant to meet the Prince of Nifleheim but ends up falling head over heels for the perky blond)

Here you go guys! Hope this helps you track down any fics of mine you were looking for! <3

sealingdesigneejosephine  asked:

*clears throat* twas on the tumblr at half past nine, scrolling through my dash for something fine - when I found you, your au, oh so divine - please, won't you be my Valentine? (PS I super love your Prince!Prompto au *winks* I aspire to have writings as pretty as yours)

Awwwwwwww thank you for your kind words >////<

Here ya go! A special Valentine’s Day Prince!Prompto for you~!

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Song: Dancing Christmas in the 13th month
Game: Ragnarok Online- Nifleheim fields

Let’s have a party.

The room was dimly lit, though well-decorated. Guards surrounded Lunafreya as she sat in an ornate chair, their guns pointed towards her. The entire situation seemed grim, as if there were no chance of escape at all. How had the oracle ended up in this situation exactly? Well, Nifleheim had intercepted her journey to Altissia on her way to see the city’s Archaean and commune with it. 

Her eyes narrowed at the thought of the way they had taken her, thrown her in a car and held her at gunpoint as they drove to wherever they were now. Where the current location was could only be one place if Luna had to guess: somewhere in Nifleheim’s capital.

Shifting her feet slightly, Luna remained still and silent. She hadn’t spoken a word besides one question: What or on whom were they waiting? No other questions seemed to matter to her, as she had a feeling that she would receive her answers soon enough. And what had her answer been to that question? An unintelligible grunt and the clicking sound of a gun’s safety being released. With such a reaction, it was deemed unwise to do anything else but wait.

Time passed, a bead of sweat dripping down the back of the oracle’s neck as she waited. How much time had passed was unknown to her because of the windows being blocked, hardly any light coming from them. Luna began to silently pray to the gods that who or whatever they were waiting for would hurry up and arrive. Then she could demand answers.

But oh, she had a feeling she knew who was behind this whole ordeal. It was Nifleheim’s chancellor: Ardyn Izunia. The situation just had his scent all over it.