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i didn’t even know tom clancy was a real person, i thought he was the main character of the tom clancy’s rainbox six video games

an old man in sunglasses and a baseball hat shoots all the terrorism and makes america #1 based entirely on the power of gun and patriotism’s dick

i’m pretty sure that’s what tom clancy was imagining when he was writing pretty much any of them, really

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i think it’s supposed to be absurd, i think it’s a morality story. youre supposed to say “but the fresh prince, your parents were absolutely right in punishing you for this. parents really DO understand.” it’s a bildungsroman about growing up

entirely possible but i think my brain is more stuck on “1. will, how did you not notice she’s 12 years old and but more pertinently 2. why is this being played off as a joke on a comedically focused track”