nietzsche quote of the day

Bought this as a present to myself for studying so well for my Society, Civilization and Economics final exam. It went really well and I’m expecting an AA for the course!
Fell in love with this - I love using these kinds of notebooks while studying so I think it’ll be a good motivation for next term. I think stationery makes the best reward for success - for me it’s become a cycle: stationery motivates me to study, I get good results and thus more excuse to buy myself more stationery!
I also love this quote by Nietzsche and with this book it’ll become a daily reminder for me to never be afraid to act true to my personality.
So today’s thought of the day is inspired by this quote: even if it means that you’ll be judged, stay true to yourself, because those judging are only doing so because of their inability to see, hear and understand what you can.