If ur wondering why Mexico is rioting atm and if ur saying “omg theyre rioting over gas thats so stupid” and blah blah blah.. Just know that the minimum wage in Mexico is $80 Pesos($3 USD) a day.

they earn $3 dollars a day

The gas in Mexico right now is $15.75 Pesos per liter (btw this is the cheapest gas price in Mexico I could find.. $15 pesos is about $0.80 USD) In order to fill up a 4 cylinder car, they spend around $550 Pesos($30 USD)

So lets say someone works at minimum wage for 6 days. They end up earning $480 Pesos a week ($24 USD). Yeah.. no theyre not gonna be able to fill up their tank.

They still need to pay bills, buy groceries, clothes, etc.

The president of Mexico is shitty and ever since he got elected the country has gone to shit and they still have to suffer 2 more years until he is out of office


Update: yes I accidentally wrote $3 instead of $4. I apologize sincerely for that misinformation.

Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto says he’s not paying for any US border wall

  • The Mexican president said in a stern video message that his country doesn’t “believe” in walls and will not be shelling out any part of the cost.
  • In a sitdown with ABC News, Trump brushed off Peña Nieto’s refusals and maintained Mexico would ultimately shoulder the price of the wall.
  • “I’m just telling you there will be a payment. It will be in a form, perhaps a complicated form,” Trump told ABC’s David Muir. Read more

“Chinga a tu madre Trump… y tú también Peña Nieto”

. —Las consignas de la afición mexicana por la noche de este viernes 11 de noviembre en el estadio de Columbus, Ohio, durante el partido entre México y Estados Unidos en las eliminatorias de la CONCACAF rumbo al mundial de Rusia 2018. En el corazón de EEUU, un pueblo que no se doblega ante la xenofobia del nuevo presidente estadounidense.
How Mexico's President Laid the Foundation for a Wall
Enrique Peña Nieto helped put Trump in the White House.
By John Mill Ackerman

here’s today’s required reading! i’m not sure how much has changed of this since it was published January 25, 2017, but Nieto has said he’s no longer coming to the States for his visit with the president. we’ll have to keep a close eye on how this pans out. 

At Least 4 Killed, 700 Arrested in Mexico Gas Protests

Protests over a double-digit hike in gasoline prices in Mexico continue in at least 22 states of the country, officials said on Friday, as they confirmed that the wave of violent lootings and blockades has left three people dead and at least 700 arrested.

Protesters argue that the government’s decision to raise fuel prices by up to 20 percent has no justification in an oil-rich country, but the government insists that the move responds to international prices and not a result of the government’s neoliberal reforms.

The increases, which applied to both gasoline and diesel, will subsequently raise food, transportation and other costs, analysts warn.


…Gracias por llamar al Hospital Psiquiatrico San Juan de Dios la institución más sana para sus momentos de mayor locura…

…Si usted es obsesivo-compulsivo, presione repetidamente el número 1

…Si usted es co-dependiente, pídala a alguien que presione el numero 2 por usted.

…Si usted tiene múltiples personalidades, presione el 3, 4, 5 y 6.

…Si usted es paranoico, nosotros ya sabemos quien es, sabemos lo que hace y sabemos lo que quiere, de modo que espere en linea mientras rastreamos su llamada.

…Si usted sufre de alucinaciones, presione el 7 en ese teléfono gigante de colores que Ud. (y solo Ud.) ve a su derecha.

…Si usted es esquizofrénico, escuche cuidadosamente y una pequeña voz interior le indicara que numero presionar.

…Si usted es depresivo, no importa que numero marque. Nada conseguirá sacarlo de su lamentable situación.

…Si usted sufre de indecisión, deje su mensaje después de… de … escuchar el tono … o antes del tono …. o después del tono….o antes del tono…….. En todo caso, espere el tono.

…Si tiene la autoestima baja, por favor, cuelgue. Todos nuestros operadores están atendiendo a personas mas importantes que usted.

Si su crisis se debe a que Ud. Voto por Enrique Peña Nieto… Lo sentimos, aqui antendemos locos… no pendejos.

Gracias por llamar al hospital psiquiatrico san juan de dios

Humans not allowed!

Finally I can show the drawing I made for Avatar: Children of the Earth fanzine. The Library is one of my favourite episodes, and drawing the confrontation between Aang and Wan Shi Tong has been a very funny challenge. Besides taking part in this project along with so many cool artists was very exciting for me! I can’t wait to have it in my hands!

Los humanos no son bienvenidos!

Por fín puedo enseñar el dibu que hice para el fanzine Avatar:Children of the Earth. La Biblioteca es uno de mis episodio favoritos de la serie, y dibujar el enfrentamiento entre Aang y Wan Shi Tong ha sido un reto muy divertido. Además participar en este proyecto con tantos artistas molones me hacía mucha ilusión! No puedo esperar a tenerlo en las manos!