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BTS Reaction: having to break up with their idol gf because of her entertainment rules (she can't date) [requested]

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“I don’t give a fuck about what they say. I don’t think we should break up.” he said blankly. “They can shove those rules up their ass.”

“Yoongi, it wasn’t just a suggestion they threw at me. I have to break up with you or they are going to kick me out.”

“No they won’t, trust me. I have seen other trainees get away with alot more!”

“It doesn’t matter what other trainees do, it matters what I do! You know I have gone through so much shit to get to this point and now I am finally going to debut! You know this dream means so much to me!”

“…But don’t I mean something to you? You don’t even want to fight for us! I know if this was the other way around, you would be begging me to do everything i could for us to stay together, so why aren’t you doing the same?”

“Yoongi, I am in no position to go against authority. You know this.”

He looked back at you with blank expression. The only signal of any type of emotion was him clenching his jaw. “..;Fine. I guess we are broken up then.”

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Rap Monster:


You let out a deep sigh. “Namjoon.”

“Just let me talk to them. Maybe I can convince them to let us stay together.”

You grabbed his hands, holding them tight. “Namjoon, I got lucky that I got away with a warning. I don’t want to risk getting in anymore trouble.”

He nodded at you in understanding.

“So we have to break up.” your voice cracked as you repeated that sentence.

He nodded again, feeling his lip tremble. “Ah, I get it. I had the same rules too… I don- I don’t know. I was hoping the rules would be different by now…” He looked up at you only  to see you crying. “Baby, don’t cry.” he said bringing you in to a hug.

You nestled your crying face in the crook if his neck. “Baby, its for the best.” He said softly. “You are going to do performances, and get more fans and do fan signings and be on tv and on the radio. You are going to be able to do all that because of all the work you put in and all the talent you have. You don’t need me annoying you for attention when you are going to be the biggest female idol out there.” He whispered. 

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He let out  a nervous chuckle. “Hm, I kinda expected this whole meet up to be over something different.” He tried to keep his voice up beat, but it was too hard..

“If i had it my way, it would just be another date… but i had to say this before things got anymore serious between us.” you mumbled as you played with your fingers. You couldn’t get yourself to look up at him. You knew if you did, you would probably start crying.

“Well, this doesn’t mean a complete break right? Like, we can still talk every now and then right? Maybe meet up and hang out every so often? We can still be friends right?” He asked optimistically. 

You let a heavy breath. He didn’t want to be away from you just much as you didn’t want to be away from him. It made this whole thing hurt even more. “Yeah!” you lied.

You knew you wouldn’t handle being friends with V, it would hurt too much. If he was going to be in your life, you wanted him to be a huge part of it, anything less wasn’t gonna cut it.

You snuck a peek at him. He had a frown on his face as he stared into space. He knew you were lying. He knew staying in touch wasn’t going to work, but he just wanted to have hope. 

When he caught you staring, he tried to smile. “Well my friend, I guess it is bye for now, you have practice in the morning.” he said softly.

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“I don’t see why we have to break up though.” he repeated for the fourth time. 

“Those are the rules!” 

“I know those are the rule, but there are ways around them!” He insisted.

You looked back at him through blurry vision. “Jimin, there is no way around this.”

 “They said you can’t date, but want does it mean to “date”? We can just stay the way we are, we just won’t giving each other a label! We don’t have use the labels boyfriend/girlfriend.If we are “just friends” they can’t do anything about it.” he reasoned.

“They could still kick me out…” those words quickly broke his spirit. “Fans could hate on me, attack me, they could hate on my group and reject us to the point that we disband…There is to much on the line right now Jimin, and you know that.”

He stayed quiet.

“I care for you so much Jimin, I want us to stay together, but it isn’t just me that has their dream on the line. I can’t put the rest of my members through anymore trouble just because I am being selfish. Two of my other members broke up with their boyfriends, what right do I have to go against the company?” 

Still, he was silent.

You cupped his face, gliding your thumbs over his cheeks for what would be the last time.“I don’t want to end us… but for now we can’t be the way we are.” you said in a low hush.

He leaned in for a kiss. His soft lips on yours were for what felt like only a split second before he pulled away. “…I know…” he frowned.

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It was early in the morning and he struggled to get last minute sleep as he and the rest of BTS were crammed in a van and were being driven off to a TV studio to do some performance on some show.

He couldn’t care less about the things around him, all he wanted to do was go back to sleep and return to a dream he had the night before, a dream that Y/n was in. He hadn’t seen her in months and then suddenly he had a dream about her. He didn’t realize how much he missed her until now. 

It was in his failed attempts to go back to dreamland and that he saw it. He looked out the window and saw a huge picture of Y/n. She and the rest of her band mates were plastered on a billboard advertising their next comeback.


“But I don’t want to!”

“Niether do I, but I have to” she whimpered, tears rolling down her cheeks.

He wiped his own away, trying to steady his voice again.”But we’ve already been dating for a year now, why do they suddenly want us to break up?!?”

Y/n hid her face in her hands.”I never told them.” she confessed. “That is why my manager got so pissed the other day when he saw you kiss me.” 

He ran his fingers fingers through his hair. “You haven’t been kicked out, so does this mean you are on probation?” he asked in a serious tone. 

She nodded. “One more screw up and I’m out.” she said with a cracking voice. “The only reason they didn’t kick me out is because we debuted. They don’t want the rest of the girls to look bad just because I fucked up.” she sobbed.

“You didn’t fuck up. It’s just the fucked up rules that’s all.” he mumbled.

That was all he could remember as he looked at the poster of Y/n and her group. She was a beautiful as ever up on that poster. Her smile was wide as could be as she stood at the front of her group. He remembered all that times she cried to him over how stressed she was and how nervous she was over debuting. He remembered how lonely he has been without her, but seeing her up on that poster, all he could think was. “She did it!”

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“You can’t be serious?” he huffed

“He made me an example and yelled at me in front of all the other trainees… All my members hate me right now.” You sniffled, holding back your tears. “I was so scared. I thought he was going to kick me out!”

He pulled you into a hug. “It’s gonna be alright.” he whispered to you. “We’ll… Ok- we’ll just have to break up…” he sighed.

“But Kookie, I don’t want to. I really don’t.” you said into his chest, gripping on to his sweater.

“How many years have you trained?” he asked randomly

You looked up at him. “Huh?”

“How many years have you trained?” he repeated.


“And how many hours do you sleep a night because of all the practice?” 

“…Five sometimes.”

“And how long have you wanted to be an idol?”

“…For as long as I can remember.’ you answered softly.

“See, you don’t want to throw away a dream like that. You don’t want to put in all that work in for nothing.” He said with a shaky voice. “Don’t ruin your plans just for me.”

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“I knew this was all too good to be true.” He groaned.

You stayed quiet with your head hanging low.

“I should have known better.” he whispered more to himself. “I was so stupid to think that they would change the rules just because you were with me.”

“But it was worth a shot.” you whimpered as you wiped your tears away.

He brought you into a loose hug, too sad to really move his arms.

That was when you felt your phone vibrate in your pocket and soon the ringtone you had for your manager began to ring. You knew why he was calling so you didn’t bother to pick up the phone. “Jin… I have to go. They only gave me enough time to break up.” You said softly.

His arms tightened around you, yours tightening around him and he gave you a last kiss.

“Bye Jin.” you said as you left out the door without a second look.

“Bye Y/n.” he said, standing in an empty room and staring longingly at the door you left from.

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ok,  I think mommy in skimpy clothes is working. So all week since last Wednesday it has been jerseys and boy shorts when doing laundry etc.  twice I made sure too have on a long shirt and completely bottomless.

Matt came home and said nothing as I moved into the laundry and then popped up stairs ahead of him with a laundry basket.

Tara noticed right away.

Tara: Mom !!

Me: what !!!

Tara : What are you doing I can see everything

Me (annoyed) What?

Tara : I saw your butt and vag when you ran up the stairs past matt.

me: Oh so what, I had no clean panties I’m doing laundry… next time don’t look It’s my house…and you guys do the same things…relax and live a little, be lucky I’m not nude….

Tara: Your a perv. your lucky were not nude..

Me: yeah, well when your gone I’m always naked..

Tara: Yeah me too… I’m always nude..

ME: sure and your brother and sister around, maybe I’ll come home early and catch you nudies

we both laughed…

BUTT and here is the good part, she has been prancing around in tee shirts and panties too, once I thought she was bottomless and I gulped. 

The best part of this was T at breakfast Monday was like 

T WTF Tara…

Tara: What

T Wheres your fuckin pants mom will see

Tara: she don’t care look at her…

T well I am eating breakfast and you have no pants on.. I dont want pubes in my food..

Tara: I dont have pubes..

and she lifted her shirt for me, T and Matt to see..Totally smooth.

So I say, niether do I….

I lifted my shirt to expose my self to them..

Tara laughed.

T was “MOM” WTF and then, nice vag mom

and then matt just said Oh my god…

We all laughed, except Matt,

But since Monday no panties or short shorts and glimpses are the norm, and even Matt has been down here in his undies and no short on more than 1 occasion.

Used (JC Caylen Imagine) [for Brenda]

Brenda’s POV

“I’m not sure how to handle all of this Brenda, what do I do?” my friend, Lia cried on the other line. Apparently, she had found a riot of o2l fans against her for dating JC Caylen.

“Well what are they saying?” was the first thing I asked. I’ve helped JC with twitter hate before, he was my best friend. I’d walk to the entire ends of the world for that guy. Aside our friendship, i’ve always liked him. We were close to actually being an item, until he met Lia Marie Johnson. She’s my friend of course, but we weren’t close “BFF’s”.

“They-They’re saying how I don’t deserve JC be-because you-you do” she said through her tears. I was shocked about the whole thing. Then I went on twitter to check some of the replies on her twitter.

@ILuvO2lsomcuh: lia, you don’t even compare to Brenda. did you see the picture of them at the beach the other day?

@fakeJCCaylen: brenda is mor compatible w/ JC than lia

@youtuberloverr: Jenda!!!!

And there were countless more tweets including pictures JC and I hanging out, and videos I’ve been in with him. I had no idea what to say. I know how terrible I’d feel if I were in Lia’s place.

“Why would they say that?” I asked, really confused.

“I’m not sure to be honest. I mean, you guys never even dated or liked each other.”

“Yeah, I wouldn’t see why people are shipping Jenda.”

“Niether do I. I mean, you guys wouldn’t even be cute together. No offense, but I’m almost positive he wouldn’t go for a girl like you. You’re, well; you. And JC is the perfect guy for me. And I’m the perfect girl for him, right?” Lia asked. I had to admit, I was kind of done with her being a bitch to me in order to handle the situation. But it would suck for more drama to stir up if I blew up on her.

“Yeah, you guys are perfect” I said, lying through my teeth. I wasn’t perfect for JC, I knew it. But somebody who wasn’t Lia Marie Johnson deserved to be JC Caylen’s girlfriend. Lia thanked me for helping her, and hung up. I rolled my eyes, and put my phone down. But as soon as I set it down, I had gotten a text.

Ricky Dillon: hey, can u come over and film a vid w/ me in an hour?

Me: sure, see you in a few :)

Ricky Dillon: thx!


“Hey RIcky!” I said as he greeted me at the door.

“Hey Brenda. I thought of this unique challenge we can do in a bit. Lemme just set everything up” he said. I nodded, and plopped on the couch in front of the TV. In a matter of seconds, JC sat down right next to me.

“Hey Brenda, what are you doing here?” he asked.

“Ricky wanted to film a video, and he’s setting everything up right now.”

“Ah, nice. Well did you see those posts on twitter, instagram, and tumblr?”

“Yeah, I saw them. Pretty messed up, huh?”

“Yeah, it sucks.”

“I mean, I haven’t thought about both of us like that in awhile…” he said dozing off. What did he mean, in a while?

“Wait, what?” I asked confused.

“C'mon Brenda, you had to have felt the spark between us. Lia was a way to make you jealous.”

“JC, are you-”

“Yes Brenda, I’m serious. It sounds crazy, because it is crazy. Lia is a funny, nice, and pretty girl. But you’re a hilarious, sweet, and you’re also the most gorgeous girl I’ve ever met in my life.”

“JC, I-”

“I know it’s bad of me to use Lia like that, but I had to. It was extreme, and I feel bad for doing it. But if you’d love me back, it would be so worth it.”

“But I’m not the type to break up a relationship. It won’t work if Lia thinks you two are in a relationship. I’d feel guilty.”

“Ok, hear me out. We have to kiss. And-”

“JC! I will not kiss a taken guy.”

“Just let me finish!” JC said. I nodded, and he continued. “If you and I both feel guilty about it, we aren’t meant to be. But if it feels right, we belong together.”

“I don’t know, I mean-” and before I could finish, his lips were planted on mine. I felt a huge spark in my chest and my stomach turned to butterflies. His lips were on mine, and nothing could separate us. It was so wrong, but it felt so right. Each kiss became more hungry for each others taste. His tongue slipped through my lips without me even knowing it. My tongue gently glided with his tongue, dancing around together as-

“JC!” I heard a voice say. I turned around, and I saw a shocked Lia Marie Johnson standing in the middle of the living room.

Farkle... a sexist pig?

The othe day I posted some rumored facts for the upcoming november episodes. GM Sludge rumors were included and there’s one that kinda made a lot of people freak out. 

The episode deals with feminism and apparently at some point Riley calls Farkle a sexist pig and no one actually seem to like it, niether do I, tbh. So I thought it would be fun if we had a chat about it.

So, Is Farkle Minkus a sexist pig?… I don’t think so. And here is why:

  1. Farkle is the son of Jennifer Bassett-Minkus, enough said.
  2. He probably grew up listening to stories about how amazing Topanga Lawrence (Matthews) is.
  3. He fears Maya. Okay maybe no, but he knows how strong and talented she is. He knows she is so capable of doing so many things and that for his own sake he should not mess with her.
  4. He admires Riley. He knows she nevers gives up, he believes she is able to do anything she wants. And let’s not forget Riley and Farkle compete againist each other just to see who gest more As.
  5. Isadora Smackle, his ex arch enemy, now girlfriend, is his biggest academic rival!! And he actually has never been able to beat her!!   

Do any of you actually believe that a boy who has grown up surrounded by so many strong, capable and amazing women could actually dimish one? Because that sounds like bullshit to me. 

I super excited about this episode and it makes me mad that now is going to air on January. I bet this going to be one of the best of the season and I can’t wait for it. Also, this is just a rumor, so let’s chill.


Against Tradition Zayn Smut for Hannah (pepto-jizzmol)

I really enjoyed writing this one:) I hope you like it an if you don’t then just let me know:)

“John I don’t think I can go through with this.” I stated to my twin brother as I stared at myself in the mirror I was trying on my wedding dress to make sure the final touches were set for tomorrow.

“Hannah what are you talking about?” He asked coming up to me and I shook my head.

“I mean we’re born into a curse of divorces! Mom and dad’s marriage failed, both sides of our parents parents divorced! It’s a never ending trail!” I said and he shook his head and I started to hyperventilate.

“Hannah it’s not like that! You and Zayn love each other! I know you won’t end that way.” He said and I sat down and buried my face in my hands.

“But I’m sure Mom and Dad thought the same thing and look at them now. They’re here hating every minute of their daughters wedding.” I said and he sat next to me and I kissed my head.

“Just take deep breathes. You’re nothing like mom and dad. Niether am I. You have found your true love! Trust me it’s obvious you guys love each other.” He said and I put on a small smile.

“I guess. Thanks Johnny.” I said and he hugged me then left the room. I took off my wedding dress and hung it up and put on my robe. My phone rang and I answered it.

“Hey Hannah.” Zayn said and I smiled at the sound of his voice.

“Hi babe.” I said as I sat on the edge of the bed.

“Is everything alright? You don’t sound good.” He said and I sighed and looked down at my feet.

“I’m just nervous.” I said and I could tell he was smiling on the other line.

“Nervous? You know we can always–”

“Don’t say that Zayn. I don’t want that. I know I love you I just-/”

“Just want to make sure because you don’t want to end up like your parents.” He said and I sighed and he chuckled a little.

“I just want to see you. But the stupid wedding traditions.” I said with a sigh.

“But I don’t believe in the traditions.” He said and I smiled.

“Niether do I but it’s just–”

There was a knock on my door and I opened it and found Zayn smiling and I gasped and closed the door in his face.

“Um…Hannah?” Zayn asked through the door and I heard him through the phone as I stuffed my dress neatly and quietly in the closet and ran back to the door.

“Zayn what are you doing here?” I asked and he shook his head in a small laugh.

“John said you were freaking out and let me in to calm you down. Love it’s okay of we just–”

“Zayn I don’t want to cancel the wedding! I love you but I’m just scared. I know I want to marry you I just…”

“You’re just scared. Hannah it’s perfectly fine. Let’s just lay down and I’ll sing to you like I always do when you’re stressed.” He said and I smiled and kissed him and kissed me back.

“Zayn I love you so much.” I said and he smiled and we heard a woman’s voice and I rushed him into my room while laughing.

“Hey can I see your dress?” He asked like a little kid begging for candy. My eyes went wide and he started running toward the closet.

“No! Zayn! This is my dress! You’re already breaking tradition by being here!” I said as he was about to open the door but I jumped on his back and tried to move him away from the door.

“I thought you didn’t believe in those traditions. You’re that nervous huh?” He said and he set me down and sat next to me.

I didn’t even have to answer him because he already knew the answer.

“Hannah I know a way to calm your nerves.” Zayn whispered as we both laid on the bed and I sighed and rested my head onto his chest.

“How?” I asked as I looked up to him and he smiled and brought me under him. He started to kiss my neck and I gasped pushing him away.

“No Zayn are you crazy! Not only are we breaking the tradition if seeing each other the night before we get married but we’re in the same house of our families!” I whispered and he laughed.

“That’s just a myth. Plus remember that one time we went to the family lake house for my moms birthday and we were rooming together.” He said and smiled and I couldn’t help but laugh.

“Yeah but then we promised we wouldn’t do it again because your mom almost walked in on us.” I said trying to push him but not using my full force because I did want Zayn.

“Admit it. You want me.” He said and I laughed and lightly kissed his lips.

“But we can’t get caught or–”

“We won’t. We didn’t get caught last time.” He said with a grin and I rolled my eyes as he laughed and undid my robe. He kissed down my chest easily undoing my bra and stopped right at them hem on my underwear.

“Zayn don’t be a tease.” I whine and he laughed and went back up to me.

“So now you want me?” He asked and I rolled my eyes with a small smile and his hand roughly pulled down my underwear.

“Just don’t stop please.” I whined and he smiled once more.

“As you wish.” He said and immediately brought his lips onto my core and I let out a fast and loud moan and Zayn’s automatically reached to cover y mouth letting me bite on it.

He slipped his free fingers into me and I moaned louder but hat caused him to clasp my mouth harder and move his fingers faster.

I tapped his hand that was covering my mouth signaling that I was close to coming. Zayn stopped and came back up to me and smiled and kissed me.

“Ready love?” He asked and I smiled. He would always ask me if I was ready when we would have sex.

“Yes. I’m ready. I’m ready for everything.” I whispered and he smiled knowing exactly what I was talking about and kissed me more passionately and he brought his boxers down before sliding them into me.

“Zayn.” I whispered and he moved a piece of hair from my face.

“I’m right love. I’ll always be right here.” He whispered an kissed me again before moving in and out of me quickly. I brought my nails to his shoulder blades feeling my nails dig into his back knowing it would leave marks.

“I’m close.” I whispered and he smiled and kissed me and I moaned I to his mouth as I came and he came right after me. He kept kissing my neck and I pushed him away while laughing.

“You don’t want to leave marks! We have a very important day tomorrow!” I said and he smiled and brought me closer to him.

“So you want to do this. For sure?” He asked an I smiled and nodded my head.

“I’m ready Zayn.” I whispered and he smiled and lightly kissed me.

“Zayn you can’t sleep here! What if someone comes to wake me up and they find you!” I said as I put on some pajamas while throwing Zayn his boxers.

“Don’t worry love. John and I have everything covered.” He said as he dragged me back into bed and into his arms.

“I love you Zayn.” I said and he laughed and kissed my shoulder.

“I love you Mrs. Malik.” He said and I laughed and felt my eyes closing. Tomorrow I’m going to officially spend the rest of my life with the person I love.