"Despite how hard Wind Waker initially works to marry the story of its Link to the Links of yore, its ultimate lesson is about correcting and escaping the mistakes of the past. The Hyruleans believed in their myths and neglected their own chance to shape the future, a neglect that led to the destruction of Hyrule. Wind Waker’s heroes take a better path and demonstrate that our ancestors’ stories are inherited, not to be followed blindly, but to be learned from. The final scene shows Link and Tetra (back to her old piratical self) embarking on a journey to find a new life and new land among Wind Waker’s endless seas. Link rides on his old red boat, but its magic is gone. It’s still a vessel but no longer a guide binding him to a predetermined path. This time, Link’s in the lead, and the stories these kids tell will be their own.”

Wind Waker breaks from Zelda’s recurring legend to warn against blind faith

BOXBOY and more coming to U.S. eShop ⊟

Nintendo laid out its schedule for upcoming 3DS and Wii U eShop games, and included in the list is BOXBOY, formerly known as Hakoboy, the adorable black-and-white puzzle platformer from Kirby developer Hal Laboratory.

Oh, and Shantae: Risky’s Revenge is getting the Director’s Cut edition for 3DS soon too — so it’s a 3DS port of the Wii U port of the DSiWare game.

I’ve pasted the new schedule for eShop games, including newly announced Wii U ports like Don’t Starve: Giant Edition and Never Alone, after the break:

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Metal Gear Rising Revengence Raiden Handmade Sword

This is a replica of the High Frequency blade used by Raiden in the game: Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. This immaculate sword is all one piece hand crafted construction from top to bottom. The Full Tang blade offers a 1045 High Carbon Steel construction with a sharp edge and mirror polish finish.

  • Overall Length: 38.75 Inches
  • Blade Length: 27 Inches
  • Blade Material: 1045 High Carbon Steel, Mirror Polished, Screw Fixtures
  • Handle Length: 11.75 Inches
  • Handle Material: ABS Inserts, Steel Screws
  • Construction: Full Tang
  • Black Durable Sheath, Belt Loop, Nylon Waist Cord

List Price: $199.00     Price: $64.95      You Save: $134.05  (67%)

Tooth Fairy Door

Fuel your little princess’s imagination as you add a bit of charm to her room with the Tooth Fairy door. This darling decoration features superb craftsmanship and even includes the tiny ladder to help the Tooth Fairy climb in and out of the room.


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Awesome Sh*t You Can Buy


$10 Animal Crossing Tee

"Immortalizing K.K. Slider in the form of a t-shirt was a simple decision for me to make, with the inimitable pooch being my favorite character from the timeless Animal Crossing series. His appearances might be fleeting, but they are always memorable. Most of all, he is simply a cool character. A character I and many others would be happy to represent in the form of fashion." 

David Gomez

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The Great Game Explosion
  • The Great Game Explosion
  • Steve Lawes and Mary Jo Watts
  • Interview February, 2015

Sherlock Director of Photography Steve Lawes on
The Great Game Explosion

Interview by Mary Jo Watts (mid0nz), February 2015

Steve Lawes
Ok so…

Mary Jo Watts

Steve Lawes
You see the cyc in the background?

Mary Jo Watts

Steve Lawes
You see the street light effect on the net curtains. You see the toplight on Benedict. You know this is where we get into the realms of being restricted in terms of where you can put lights, and also you’re putting lights in places so that it shows up the dust, so that the dust is backlit. Realistically, the light on the curtains is a little bit much. It’s a bit bright, but I’m working on the basis that when the window goes you need the light to pick up all the dust that they’re going to blow through. 

This is obviously done as a plate so the explosion is done without Benedict in the shot. It’s got several elements, the main element being the background plate. So we shot Benedict first, and we got him to do his action, and then we do the explosion (but Benedict’s not there when we do the explosion), and then they comp the two together. 

That explosion is put in, in post, because actually what Danny [Hargreaves] is doing effects-wise is just blowing debris through. There’s sugar glass in the windows. All the cameras have got protection on them because you can still get cut by sugar glass, it’s just not as bad as real glass. You know what The Mill have done is- if you see the fireball explosion outside…

Mary Jo Watts

Steve Lawes
They have created that, in that frame. And the debris coming through is mainly what was actually there on the day.

Benedict with TGG director Paul McGuigan (below). Note the camera is behind a Perspex shield. 


A Force Dynamic - 3D platforming distilled down to it’s essence, with tight controls and refined level design.  The minimalist visuals and atmospheric soundtrack help you focus on what’s important - Precision platforming.  

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Dragon Age Inquisition: The Single Player MMOG

This post details the single-player portion of the game. I plan on writing up my review of the multiplayer game mode in a future post. Fair warning: this is long. I have also kept it mostly spoiler free, though there may be some small spoilers through the images I used.

Dragon Age Inquisition is, in many ways, a more significant departure from formula than either of its predecessors. It is the third core game in the Dragon Age franchise (not counting mobile or social games), and it clearly aims to capture a wider audience than either of its forebears. This means that they have two noticeable pushes in the game - streamlining the core experience, and creating as much content as efficiently as they can. As such, much of the content and game systems are designed to be modular - each can be removed or added without too much difficulty. As a result, players have a truly massive game to explore and play that is much easier for new players to get into, but it will probably feel somewhat lacking to those who are looking for a more involved and extended main plot.

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