nier logic


There are 26 endings (A to Z) in Nier: Automata, and while only a handful of them are technically relevant to the story as a whole, they are all meant reinforce the “reality” that the game is trying to provide. Many address decisions the player can make that break the narrative and ultimately lead to a “bad ending,” but others (such as Ending T, “fa[T]al error”) instead indicate the consequences of ignoring the game’s internal logic. 

Nier Automata logic - Episode 2
  • Adam: *puts on top hat and cape and pulls out a plastic wand* And for my next trick, I'll make this girl's sanity disappear!
  • 2B: Haha fool you cannot break the impenetrable fortress that is my stoic--
  • Adam: But I'll need an assistant! *points wand to wall*
  • 9S: *appears half-dead and nailed to the wall*
  • 2B: ... ..... ..........
  • Adam: *flicks wand at 2B* POOF!
  • 2B: I'M GONNA PLAY PING-PONG WITH YOUR EYEBALLS AND MAKE SPAGHETTI OUT OF YOUR INTESTINES!!! *Screams loud enough to be heard from the bunker*