nien numb


A Galaxy Far, Far Away Sullust

A Trailing Sectors Outer Rim thermophile planet at the crossroads of the Rimma Trade Route and the Silvestri Trace. Like Mustafar, Sullust’s primary geographic makeup is magma: under the gravity of Sullust’s two moons, the lava flows and ebbs like tides and cools into multicolored rainbow rock formations where the Sullustan species build their homes. Nien Nunb and Ten Numb, Resistance and Rebel Alliance pilots, came from Sullust.


Poe Dameron & The Black Squadron paper cut-outs

Wedge Antiles and the Rogue Squadron made for some of the best comics and novels of the the old Star Wars extended universe and I see no reason preventing Poe and his own squadron from following suite.  I know it was Blue and Red Squads in the movie, but I just went ahead and decided to call them ‘Black Squadron.’

I’d just love to see comics, novels, or even an animated series following this squad’s exploits…

with (from upper left-to-right) Poe, BB8, Jessika Pava,  Ello Asty, Nien Numb, and Temmen ‘Snap’ Wexly.  

no offence but i need a novel or maybe a comic miniseries about poe’s squadron i want to know all their names and all their personalities and histories and the fun jokes they have with each other and what’s poe like as a leader is he a good leader? does nien numb tell them all the old stories of the rebellion do they look up to luke and wedge and hobbie and janson as heroes is bb8 the baby of the squadron i need to know