How to REALLY Boycott the Inauguration

I’m seeing a ton of people posting this copy-and-paste update about boycotting the inauguration by SWITCHING YOUR TELEVISION TO A DIFFERENT CHANNEL. It’s a nice thought and a nice gesture, but that WON’T WORK.

I’m not putting those things in all caps to yell at you, I just want to make sure you see it.

How TV Ratings Work:
Viewership is measured through Nielsen ratings. Unless you’re a “Nielsen family,” you don’t really count. Nielsen Family data is recorded through their Nielsen boxes, and then that data is gathered on a value curve to represent a larger audience.

Basically, no Nielsen box = no count.

Ratings are an estimate. It’s super archaic. But so is cable. That’s why viewer data is ALSO gathered through internet clicks and posts, interaction with online videos and social feeds, and streaming data.

How to REALLY Boycott the Inauguration:
Avoid online content. Avoid clicking on videos, avoid linking articles and tweets, avoid social feeds, avoid recaps. Even hate-watching a video or posting a link to add the comment, “An oil spill in the Pacific Ocean is better for humanity than this administration,” still counts toward viewer data. Your hate-click is still an added view, and it doesn’t come with a little asterisk next to it that says, “But this person loathed it and weeps for the future.”

So changing your channel is chill, and I recommend it! There is so much beautiful, amazing television! It’s a Golden Age of scripted content! But for god’s sake, don’t then go and negate your boycott by opening your Facebook and putting angry faces on a bunch of Trump videos.


Fendi’s 90th anniversary show “Legends and Fairytales” held at the Trevi Fountain (Fontana di Trevi), Rome, last summer. The show’s inspiration came from the work of the Danish illustrator Kay Nielsen, and the collection of norse fairytales known as “East of the Sun and West of the Moon”, 1914. Sadly, the talented Kay Nielsen died poor and in obscurity in 1957, while his dreamy, delicate and intricate illustrations have regained popularity these recent years. Nielsen’s work belongs to the so called “golden age of illustration”, that is the early 20th century.

Daily reminder that you watching any given show on TV doesn’t matter at all, no one is counting your view unless you have a Nielsen box in your household.

Got one of these bad boys?


Then your television view DOES NOT MATTER. No one is counting what you watch. You do not affect ratings. 

How do ratings work? 

Basically like several thousand families have these boxes attached to their TVs. These people are a sample group and represent all of the country! Yeah, just several thousand families. These families each represent like… thousands of families “just like them.” Ratings are estimated figures based ONLY ON NIELSEN FAMILIES. 

So. Your view on television doesn’t matter. At all. 

Support a show in different ways but ratings are not it. I’m sure people pay attention to online chatter, trends in social media, views on legitimate videos, etc… So, y’know. Do that stuff. Spend money on the content. Whatev. 

This is mostly for the SU crowd but it applies to literally every show ya’ll like.