nielsen study


Abandoned (with apologies to Kay Nielsen). Digital, 2015.

This was a redraw of a style study piece I did around 2010-2011. Here’s the old version, just for kicks:

I had to draw an abandoned/haunted Victorian-style house in a garden (or garden like area??). The basic composition and ideas were good, but damn you can tell I was still learning about shapes and lines!

I still like the piece, but I decided to redraw it for a submission. I’m pleased with the result!

anonymous asked:

Excuse me, did that anon say Gwen only had success in our hearts? Like she made music history but whatevs right? First live music video + one of the most expensive in history & then becoming the fifth women to have #1's solo & w a group. Who does that at 46?!

From article, 01/20/2017:
“And here’s a fun factoid from Nielsen’s year-end study: The top 10 “Trendsetters” chart for Millennial music fans—talent across all categories with the highest positive perceptions—leads with Beyoncé, Taylor Swift and Gwen Stefani. ”

So Gwen ranked 3rd… with Millennials… for 2016… out of everyone! Quite the achievement at 30 some years into a career! I mean…

- B

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I love adventure fantasy books and I was wondering if you have any recommendations. I've been reading the red queen and I need something to read after.

I love fantasy books (with adventure) too! Not sure if some of these books might be your cup of tea (or if you’ve read them) but they’re definitely worth checking out.

  • The False Prince by Jennifer A. Nielsen 
  • Poison Study by Maria V. Snyder 

  • The Girl of Fire and Thorns by Rae Carson 

Mobile devices are aiding in growing these numbers, with consumers’ time spent using social media mobile apps and mobile websites accounting for 63 percent of the year-over-year growth. Forty-six percent of social media users say they use their smartphones to access social media, and 16 percent say they use social media on a tablet.
—  A ton fo data and graphs (thanks to TechCrunch for putting it together) about the convergence of social and mobile: Mobile Drives Adoption Of Social Media In 2012: Apps & Mobile Web Account For Majority Of Growth; Nearly Half Of Social Media Users Access Sites On Smartphones.