papyrus gets easily distracted during diplomatic meetings, Sans has long since gotten used to taking over the meetings… woop underswap couple this time, they would probably be quite happy together and be adored by their subjects.

And if you want to know the uspharaohverse (?) pharaohverse could work, i’m just gonna call it pharaohverse - kinda backstory, which i did with the uf one here it goes -

Pharaoh Gaster and his chief wife Helvetica, due to their age they have allowed Papyrus to act as regent with his brother and chief consort, Sans. They are kind and prosperous rulers, and striving to build on the undergrounds wealth, culture and learning from the nieghbouring kingdoms. Uniting the underground and ruling over all.


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One word prompt: playful

It was a technically well into Saturday morning when Jack was finally finished editing, but he still liked to think of it as Friday night; that way he could tell himself he’d get a full night cuddled against Mark, rather than the three hours he actually had.  As he turned everything off, he tried not to think about what he’d miss, and simply reminded himself to get to work earlier the next day.

With motivation in his mind, he confidently left the recording room, only to jump right back into it as colours and lights burst in front of him in a series of pops and bangs loud enough to wake the nieghbours.  

“What the fuck! he demanded, his grip on the doorknob the only thing keeping him on his feet.  Once he heard his boyfriend’s mischievous giggling, he knew there was nothing to be afraid of, but his heart was still pounding hard enough that he cursed, “You fucking asshole!  You just gave me a damn heart attack!”

Giggles became full-blown laughter as Mark clutched his chest, gasping, “Surprise!  Should–should’ve seen–your face–!  Priceless–”

“You’re a fucking dick,” Jack hissed, then he noticed the rainbow mess at his feet, “What the fuck is this?  Confetti?”

There was another bang and Jack jerked backwards in surprise as streamers blasted from the container in Mark’s hand, causing the American to laugh with renewed enthusiasm.  

“Fucking stop it already!  Do you know how late it is?”

“Sorry,” he sputtered, almost sounding genuinely guilty as he wiped tears from his eyes, “you’re just so cute when you’re surprised.”

“Yeah, whatever,” he muttered, still resentful, “what’s all this about, anyways?  Shouldn’t you’ve been asleep hours ago?”

“Well, I was thinkin’ about it but before I knew it, it was midnight!”

Staring at Mark’s excited smile, Jack squinted, “And midnight is suddenly special, because … ?”

A fake pout and those puppy-like eyes made Jack’s heart flutter as his boyfriend closed the space between them, “Aw, Jackybaby, don’t you remember?  It was a year ago today that we had our first kiss.”

“Is that so?”  Grinning as everything began to click, he placed his hands on Mark’s waist. 

“Yes, that’s so,” he said, his smile returning as bright as ever.  “And I couldn’t sleep until I felt that same kiss.”

Chuckling, their noses pressed together.  “I’m pretty sure that’s the gayest thing you’ve ever said to me.”

“Really?  That?  Not ‘I love your dick inside me baby, harder!’?  Because I could swear that’s gayer.”

“Shut the fuck up already.”

Their lips met with ease.  Mark’s kiss was gentle, affectionate, caring–like his entire existence was dependent on those few moments.  Jack felt it was all he could do to kiss him the same way; that he owed him that much, at least, for everything Mark had done for him.

When they pulled apart, Jack wondered if he should say nothing, simply enjoy the peaceful scene he was a part of.  The smile on Mark’s face was so soft and genuine, he almost felt guilty when he leaned across to blow a raspberry on his neck.

But Mark’s screams of terror and surprise made it worth it, and soon enough they were both reeling with laughter, clinging to each other’s shirts in a desperate attempt to keep themselves upright.  Once the giggles were out of their system, they stumbled over to the couch, collapsing in a heap of limbs and giddy grins, mumbling I-love-yous between each and every kiss that followed.