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draw kangaskhan their my fave aaa

Khangaskan is a close relative to some of Kanto’s other native large pokemon, like Rhyhorn and the Nidoran family. While all pokemon in this clade have been shown to be capable of parthenogenesis, it is usually only used in rare, dire circumstances when mating options are scarce. Khangaskhan however must take liberal use of this method, for no males of the species seem to exist anymore. All Khangaskhan young are more or less exact clones of their mammas. Its reproduction method and even the way it carries it’s young in a pouch, is remarkably similar to the unrelated pokemon Chansey, one of the many examples of convergent evolution on the pokemon world.

Once a more widespread species, like many species of Kanto it’s range now only restricted to reserves. Most popular of these is the Safari Zone, currently Kanto’s only preservation area allowing access to the public. The Safari Zone has been under much fire lately by Pokemon Rights and protection agencies for this, believing they are doing more harm then good.

This cast listing is the last bit I need to wrap Dumb Big Sister up in a bow. This only pertains to the family as of this production set. Ideally it changes with each comic set as children grow older and the family grows larger, but it can only be done at the end with the last known ages rounding the set off (keeps spoilers to a minimum).

Who’s your favorite? I’ve grown to like the parents. I feel sorry for them because they’re poorly suited to raise children effectively, and yet they are examples of familial love that the kids pick up on and look up to. Also, they have interesting quirks, Dori being an awkward mess and Arnie being really passionate about the culinary arts, which is also kind of weird. But I draw Pokemon comics for free and because I want to, so I understand that “weird but fun” angle probably too well. :P

The one mystery in life I may never understand as long as I live is how anyone couldn’t be in love with these toxic rabbit-like chimeric pocket monsters from outer space (or whatever). Apathy towards Nidoran is admission of hating nice things (at least that’s what I’ve read from a study on the internet somewheres). Come on, they’re so sweet!

More adorable family togetherness tomorrow ♥