It was still rather early in the morning and Belle knew that they had quite a bit of distance to cover before they would reach the next inn. But even then, she had high spirits, because it was a beautiful day and Farfetch’d was in a good mood as well. 
Her research was going well, and she was becoming better at sketching the Pokemon she encountered. Farfetch’d, vain little Pokemon that he was, considered himself her owner, and approved of her drawings, sometimes he even pushed her in the direction of Pokemon she had to draw. 
When he suddenly flew away, Belle had no idea what had come over him, but she figured he’d return to her later.
Farfetch’d had heard something in the forest, and when he saw a Nidoran steal a mushroom from the basket of a young girl who had her back turned on him, he grew angry. With his leek in his hand, he flew down and started hitting the thief.

The former genie waltzed around the Enchanted Forest in a daze. He had been spending too much time in solitude.  

Yes, he had brought this upon himself. He had chosen to leave the Queen. He had chosen to kill King Leopold for her. However, now he was suffering the consequences of the guilt. His heart was heavy. 

Why ?

He could almost see the King mouthing it to him as the poison took hold of his body. He could see the viper slithering around the King’s body, sinking his teeth in, and he could feel the weight of the snake as it returned to him away from the…body.

However, just the viper returned to him in his daydream, his Seviper slithered around him and bolted in the opposite direction. 

“Se. Viper,” it hissed, charging off into the distance. 

“What on earth are you doing?” he called, running after his Pokemon. 

“Se. Viper,” it repeated, head jerking from the former genie to another Pokemon. “Seviper.”

Another creature- another Pokemon. His Seviper had lead them to another Pokemon.

Of course. They must be able to sense their own kind. Perhaps this Seviper needs a companion. 

However, just as Sidney took a step toward this new Pokemon, he spotted a young girl not too far behind it. 

“Hello, young lady. Is- is this yours?” he asked, pointing to the strange Pokemon and taking a hesitant step toward the young girl.