Little One

Summary: daddy!Chris Evans x Reader where the reader is pregnant with Chris’s daughter, but she’s born prematurely and has to stay in the NICU for a while (as requested by @chanelzs)
Word count: 1264
Warnings: birth, feels, fluff

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Johnny is going to see his mom one day and hes been hanging w/ Nicu all day and hes like “you can come if you want shes making dinner” and Nicu’s like fuck yeah free food but also theyre like Parents… Disgusting… Horrible….

but then they get to Johnny’s and his mom is like “oh youre Ji-hoon’s friend in the gang are you a lieutenant too im so proud of him hes doing so good in that gang its such a shame his hair is so stupid” “mom :/” “im just joking i really am so proud of my strong boy youre such a good shot”

and Nicu’s like…. is this…. family…… is this unconditional love….. i dont understand……. 

Wait A Little Longer

From this request: Can you do a CrowleyxReader songfic about the song I want you here-Plumb?

Here’s the song



Crowley had never imagined he’d fall in love, especially with a human.

But he did.

Crowley never imagined he’d be told that he was going to be a father.

But he was.

Crowley never imagined he would be in this position.

But he was.

Labor had been hard for you—hours upon hours of pain, sweat, and tears. Crowley did his best to assist you but knew he couldn’t truly get rid of your pain, should something interfere with the medical professionals.

Finally, the doctor announced that he could see the head—‘crowning’ was the term. Crowley couldn’t help but chuckle, thinking how appropriate it was that that word was applied to his child. ‘He certainly will have a crown,’ Crowley thought. His thoughts were disrupted by a harsh squeeze to his hand.

You and Crowley waited for that cry, waited for the announcement that you had a beautiful baby boy.

The announcement never came.

“Nurse,” the doctor said, his voice laced with urgency.

“What’s wrong?” Crowley asked. A nurse stepped in front of him before he could step toward the doctor, toward his son.

“What’s happening?” you asked groggily, watching as the doctor worked, his shoulders moving, his brow creased. He handed a blanketed bundle to a second nurse who hurried off. “Where’s my baby?”

“The cord was wrapped around his neck,” the doctor said. “He’s not breathing.”


“Don’t worry. We’re doing everything we can.” The doctor turned to the nurse. “Clean her up.”


Crowley wanted to stay with you but he followed the doctor out of the room. “What’s happening?”

“Sir, please. We’ve got this handled.”

“Tell me what the hell is happening!”

“Look. I know this is scary but we’re doing everything we can.”

“Well… what can I do?” This was an odd position for Crowley to be in. Usually, he was in charge, he knew what to do.

“I suggest you pray.”

The answer baffled Crowley but for some reason… for some reason, it struck a chord in him. He watched the doctor leave down the hall. He glanced back to the room where you lay, nervous, afraid. But Crowley’s feet led him to the hospital’s chapel. It was empty save for an elderly man in the corner who was either asleep or dead.

Crowley sank down in one of the hard pews, staring up at the figure of Jesus on the cross. The stained glass panels were lit from behind, pinks and blues thrown on the walls.

“Dammit, Chuck,” Crowley said. “What the hell have you done to me? To Y/N? To our baby? What have we done to deserve this?”

Crowley’s mind began to drift. He couldn’t believe that this was happening. He’d waited so long to find someone like you. And then he’d waited so long to hear the news of the positive pregnancy test. And then he’d waited so long to see and hear and feel his little baby boy.

But none of that was happening now.

His son had been carted off before he could even see him. His first scream had been silent.

“I know I’ve done some… less than honorable things in the past,” Crowley said. “But Y/N and Owen don’t deserve this. If you want to punish me, punish me. Leave them out of it.”

“This isn’t a punishment,” Chuck said, appearing beside Crowley.

“Certainly feels that way.”

Chuck sighed. “I know you don’t understand this now, but trust me, I–”

“If you say that you work in mysterious ways, I swear on everything you call holy that I will disembowel you.”

“I wasn’t,” Chuck assured. “I just… there’s a plan for your son.”

Crowley narrowed his eyes. “Does that mean he’ll… live?”

Chuck smiled. “Go back to Y/N. She needs you.”

Crowley stood, stepping from the pew. “You might want to check on that guy in the corner.”

“He’s fine,” Chuck promised. “And you will be, too.”

Crowley went back to your room, finding you laid out in bed, looking very weak, eyes closed. He stepped over, placing a hand on your head.

“Crowley,” you said, stirring. “How is he?”


“Good news,” the doctor said, stepping into the room. “Your son is breathing now. His lungs are still weak and he’ll need to be in NICU for a few days, but he’ll pull through.”

Crowley heaved a sigh of relief. ‘Thank you, Chuck.’

Random Mun Fact

I was born with my umbilical cord wrapped around my neck several times, after I was carefully unwrapped I spent several days in NICU.

What can I say, I was edgy since I was born

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AHHHH UR LOCKSCREENS ARE SO PRETTY and I'm already using the ELEMENTALIST 10 forms lock screen ^^ is it ok to request an elementalist Lux bubble background?AHHH THANKS I HOPE U HAVE A RLLY NICU DAY AND UR EDITS ARE BEST YOOO I CANT EDIT FOR SHIET AND TAKE UR TIME BBY <3

HELLO! OMFG thank you so much, I’m so happy you liked them soooo much. I put a lot of effort in them… thank you! 

Anyways, here you go! 

And the version without the bubble ^^ 

Hope you like them and have a nice day! ^^ 

Today is World Prematurity Day.

In the world of premies it often feels like there’s not much to celebrate, as surely we’d be happy if every mom went full term.

Until then though, I celebrate the little victories: parents holding their baby for the first time, our littlest ones coming off the ventilators, those rare few who make it out without IVH or BPD.

And I celebrate you, dearest followers. Those currently working as nurses, RTs, care partners, docs and practitioners, speech and physical and occupational therapists. To those who volunteer their time to come in and cuddle our kiddos. To those who donate cherished blankets and clothes.

I celebrate the love and commitment we have to the tiniest of patients.

Yes, even in some of the darkest time, there is still life and love to be celebrated. For that I am so thankful.