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This amazing little nugget is officially no longer an intensive care baby, he’s been down graded to a special care unit baby, which means we are officially moving back to our local hospital tomorrow 💜 how amazing is he! He still has a long road ahead of him and he’ll never be a ‘normal’ baby, child or adult, but who’s normal anyway heh

It’s hard to believe it’s been eight weeks since this tiny girl came into the world.

Our whole life has been flipped upside down, but we are so happy she is here- such a strong, little soul.

There are good days and bad, but overall, our girl is making incredible progress. Still at least a month until she can come home, but I anxiously look forward to that magical day! 💫

If you’re religious, spiritual, or just a good person, please keep my new nephew Gavin in your thoughts or prayers, as well as my sister, Kristy. He was born last night, but he’s now in NICU. I don’t have a lot of information right now other than his lungs & tummy aren’t fully developed, so he can’t breathe right & can’t eat at all. He was about 2 weeks early, & obviously the doctors are doing everything they can, & we hope he’ll be able to come home soon.

Also note I won’t be very active over the next few days, but I will set up a large queue.

Yay!!! Got the call a few hours ago from Rocky’s NICU asking for consent to his transfer back to his birth hospital! I won’t be on the highway for an hour and a half both ways just to see him anymore!! And Rocky can see him SO much more often. They said he will be transferred tomorrow morning but the nurse will call with a time frame sometime tonight, and after work Rocky and I will take a tour of his birth hospital’s NICU since I only went in once after he was born before he was transferred.

I am rather nervous, idk how their NICU functions, I don’t know any nurses, I don’t know the requirements for discharge, etc. Hopefully we can be at the NICU when he arrives so we can see him right away, I know he won’t even notice I’m there when they get his situated but it’s nice to know everything is going smoothly.

Just so excited!! Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day too so yay Rocky’s first V-Day ❤

Is Your Character Treating Enough Old People?

Okay, I get it. Young people getting sick is sexy. They’ve got so much to live for! Hopes! Dreams! Aspirations! They never got to say I Love You, they’ve never voted for their favorite leaders! Their first beer, even!

It’s so much better to write about 17-year-old Birch, amirite? Who wants to hear about her 79104-year-old great-great-aunt Mabel’s stay in the ICU for sepis? The only aspiration Mabel has is aspiration pneumonia!

(yeah, i went there.)

Okay, before you yell at me: I care about Mabel. I care about every patient who comes across my ambulance, okay? From the 500-gram (1 lb) NICU baby to the 110 year-old granny.

The truth is that in the USA, and increasingly abroad, the average patient will look more like this

than like this

despite what House tells us. (Also, hospital lighting is never that pretty. Ever.)

A full half…

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Casey made a noise… Sounds silly, but he’s never cried, he also has never coughed or swallowed or spat out the mouth gunk that accumulates because of the lack of swallowing… Today we were doing his cares, zack wiped his mouth out with breast milk and he coughed a load of gunk out of his mouth, so his tiny coughs are getting stronger, he also let out a little cry, just for a nano second, but it was a deliberate face screwed up cry 💜💜

Zack has had continuous hiccups and indigestion for 4 days, he finally has some meds so hopefully they start to work soon!

I weighed myself today 13 days pp - I have 29lbs to lose, til I’m at my smaller comfortable weight… Thats, I’m pretty sure 10 of those lbs are in my boobs alone 😂 I’m totally not focusing on this right now, let my body do its things, keep expressing and stay hydrated! It’ll flush out the easy stuff, without any effort! 😊

Many times I’ve asked “why me, why my son, why..?” Then I realized I wouldn’t change a thing. Becoming a NICU mommy after EVERYTHING we went through to even bring him into existence, made me stronger. It made me a better wife, learning to lean on my husband. It made me a better mom, cherishing every single moment. It made my son stronger, he fought hard and fights everyday. It made my son realize just how loved he is, let alone will always be. It brought me deeper into my faith and closer to God. It gave me a chance to sing my son church songs as he slept. It gave me a chance to defy all odds that were against us. It gave our family the strength to stand as one. I wouldn’t trade being a NICU mommy for the world.

“When you look at me, I see such a bright future.”

Considering authoring a book one of these days along the lines of:

“What not to name your kid: Sincerely, your NICU nurse.”

This week has brought us Heaven, A'miracle, and on Christmas night, Saviour.

It’s hard to look down at a baby like “Saviour, I’m gonna change your diaper now”


We got to bath little man today, he responded so well, kept pushing off the bottom of the bath, opened his eyes too 💜 his right one opened properly and he managed to get his left open also, it’s so swollen though still, just from positioning and stuff, he’s stable most of the time now too, desatting a lot less and 90%of the time brings himself back up… Suctioning has gone to every 3 hours ish, from every hour… He’s started to purse his lips more and is managing to hold his jaw in a better position, so that muscle tone is improving slowly also, he’s started coughing a lot more too, which is a good sign that he’s trying to clear what’s in his throat… His doctor said he’ll have his swallow tested at some point so we can start to encourage him to use his mouth more… It’s all major steps and we don’t expect to get to them any time soon, but we have a rough idea of a care plan at least 💜 can’t believe how amazing babies are, it’s made me look at the world in an entire different way for sure!

Currently on our way home, I hate being so far away from him but we have nate to think about also, he needs us too, a bit of normality at home tonight and tomorrow, then back to the hotel tomorrow night!

The birth of a child is supposed to be one of the happiest moments in a person’s life … but sometimes, things don’t go as planned. If a child is born prematurely or disabled, then instead of the loving arms of its mom and dad, it goes straight to the hospital’s neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), a.k.a. the saddest place on Earth. We decided to learn more about these anti-Disneylands, so we reached out to a registered NICU nurse. She wanted to remain anonymous, for reasons which will become obvious…

We Can Let Babies Die: 6 Realities Of Neonatal Nursing

You know what’s nice?

Going into the NICU to see your baby and holding her for a few hours without her having breathing spells.

I actually felt normal for once..

Don’t ever take any of that for granted when having a baby. There may be someone else out there that is not so fortunate to be able to experience such a simple thing…