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Kanna’s Hentaitai Canyon by めがっち

I can’t stop laughing right now.


Haikyuu x Kekkai Sensen~



I uploaded the movie of Mugi to YouTube and Niconico!
I will continue uploading various things in the future, thank you for your consideration ♡


Nishiyama Koutarou & Takeuchi Shunsuke B’S LOG FAN MEETING 04 
In close and personal with Takeuchi Shunsuke as a ero doctor xD 

I decided to translate this for fun xD Since I’ve gotten fond of Takeuchi Shunsuke lately ever since I started watching this program along with Nishiyama Koutarou! 

Heads up I don’t translate videos all the time, I just wanted to translate this one because it was so amusing to me xD 

Enjoy! (P.S. I will gif this part sometime later xD)

July 2017 VOCALOID/UTAU Playlist

actually putting this up on the first of the month this time!! as usual, these songs aren’t necessarily new, they were just the songs i found and i enjoyed over the month! there’s originals, covers, utaus, and utatites. hope you enjoy!

playlist highlights:

*PLEASE NOTE* because of my desire to keep the playlist entirely on youtube and not spread over to bilibili or niconico, many of these videos are reprints and the like. if you really enjoy a song, please consider supporting the official upload!


Tokyo Game Show 2015 - Shingeki no Kyojin Video Game
for PS4, PS3, PS Vita

Game Producer explains on how many characters will appear in the game so far (I’m not totally sure if you can play all of them but I know you can play as Eren and Mikasa, Assuming that they’re still working on it). Kaji Yuki makes a statement that humanity’s strongest solider (Levi) should be there or else that would be a problem xD 

Game Producer: During the game these 6 characters will appear. However, after this show we can’t tell you any further details of any other characters. So until next time please look forward to it.
Kaji Yuki: Well of course, if humanity’s strongest solider isn’t there…
Game Producer: Indeed…
Kaji Yuki: Then there will be a rebellion coming. Well there might be anyways.


SPN - Japanese dub

I just found these videos on NicoNico and I’m uploading them here because I know many people wanted to hear Cas’s voice in japanese (like me XD)