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(this is from last year, translation below~)

Hello everyone! I’m Amatsuki! (he said this part in Chinese) Yes and anyhow, everyone in Taiwan, Hello! Although I’ve already been to Taiwan several times, it’s hard to believe that recently in Taiwan my album “Hello, World!” was released. Crossing over borders, being able to let more people hear my music
It’s really really something worth being grateful for. My first major album not only features songs I really love but also includes songs I have created together with producers I respect. One could say it’s like an album full of treasures. I hope everyone one will enjoy listening to it. For sure this year, next year and into the future, I’ll have more opportunities to meet with everyone. Please treat me well from here on out. That’s it. This has been Amatsuki- Bye bye.

(from video description www)

Within Niconico douga there resides a singer with overwhelming popularity- Amatsuki- who is releasing his debut album. His songs have exceeded 25 million views, with over 250,000 followers on twitter (he currently has 380,000), with a gorgeous resounding voice, overflowing with a refreshing yet sweet charm that has captured the hearts of people!