niconico cho kaigi


Game Center CX’s Arino in Super Mario Maker! ⊟ 

A Kacho sprite! From what it sounds like, players in Japan will be able to unlock the Game Center CX host’s skin by completing the stages he created for NicoNico Cho Kaigi, according to Kyle McLain. It’s rad to see more content (Famitsu’s mascot will also receive a Mario skin) being released for the game!

You can watch Arino kill himself in Super Mario Maker below:

There’s also a nearly 40-minute video of Arino playing Super Mario Maker!

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Tid Bits from the NicoNico Cho Kaigi - FFXIV & MMOs


  • Yoshi-P mains BLM and many think that he wants to always buff his main job, but he’s actually very careful about adjusting anything BLM.
  • Definitely a wide gap between MCH and BRD damage, so they’re looking to give buffs to BRD.

  • Considering buffs to Ninja AoE.

MMOs (Some SQEX Specific Info on Operations)

  • MMOs are in a bad spot at the moment. When talking globally, the only subscription based MMOs that are doing well are WoW and FFXIV at the moment.
  • In Japan, Dragon Quest 10 is selling much better as an MMO than FFXIV.

  • MMOs need a ton of localization and simultaneous updates globally, and its definitely hard to keep this up just with monthly subs, and globally, the consensus is that its very hard to keep playing an MMO now as many people now have less time to play. 

  • As far as the amount of money spent on making FF14, there was X million dollars spent. And not in the single digit millions.

  • The development fees are so high, and even with old FF14, with the blunder that came with it, Square Enix as a company could shoulder the loss and eventually get out of the rut, but overseas many companies are funding based and get funding from outside of their company. Since many companies fail to produce results, the funders will then go back and ask for the money, and hence why many games turn to the cash shop and free-to-play model. Square Enix didn’t give up, so its why they were able to keep the subscription model to this day.

  • Part of their responsibility is to house servers and make sure there are backups in case the current servers break so that there’s no huge issue of players unable to login globally for lengths of time.

  • Square Enix has servers in the thousands range globally, and they would have to upgrade all those servers in order to expand inventory, armory chest and the like. They are in the process of making the servers even faster.

  • While the servers do take up a ton of space, a lot of times the land that the servers are on cost even more money, making it an expensive task to maintain and house the servers.

  • With all this considered, its easy to see why MMOs are such a hard genre to get into and maintain.

  • Generally it would be great if you could have spare hardware ready to go from the server team from JP, but the cost to ship along with taxes makes sending hardware around a expensive task.

  • For NA data centers, they have spare servers specifically made for the NA servers that are located in NA for the in-case situations. Since these are so specific, it can make things very expensive.

  • During Ultima Online’s hayday, the GMs of that game would be the ones changing server blades, and one of the stories is that a GM accidentally dropped a server blade while a transition was happening and the result was a rewind of 15 hours for all players. Going from such a time to now is unthinkable.

  • For many of the servers, memory is inserted manually, and sometimes the engineers could be swapping up to 400 sticks of memory in a day by hand. And since memory typically need a strong push to be inserted but can’t have too much pressure, it requires a certain amount of finesse to insert properly and many of the engineers have marks on their hands from swapping out memory. This requires a ton of time and manpower just to swap memory to ensure the servers are running.