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yknow how in bioshock infinite or really any other RPG, you get special credits or level up points and with these credits you can either:

increase your health, your shield, or your magic?

well i like to think of my life and talents like that. I’ve constantly been contributing my level up credits to my “Empathy” and my talent at “Giving Advice” that i’ve neglected on how to stay optimistic in relationships or how to time manage. I used to get so down thinking that im dumb because i didnt know how to do these things already, but really, its just because i’ve prioritized my credits to the other meaning attributes about myself. So i cant blame myself for not knowing how to flawlessly do all these other attributes because i simply just haven’t given them enough credits yet.

So if you ever feel bad because you think you should know something by now, don’t. You just haven’t spent enough credits there yet. :)

anonymous asked:

I'm taking my permit test tomorrow and I'm having a panic attack because I'm going to fail it again.

Okay, first, take deep breaths. Inhale… Exhale.. Now again and slower. Inhale….. Exhale…


Now listen,

1. My best friend and i always say, “whatever you shout into the universe, it will echo it back to you.” So instead of thinking you’ll fail, think, “I’ll ace this test! Because i’ll do my best. And even if its not my best i can always do it again!” and it’ll be echo’d back to you. It seems doubtful and strange, i know, but a positive outlook really does help you succeed.

2. Never be afraid of failing. Failing is just another form of achieving. You learn something from it and you can always just shrug off the bad vibes from failing and just stick to knowing you’ll be even better next time with the knowledge you now carry from failing.

3. You’re not weak or devaluated from failure. You’re not seen any less of a human being due to failure. Whoever thinks that about you can go fuck themselves because they. are. wrong. Remember this from my own words, Strength is not measured in however many times we’re able to stand the hits that life throws at us, but in the countless amount of times we decide to get back up from falling. If you happen to fail again, the world wont burn. You wont spontaneously combust. Everything will still be okay. :) And the best part is: you can always try again and there’s nothing wrong with trying again.

I have my complete and wholehearted faith in you, dear. I know you have the strength to get through this test and the courage to keep going if you dont get your desired outcome. You can do this. i promise. <3

anonymous asked:

im not really sure how long ive been following you, have you changed your url lately? and im sorry i have to do this but i just really need to vent to someone.. I moved into uni today and i left my blades at home. i dont want to cut, but the fact that im distanced from them makes the withdrawl that much worse. sorry

i haven’t changed my url at all! 

but if you ever need to talk, you can always come to me. As for your blades, dont think of it as withdrawal and as a need.

Think of it more like you purposefully distanced yourself from them because you know you’re strong enough to deal without them. Just think “It’s no big deal. It’s just an itch i dont necessarily need to scratch.”

Empower yourself and know that your blades are things you can live without. You’re so strong, you’re practically vibranium, like Captain America’s Shield. and nothing, not even Thor’s hammer or blades, can cut through that.

You can get through this. I believe in you. I know you’re strong and i’m so proud you’ve come this far. 

anonymous asked:

I feel like a really shitty friend. I asked my friend to go to a con with me doing Star Trek cosplay and she was really looking forward to it. And she has really bad depression and I had to tell her to forget about it because my mom got a new boyfriend who gave her the idea of taking things away from me during the school year if I didn't keep my grades up and that includes cons and other things with my friends. And I can't stop crying because its something that'd make us both happy for once.

im so sorry bby. shh.. it’ll be okay. You’re not a shitty friend because you offered the trip to your friend and you tried. 

Well, i’d say to turn this unfortunate situation into positive fuel. And by fuel, i mean “motive”. If you get your grades up, you can go to the con right? well, that’s your motive.

You dont have to care about your GPA, or anything else to get your grades up. But with how it sounds, it seems like you care about this con and your friend a lot. So do it for the con and your friend, if nothing else. Shoot for that high grade and see it as a one way ticket for an awesome weekend with your friend. Maybe you can even get her to help motivate you. Maybe if she wants this con just as badly as you, both of you can study together with fire in your eyes and determination in your belly to get to that con together. and on the weekends, you guys can work on the star trek cosplay. :)

I read once that if you surround yourself with things that pertain to your specific goal, you’ll have no choice but to reach it.

And if you need help with motivation or math or any other homework stuff, i’m always here to help!

Chin up, love. I know you can do this. I have my faith in you. You have so much strength in how much you care for others, so i know you have more than enough strength to do this. Get those grades, kick some ass, and keep trucking. <3