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In the show I play an abused woman, and I felt very exposed and deeply humiliated. I remember lying on the floor in the bathroom at the end of a difficult scene, and I wouldn’t get up between takes. I was just lying there, basically naked in half-torn underwear, and Jean-Marc Vallée [the director] would come over and place a towel over me. It was very hard.
                                                                                             - Nicole Kidman for W Magazine


Wynonna Earp 1x12 // Supergirl 2x19


the romeo&juliet lesbian au you never knew you needed

s t a r r i n g - samira wiley as juliet; kimiko glenn as romeo; nicole beharie as mercutio; chadwick boseman as the prince of verona; john boyega as paris; rinko kikuchi as benvolio; ken watanabe as montague; naoko mori as lady montague; lupita nyong’o as tybalt; idris elba as capulet; renee elise goldsberry as lady capulet